Hey, Hey, Today’s The Day For 250 K


It wasn’t that long ago that I hit 100,000 reads. I promised everybody they’d get something. That was a lie, but I’m going to make it true.

Back in February, I vastly overestimated my post-accident ability to mail stuff out, particularly since I still needed help to get up and down stairs. So I have an idea for what I’m actually going to give out to all those people who are still anxiously awaiting some awesome gift, but I have to finish making it yet.

No, it’s not a hovercraft.

Traffic on this site keeps going up and I have no idea why. Based on recent comments, I assume it’s people who are hoping to find something libelous the suing-over of which would grant them the court’s choice of my reconditioned shell-cordovan Allen-Edmonds long-wings. Keep looking, you freakin’ vultures!

There are a couple things coming up that might give you pleasure. I have some guest writers who will be discussing a variety of topics with you. I’m proud to count these people as friends and/or fellow competitors and I know you’ll enjoy what they have to say.

In the meantime, do we have time for Joni, Jaco, Pat, Don, Michael, Lyle, and Andy Johns putting it all together? Could we all use some cheering up? Yes, we could. So here we go. Christ, listen to Jaco driving the bus. In France they kiss on Main Street / Amour, mama, not cheap display. Right? Yes. So let’s go. But France is a long flight from here.

13 Replies to “Hey, Hey, Today’s The Day For 250 K”

  1. AvatarTomko

    Congrats Jack on 250,000!

    I remember a girl in first year residence who kept a similar count.

    Jungle Jane they called her. She was a small town girl who came to the big city – and as I recall the talk at the time, her 24th ‘visitor’ received a two-four of beer.

    Hope your gifts of recognition are less ephemeral but equally as memorable 31 years later.

  2. AvatarDavid L

    “Traffic on this site keeps going up and I have no idea why. ”

    Because we liked your writing on TTAC and want more.

  3. AvatarScott

    Traffic on this site keeps going up and I have no idea why.

    Some of us didn’t realize you had a blog outside of ttac.

  4. AvatarDomestic Hearse

    Have this DVD in my collection. I’d swear, based on your musical tastes, we were separated at birth sometimes.

    The rhythm, spacing, intervals, chords, and harmonics pulled out of thin air — Pastorius was a god amongst us mortals.

  5. AvatarChris Pelletier


    The reason I migrated here from TTAC, like most others I assume, is the quality of your writing. I am a sales guy and most writers sound more like sales guys than I do. I will admit to reading reviews to know more about the competition but other than TTAC few sites are willing/able to write critical reviews. You have a way of disseminating the information I need in a way that I will be hooked and read the article to the end. I enjoy the humor you inject in your articles and the characters you bring in. Keep it up sir and I will keep reading.

  6. AvatarJKC

    Congrats on hitting 250K. Sometimes quality is appreciated.

    And kudos on the music selection. If had the use of a TARDIS for one trip only, I’d go back and see Joni Mitchell play with that group of musicians.

  7. AvatarWhatDaFunk

    I recently found out about this site when I read your farewell as EIC article on TTAC. Since then I’ve been reading your site almost daily, keep up the good work!

  8. AvatarAaron Berga

    I was here for 100k, (no I don’t want you to send me anything), now 250k, and hopefully many more zero’s. I was led to TTAC and one of your articles through Chris Hafner at the Car Lust blog many years ago, and have stuck around. Your articles typically make me stop and think for a second, maybe even ponder, unlike so many other’s that just write what they think everyone wants to hear.

    As an aside, I don’t see Chris Hafner writing anything anymore. I don’t know if you know him or not, but I really loved his passion and story telling as well. If you do know him, maybe he could contribute? I really want to know how his Audi is doing, along with the Grand Marquis, IIRC. It wasn’t red, I don’t think.

  9. AvatarAthos

    “Traffic on this site keeps going up and I have no idea why. ”

    You have a loyal readership? Mr Rich Corinthian Sway Bars


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