Sale Of The Sausage Creature 2: Skip Barber Boogaloo


So. Last week’s Ducati 900 stalled out at a reserve-not-met $3,200. Now, we have another one, and this one has a story.

Hello everyone,

My name is Michai and I am selling my “Baby” to help support my dream of becoming a racing driver. My dream has become a reality last year as I was able to secure a full scholarship to participant in Skip Barber Summer Race Series. I am currently lacking the funds to actually make it out to the events. If your looking for a tremendous buy that will not only change your own life, but will absolutely help to change my own please drop me a line. Your participation will be forever greatful.

Feel free to Google search my name: MICHAI STEPHENS as info of my recent and cherished success shall pop up.

Have a good one!

Well, the “baby” in question is currently a no-sale at a robust $6,500. But the story is no bull, as you can see here. The kid really did get it done. Still, as recently noted re: Kevin Ward, being a young driver looking to make headway without significant family funding is really swimming against the tide. If you’re in a situation where you have a full scholarship to race for a year and you can’t afford to get to the races… What are you going to do at the end of the season when every single potential avenue for your future requires six or seven figures’ worth of funding?

It’s even more problematic when you consider that only fifteen people actually completed the series that Michai won, and some of them were people like Keith Ori, who finished second to last. Ori’s not even a competitive racer; he’s a middle-aged time-trialer/OneLap driver who apparently decided to put all his racing eggs in the Skip Barber basket and received a thorough ass-kicking from thirteen children as a result. Were I in a position to put funding behind someone, I’d want to hear that they’d beaten better talent than Keith Ori et al.

Here’s hoping that Michai sells his Ducati and goes on to fulfill his dreams. But those dreams are hard to fulfill when you don’t have a million dollars to spend. I’ll give him this: at least he’s committed. A while ago, I heard someone I respected say, “If I’m looking at sponsoring a kid and he owns anything — a street car, a house, whatever — and he hasn’t already sold it to go racing, I ask myself why I should go all in behind the kid if he won’t go all in behind himself.” From what I can see, Michai’s trying to go all in.

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  1. AvatarMike

    3 Day SBRS racing school – $4250 (minimum, up to $5000)
    2 Day advanced SBRS racing school – $3100
    SBRS Indycar shootout – $8000 application fee

    Both the 2 day and 3 day are required prereq’s before enrolling in the Indy shootout.

    Add that all up and he’s in this for almost $16,000 already… and now he can’t afford gas money?

    At age 22, from one of Chi’s wealthiest suburban neighborhoods, it’s safe to say he hasn’t needed to sell much, if anything, up to this point. And a classic Ducati doesn’t get you through Chicago winter… hopefully he’s got a lot more to sell if the family isn’t continuing to pay for his racing career.

    I’ll be the first to eat my words if he’s done it all on his own.

    • AvatarKeith Ori


      I understand your skepticism, but I have to tell you that your numbers are a little out of shape.

      I did the 3-Day School with Michai (that’s where I met him) and we both got discounts (35% for taking a school at Sebring in June), so the cost was somewhere around $2340.00.

      The two day school was at least 20% off, which is the guaranteed discount for Indycar Academy applicants, so another $2480.00.

      The Indycar Academy itself is $3000.00 and there are no discounts.

      So the total was somewhere around $7820.00, which isn’t cheap, but isn’t $16,000.00 either.

      (Edited by Jack because the purpose of this blog is not for Keith Ori to disclose other people’s financial information or personal situations. If Michai wants to come on here and talk about his family’s financial situation, he can do it — JB)

      • AvatarMike

        Numbers were quoted from the SBRS website, but one mistake. I read “$8k” for the Indy Application while viewing on the phone, with tiny little numbers. Vision sucks apparantly… that is actually $3k. My bad.

        Everybody’s situation is different, like I said. If he came up with $7-10k on his own, more power to him. My point is that racing is incredibly cost prohibitive and most 21-22 year old don’t have that kind of coin to throw around, while also owning multiple vehicles. It’s reasonable to assume he comes from a position of privilege, as do most young racers.

        I entered a first round qualy for a youth racing series at my own expense, and to my delight and surprise, qualified to move on. At which point I was asked write a much larger check, which was entirely impossible. Finding sponsors to shell out tens of 1000’s with no wheel to wheel experience is even less likely. I ended up working with the series instead of competing in it.

  2. AvatarKeith Ori


    Thanks for the libel. I mean mention. No, I mean libel. Like the definition of libel. I’m going to give you an opportunity to correct the numerous factual errors in your story (can you really call that a story?) before I take this further, but consider yourself notified.
    Also, since we both competed in the One Lap of America in 2005 and 2006, and I beat you comfortably both times (the first time while driving a Nissan Sentra to your Mercedes 2.3-16. WTF, right? Yeah, I know.) so considering the esteem you have for your own driving skills, I find your post more than a bit blustery. Or about par for the course.

    • JackJack Post author

      Hi Keith,

      Perhaps you can elaborate on this libel.

      Otherwise, let’s see:

      “finished second to last”: yup, it’s right there in the standings. Only one person below you received enough points to be ranked.

      “Ori’s not even a competitive racer”: I suppose you competed, but “competitive” typically means “running to the front”

      “he’s a middle-aged time-trialer/OneLap driver”: You want to deny that you’re middle-aged, a time-trialer, or a One Lap driver?

      “who apparently decided to put all his racing eggs in the Skip Barber basket”: That’s straight from your Kinja page, where you say you haven’t even sat in a race car in eight years and this is your big chance.

      “received a thorough ass-kicking from thirteen children as a result.” Direct from the standings. Perhaps your libel suit will rest on one of those participants being older than nineteen?

      Get an attorney, you talentless manlet. I can’t wait to see you prosecute this case.

      “Your Honor, I swear that I did solemnly triumph over a 237,000-mile Mercedes 190E with a rusted-out rear subframe and a 300 Diesel, in successive years, by about a second a lap. This outrage will not stand.”

      I still remember how you and your friend Douglas Wind backed out of an equal-car challenge at Mid-Ohio. You’re an internet tough guy of the first rank and my contempt for you is absolutely limitless.

      P.S. Fuck you, you fuckin’ coward.

      • AvatarKeith Ori


        While it’s not my responsibility to correct your mistakes (I don’t have time for another full time job), I’ll give you a hint- there were 33 competitors in the IndyCar Academy (out of 100+ applicants).

        Oh, and it wasn’t a series, but don’t worry about the details; it’s only journalism. Michai however is kicking ass in the SBR Summer Series (an actual racing series), which considering that he has zero experience and is racing against kids that grew up karting is a real testament to his talent. He’s an amazing young man.

        As for you Jack, Haters Gonna Hate, right? Doesn’t foaming at the mouth ever get old?

        • JackJack Post author

          Nobody gives a shit about the ass-whipping you took from a bunch of kids, dude. I personally cannot wait for your lawsuit, which will no doubt feature a thorough explanation of Skip Barber’s ladder.

          “Haters Gonna Hate”? You’re a 44-year-old white man, not Biggie Smalls. Get over yourself. I’d pay money to watch you say “Haters Gonna Hate” in any kind of mixed-race group.

          Let me know when you need an address for service on that libel suit, champ.

  3. AvatarSyke

    I’d love a 900 Supersport, as its been five years since I sold my 906 Paso (blue and white, no less) to help pay for my late wife’s medical bills – but $6500.00 is a bit steep. Guess I’ll just keep dreaming.


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