Weekly Roundup: How Do You Describe An Odor Like Harvey’s Edition

I can’t say that I have a lot of interest in the Harvey Weinstein affair, so to speak. Like most folks out here in flyover country, I’ve always assumed that Hollywood is filled with broken people doing terribly broken things to each other. Which is not to say that I don’t have any sympathy for the women involved. None of them deserved to be abused or raped. But there is also some evidence that many of them considered it a hugely miserable but nonetheless unavoidable part of the job, the same way that wearing the yellow jersey of a Tour de France leader likely means you’ve been exposed to the kind of drug, training, and behavior regimes that aren’t even approved for use on farm animals. Presumably there are plenty of would-be actresses (and actors, this isn’t just something that happens to women) who see their first casting couch and run screaming back to Minnesota — but you’ve never heard any of their names, for the same reason that you’ll never hear the name of those first-rate road cyclists who have an unconquerable fear of large-bore needles.

There was, however, something in Jessica Mann’s testimony which caught my eye — and it wasn’t her remarkable assertions that Weinstein had no visible testicles and a male organ which needed to be drawn out using another kind of large-bore needle. I think the “deformity” is just a case of Weinstein being grossly obese. All the stuff’s in there, it’s just hidden by six or seven inches of “FUPA”. It’s true that society is generally more accepting of men who wander outside the MetLife height/weight charts (thank G-d) but there’s a point at which you’re not really fit for service, so to speak. There is something fascinating about the fact that Weinstein apparently had sex with nearly every major leading lady in Hollywood but he couldn’t be bothered to stay healthy enough to do it with some kind of needle. Maybe that’s the ultimate expression of power: to make something as unpleasant as humanly possible for your victim. Like O’Brien making Winston see five fingers instead of four.

But I digress. The truly interesting part of Ms. Mann’s statement to the court is a matter of language, not lingam.

Mann also said Weinstein “smelled like shit — excuse me, sorry, like poop. He just was dirty.” His stench wasn’t the only thing foul about Weinstein, however; “He would talk very dirty to me about fantasies and things, and compare me to the other things actresses that he said were doing kinky, dirty things with him,” Mann testified. “He always wanted to film me. I never gave him permission.”

Let’s take it as read for a moment that Ms. Mann was under tremendous stress. It cannot have been easy to come out against Weinstein, even this late in the game. And while she has a chance of a handsome civil settlement to come, there’s also a very real chance that Weinstein will beat the rap, assume his former position in Hollywood again, and blacklist her until the end of time. Even if Weinstein is convicted, one has to think that Mann will be less likely to find work as a result of her testimony, if only because ol’ Harvey is far from the only snake in the proverbial shed.

With that in mind, I don’t expect eloquence in the testimony… but that sentence “like shit — excuse me, sorry, like poop” is very telling. At the age of 29, is it possible that Ms. Mann doesn’t know any other words for human waste? Even the Wu-Tang’s GZA has at least one other grownup term for it in his arsenal:

What’s that in your pants? Ahh, human feces!
Throw your shitty drawers in the hamper
Next time, come strapped with a fuckin’ Pamper

To be fair, however, GZA is an amateur physics enthusiast who has spent a reasonable amount of time attending (and giving!) lectures at MIT and Harvard, so maybe he’s not the best example of mid-literacy out there. No matter. There are a remarkable number of synonyms for shit; no need to list them all here just in case you’re eating a meal at the moment, but they are out there. In Ms. Mann’s shoes, I’d have said “human waste” or possibly “a bowel movement”, but there’s also the old-reliable “ejecta”. Presumably that would have elicited a clarifying question from the attorney.

“He smelled like… an ejector seat? An ejaculation?”

“Uh… that too.”

Given world enough and time, Ms. Mann probably could have come up with another word, but I’m guessing she only ever uses “shit” and “poop” in her daily life. Which is a remarkably common practice with her generation, even among people who claim to be writers. They know all the basic swear words and use them with numbing regularity on social media and in their work product. Deprived of those words, they will drop back to a sort of babytalk. Which explains why your average online writer can only call something “FUCKING AMAZING” or “SO GOOOOOD”. Their screen resolution has been turned all the way down. They don’t possess any other tools.

Yesterday I read on Twitter something to the effect that “YA fiction isn’t really for teenagers — it’s for the 29-year-old restaurant workers they will inevitably become.” Many of today’s Extremely Online writers are only one missed paycheck away from returning to the service industry they so recently left. I in no way wish to disparage people who work in a restaurant; it’s hard, honest labor that is only occasionally enlivened by having random sex with another short-future-time-orientation individual. (When I worked at a restaurant, scrubbing pans and operating the dishwasher, I didn’t even have that to look forward to. But I am told by people who would know that everybody in every restaurant is having sex with everyone else — everyone, that is, but the 14-year-old wearing an Iron Maiden T-shirt to run steel wool over five hundred pizza pans between the hours of midnight and 2 AM.) I do, however, wish to emphasize that you don’t hear a lot of elevated discussion in the back of house, so to speak. It’s shit or it’s poop. Those are your only options.

There’s another, far more cynical, take to be had on this affair: Jessica Mann is a classically educated woman who knows ten English words for “stool” and three Latin ones, but the prosecution advised her not to come across as all hoity-toity and big-word-using. You really don’t want to break out a third syllable on any American jury, trust me. Perhaps Harvey’s odor wasn’t that simple. Maybe it was a fascinating olfactory symphony of multiple-stage decay, illness, and lapsed hygiene. Such a thing could only confuse twelve California residents with no other pressing engagements. Best to make it plain. As Snoop Dogg, a man who understands the Golden State better than anyone else, once sang:

I’m talking real shit to you, baby!

* * *

For Hagerty, I argued that the Red Barchetta scenario will become reality sooner than we think.

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  1. AvatarJoe

    Regarding Red Barchetta,
    I believe you are correct, here in the sates, they will force us into electrics and autonomous by making insurance and fuel overtly expensive, in the mid west, mass transit is not an option, we will eventually be mandated into these transportation modules and the insurance industry is the main driver. 1984 as their manual is accurate, they don’t like freedom for the serfs.

    • Avatararbuckle

      “and the insurance industry is the main driver.”

      I’ve heard this scenario brought up several times when it comes to AVs and don’t see how it occurs. Right now I can insure a Chevy Vega or a Suzuki Hayabusa for not insane prices despite them being far less safe to operate on the road compared to any MY20 car. So how does the defacto ban on future manual driving come about?
      And, what would happen with specialty places like Hagerty? I assume they won’t stop writing “manual driving” insurance policies unless the government straight shuts them down.

      • AvatarJoe

        Not so much a ban on manually operating a car, the insurance companies will simply start raising insurance rates to the point that people give in, state insurance commissions will allow this to happen because insurance companies will apply pressure much like mothers against drunk drivers did to state legislatures, it won’t be overnight, just a steady drumbeat.

  2. AvatarJohn C.

    On the Rush car article, it is interesting that the idea that emission laws will ban effectively the ICE are coming from England. Where the production of mainstream cars was essentially banned more than a generation ago by the switching to foreign sources. Whether Nissan or Kia or third world Fiestas rule volume in the UK, none are in a position to fight the new law. British Leyland and their unions on the other hand could have put up a “Man in the White Suit” style defense that would have transcended political party lines. Makes you wonder if the last carmakers will be Korean as they seem most likely to pull off such a defense, at least in Korea.

  3. Avatar-Nate

    Waiting to see which way the post article discussion goes here .

    (who thinks middle America is nice, not flyover country)

      • Avatar-Nate

        Well ;

        I’m a hetero so I dunno about smelly male genitals although in my younger wilder years I learned early on to avoid “Zakly” ~ this is where the front hole smells ‘Zakly’ like the back one, ew .

        Remember : front to back, never the reverse .

        =8-) .


  4. AvatarSIV

    Parasite swept the Oscars. Great movie, thanks for the tip Jack. It was the only nominated picture I saw this year.

    (Anyone want/need a 1 owner, never raced, never wrecked, rust-free mostly original neon ACR coupe? cheap)

      • AvatarSIV

        You have a valid email address for me. I purchased new in Feb ’99 MLS head gasket under warranty, timing belt replaced at 70+ k, currently <100k miles mostly stock, iceman intake , mopar performance PCM, original PCM and intake parts in trunk, a few original spare parts lightly used or never installed aftermarket (solid bobble, headlights. original clutch, "new" starter, recent (by mileage brake job), Koni adjuster knob in console, ran great (no motor issues) when parked (about 4 years ago when it wouldn't pass emissions due to failure of that $7 plastic speedo gear in the differential (otherwise it would pass emissions), slightly deflated worn Falken Azenis, original wheels, battery dead and won't charge, I'd expect it would start and run w just a new battery but the gas is 4-5 years old so I don't want to try. Clear coat peeling Flame Red paint somewhat oxidized no rust other than a small spot in spare tire well where water pooled when taillight gaskets failed (twice)…

        I can answer anything else you'd want to know and appreciate if you'd pass on to anyone else looking for one. I may be able to find the FSM too but no guarantees.

  5. Avatartoly arutunoff

    my late sister and brother–highschool classes of ’37 and ’40 in the Beverly Hills area–told me, their much younger brother, that stag films of most major and semi-major actresses late ’30s — early ’50s existed. it wasn’t necessarily involving a studio bigwig, he’d just watch while the well-built pool boy would enjoy himself with the young lady in front of a 16mm camera. I’ve seen a couple myself. people are just people

    • Avatar-Nate

      More like freaks are freaks and will always be so .

      I to have seen some old B&W films like this and listened to a wire recording from the late 1940’s at a Hollywood party where each star tried to out do the last saying out ragious things as they entered the party .

      Hollywood is an odd place to me, I don’t care what others do just don’t force me to join or approve in public .


  6. AvatarNewbie Jeff

    The biggest fallacy of the #metoo movement was that Hollywood’s “come to jesus” moment on its pervasive sleaze was somehow also a reckoning for everyone else outside of Hollywood… women have been teachers, police officers, airline pilots, lawyers, healthcare professionals, etc for decades and I think it’s reasonable to assume that, aside from isolated incidents, they didn’t have to screw their way into their respective professions…

    …no, that’s Hollywood. It’s a depravity, shallowness, and lack of decency unique to the industry. Everything they “make” or “produce” is a fabrication. These people offer nothing of any real value to offer our society, and it’s a shame we send them so much of our money….

    • Avatarstingray65

      Thousands of pretty young girls/women flock to Hollywood every year to become the next Clara Bow, Lana Turner, Marilyn Monroe, Rachel Welch, Michelle Pfeiffer, Gwyneth Paltrow, etc. They may have little interest in education, they may have little patience for a traditional career, but they almost certainly have a burning desire to be famous and rich doing something that they believe requires little more than looking sexy. This means that the few key players who control the production and casting of films and TV shows have a very wide selection of largely indistinguishable pretty young things from which to choose, which means the choice will often hinge on a willingness of the “actress” to “do anything” to get a part including showing sexual interest in some fat middle aged producer who doesn’t bathe regularly. I suspect there are very few among us who would not be sorely tempted to take advantage of such a situation if we would ever be given such a gatekeeper role.

      • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

        Paltrow’s no small town ingenue, she grew up in the business. Her mom is Blythe Danner and her dad was a director and producer.

        • Avatarstingray65

          You are correct as usual Ronnie, but that doesn’t stop the girl from Nebraska or Alabama getting off the bus in Hollywood from wanted to be in the remake of Shakespear in Love.

  7. AvatarScottS

    Schools are no longer in the business of educating young people. They are in the business of cultural and social indoctrination. “Workers” don’t need to know or understand big words. Witness the fowl language of young leftist hysterically protesting the so called right wingers. There is no room for discourse, only the ability to mindlessly hurl vulgar insults.

    Our universities are less interested in developing intellect than to produce SJWs that are fundamentally apposed to the principals of the American Republic. Primary schools have systematically shifted resources away from “non-essential subjects toward the standardized tests so that no child will be left behind even if that means that big words, music, and Western Civilization are abandoned. Young people that understand and know how to use big words, and have studied Western Civilization are not going to easily swallow the dark vision of America such as that be promoted by the 1619 Project and they will be resistant to buying into Socialism.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Nice try at blaming the wrong party there .

      Speaking of hurling insults & vitriolic tirades, this has always been the favorite of the alt right whackos, making those of us who take Conservatism seriously have a hard time .


      • AvatarScottS

        For the record, I am a constitutional conservative. That means, among other things, I value fiscal responsibility, smaller and less intrusive Federal Government, the entire bill of rights, and most importantly in the individual versus the group.

        While I have rarely voted “across party lines”, I do hold George W. Bush responsible for No Child Left Behind and the negative unintended consequences of that initiative. Both political parties are equally culpable in the morass that is the public education system. In order to sell a narrative like the 1619 Project, you need minds that are not firmly anchored in “American Values”, and the public education system is churning out an abundance of material needed to do away with the American Experiment once and for all.

    • AvatarJohn C.

      Scott is not wrong about the educational system but the elite schools replacing of James Hilton’s Mr. Chips with Abe Hoffmann wannabes is pretty minor compared to the big issue. The average intelligence of the American student has stopped going up. The average SAT score peaked in 1964 and has been headed down ever since. There have been many renormings of tests since to try to hide it but to no avail. Whether the problem is broken homes, immigrants from shitholes or even just worse nutrition, we are getting more stupid.

      If my father was here making the points I make here, he would be putting them much better and making fewer typos. He never went to University as his WWII era military service dragged on 12 years while I have a PhD. If my Maternal Grandfather were here, who did have a PhD, the points and presentations would be even more elevated albeit in German. To continue that trend, my daughters SAT was lower than mine despite an intact traditional home where her mother stayed home with her.

    • AvatarMrGreenMan

      In or around 2007, whenever I last heard Roger “Hedgehog” Hedgecock as the substitute for Rush Limbaugh, he called the Eagle Forum members kooks. He said that we were 5,000 lunatics and kooks yammering on about education. He called Phyllis a kook. He was truly a man with a platform and no brain or sense of his own side’s intellectual history. Michael Savage was similarly dismissive about education.

      (I suspect it was in response to an early Obama promise to nationalize education further, to which “conservatives” said – slow down! We’re not going to support Clinton’s attempts to nationalize education further…we’ll support you in another decade when we can pretend we’re resisting change.)

      I guess it’s nice to be vindicated by some on the right who now care. They used to laugh at the idea that offering the children to Molech so both parents could make PowerPoints was a bad idea because GDP, but it’s too late to fix it. Like in Judges, once you get to that third generation that knows nothing, civilization is over.

  8. AvatarCJinSD

    We should get an accurate preview of our prospects by watching Virginia this July. That’s when every adult I know in the state will be rendered a felon by the unconstitutional actions of a handful of Eric Holder’s Pedocrat soldiers. If the marxists find themselves swinging from trees, then we should be looking at another forty years of individual rights. If Virginians amble meekly to the furnaces, we’ll be Venezuela before the decade ends.

    My first job was washing dishes at a cafeteria-style steak and salad restaurant when I was fourteen years old. I also recall days spent individually wrapping up to sixteen-hundred pounds of potatoes in foil. One of the managers, the unpleasant one from my perspective, was definitely sleeping with a pretty but equally unpleasant waitress. The counter girl who gave me rides home in her three-on-the-floor Camaro was definitely someone I wanted to be sleeping with, but I had no real idea how to make that happen. I’d had one girlfriend previously, but she was older and had decided what we were going to do with no initiative on my part. Considering she spoke halting English and I knew two useful phrases in her Dutch, it was just as well. Worse than not being part of the Western Sizzlin staff orgy that I didn’t even know was going on was when my father dropped me off at work and the counter girls I lusted after gushed about how sexy he was.

  9. Avatarhank chinaski

    When one is wealthy, powerful and owns the keys to the kingdom (in this case to Hollywood and all that comes with), you get away with being hideous and malodorous and have a small pee pee. When you are female, young, beautiful, and own the keys to the kingdom (in this case, the young, beautiful vag, and all that comes with) you can get away with being (genuinely or in presentation) less than bookish. Your cynical take is most likely the correct one, her being an aspiring actress after all, with well paid attorneys. Harvey’s walker was a classy touch.

    For all the virtue signaling banning ICE for electrics, I’m still not seeing a clean source of juice, let alone one with the capacity and in place infrastructure to replace gas/diesel for transportation use. You may have seen the pics of Teslas lined up for the Superchargers during the holiday travel season (or the diesel generator powered charger at the Ring). IANANP, but I’d like to believe that the trillion plus we’ve spent on this century’s land wars in Asia might have funded a Manhattan Project/Moonshot and given us cold fusion by now. Of course not having China or India on board (or addressing exploding population growth in Africa) is pointless. Corona-Chan, pray for us.

    F4 for Neil. ‘Ghost Rider’ is worth a read. R40 kicked ass.

  10. AvatarBaconator

    Lo and behold, a bill has been introduced in the Oregon state legislature to ban the sale of gas-powered vehicles in 2030: https://www.seattletimes.com/seattle-news/politics/banning-gas-cars-its-a-fringe-crazy-bill-no-longer/

    The article suggests the bill is the result of a one-man crusade by a high-end tort lawyer with an office in downtown Seattle. Of course.

    At some point, there will be proposals to ban or heavily tax the sale of parts necessary to keep ICE cars running. The situation we have already with Freon, but applied to everything from fuel filters to spark plugs.

    We enthusiasts are going to have to DIY the whole infrastructure to keep our cars running.

  11. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    I’d rather see the word “shit” in a headline than “poop”. (or even worse, “poo” – by the way, did you know that there are about a half dozen fake fecal games for kids?). Shit is at least an adult word.

    My seven year old grandson says “defecate” and “urinate” so why should adults use juvenile euphemisms for waste?

  12. Avatarpanatomic

    side note on jack’s 1984 reference… i had been taught that orwell wrote it in reaction to soviet communism. i recently learned that that it was actually a critique of something closer to home: fabian socialism. apparently, aldous huxley and other oxbridge type lefties had mentored orwell and and he grew to despise their hypocrisy. the fabian sicialiats are the forerunners of the davos globalist crowd and envisioned a socialist world run by a technocratic oligarchic elite.

  13. Avatarrambo furum

    I haven’t followed this story much, and consider Hollywood-bashing to be antisemitic, but who is the woman with the glasses and the beak in that court sketch? Does she really look like that?

  14. AvatarCliffG

    re: Red Barchetta. The local rag ran an editorial extolling the fact that all electric is now a viable political choice. As a means to shove the lower classes onto the buses and into the 4 story walkups beloved of our betters it is an excellent choice. Our city council just voted to allow people to forgo rent during the winter, so I do wonder if the ICE will basically be an option for the poor and the very rich? Sort of like cigarettes these days.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Oh, still cool ~ I like small cars better .

        At nearly 2,500 # it’s not terribly powerful but looks like serious fun .
        “Plymouth Neon for Sale. 2000 plymouth neon lx sedan 4-door 2.0l(US $2,500.00) 2000 plymouth neon high line sedan 4-door 2.0l. 2000 plymouth neon lx sedan 4-door 2.0l. 1995 plymouth neon runs great, clean gas saver(US $1,195.00) 1998 plymouth neon – runs great – gas saver!!! ” (from OnLine adverts)

        The pricing is good too ! .

        I could actually afford one .



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