Big Pimping, Mothers Not Dog Moms, The Love Song Of A Redhead Model

…Maybe give your child real and positive reasons to avoid sexual activity with the other, even more disgusting pubescents in their class. Help them cherish, even fantasize about, the idea of a future family and their own children.
Raise mothers, not dog moms.
Raise women, not wine aunts.
Raise ladies, not cat ladies.

I’d be careful about repeating the above words from “Peachy Keenan” and The American Mind out loud. I’m frankly a little nervous about even quoting them. We’ve taken ideas which were until recently the very foundation of American moral thought and made them too radioactive to touch. The idea that young women shouldn’t be trained to be sexually available to their classmates, or anyone else, in sixth grade? That’s racist! Or sexist. Or one of the many other words which used to have discernible meaning but which have now been effortlessly Newspeaked into just meaning “ungood”. You could be fired. In the UK, you can be denied medical care now for holding the wrong opinions. This is serious business. No fun involved.

Unfortunately for me and my stubborn personal commitment to placing truth above pleasantries, I’ve recently seen something which suggests that Ms. Keenan is, in fact, more correct than anyone would like to admit. Yes, it was on a sex worker’s Instagram page. Why do you ask?

Keenan’s essay is called “Big Pimping: How American Parents Turn Their Daughters Out” and it is just this side of terrifying to those of us who have daughters — or sons.

At an institutional level, we are creating a cursed generation of females expert at every imaginable permutation of sex with an infinite number of partners, while largely shunning the other thing, the main thing, the only thing still emitting any heat in the cold, merciless hearth of contemporary life: the dream of forming a family.
Because the shocking truth is: No one wants to wife a sex expert.
High school sophomores now know how to prepare each other’s rectums for “safe anal play,” which is pitched as a zesty, natural activity for all genders. In 2019, California approved a terrifying, dystopian new statewide curriculum that includes a seventh-grade lesson that “identified sexual activities such as bathing together and mutual masturbation as safe options to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.”

Ms. Keenan (yes, it’s an obvious pen name) entirely disapproves of this behavior. While I find sex-centric of young children by a school system to be fairly repugnant, what concerns me is this: Many parents aren’t bothering to do any parenting at all nowadays. The New York Public School System can’t shut down for coronavirus because they estimate that approximately 144,000 children in the system are receiving their only meals at school. Think about that for a minute. We have a group of children, numerous enough to fill a Midwestern city, who don’t eat unless it’s at school. You can safely assume that if their parents aren’t even feeding them that they also aren’t doing anything to, as Huck Finn once said, “sivilize ’em” either. So when it comes to sex ed, it will be the wacky and oddly perverse school system, or it will be the public Internet.

Nothing the most anal-obsessed school system could teach your kids would be on par with what the Internet is ready to teach ’em. There’s a reason for that. We decided a few decades ago that the First Amendment applied to a decentralized global TCP/IP network in much the same way that the Second Amendment did not apply to a gun that holds six rounds of ammunition instead of five. The next time someone gripes to you about the gun lobby, consider just how ineffective they are compared to the pornography and perversion lobbies. If we treated guns the way we treat “free speech” I’d be able to own an AC-130U “Spooky” gunship — and I’d be able to fire it directly at every child in America, all the while screaming that I’m being victimized by any adult brave enough to step between my Vulcan miniguns and those kids.

The problem therefore becomes that

a) properly parented children don’t need sex ed in school, and are demonstrably damaged by it, but
b) unparented children need a ton of it.

The school systems choose to prioritize b) because — frankly, because public schools are filled with kid-obsessed perverts who molest about seven percent of their students so it’s more fun for them than it would be to build their curriculum around Group a). But they have some rationale for their choice beyond that. Schools probably shouldn’t be teaching kids “safe anal play” but the Internet will teach them “unsafe anal play” before they’re old enough to ride Space Mountain. So it’s damage limitation, trying to ensure that these children are only messed up by precocious sexual activity rather than outright killed by it or something like that.

(As for those 144,000 kids who are in such desperate circumstances that they need to eat at school, don’t worry; I’m being reassured that every effort is being made to ensure that we have 288,000 of them in ten years, all the better to elect Leader-For-Life Ocasio-Cortez as head of a starving child army like a scene out of The Diamond Age.)

It’s still worthwhile to consider one of Ms. Keenan’s central tenets, namely that excessive exposure to, and participation in, “sex culture” reduces someone’s chances of having a happy life as an adult. That’s where Erin comes in. Erin (I’d rather not identify her any further than this, to avoid what they call “brigading” nowadays) is a model who just turned thirty. She is a natural redhead, attractive in what they used to call an “innocent” or “ingenue” sort of way. I follow her on Instagram because a few of my friends do and I’m a sad old man who wants something to break up the endless cascade of downhill-mountain-bike-related content on my Instagram feed.

Erin makes about five or six thousand dollars a month on Patreon selling nude photos. This is a pretty healthy living in 2020, I must say. She has a couple of hundred “patrons”. She has also done a fair amount of modeling for other outlets, including the relatively prestigious Playboy Plus. What I’m getting at here is that she is an attractive woman by almost anyone’s standards. She might not be your particular cup of tea, but very few men would find her just plain unattractive in the way that, say, most human beings find me unattractive. The only way someone would pay for a photo of me would be if I were

a) standing next to a good-looking person;
b) largely removed from the picture.

You’d think that any woman attractive enough to command $6k a month for relatively tame photos would have no trouble meeting any number of adoring potential partners, all of them quite high value fellows — but Erin’s not succeeding. About six months ago, she wrote something on her Instagram to the effect of “men in New York are trash — eleven of them have been inside me so far this year and not a single one of them has called me the next day.” Yes, that’s how she phrased it. When she finally managed to get a boyfriend a month or so later, she couldn’t stop telling her followers about him… but the fellow decided he would rather live by himself than live with her, so he dumped her in what was apparently a remarkably unsentimental fashion.

The immediate temptation here is to respond to Erin’s lament with TLP’s The Common Denominator In All Your Failed Relationships Is You but I think that might be the easy way out. Erin is neither a Fields Medal winner nor a talented artist of any time but there is no way she is boring and/or toxic enough to drive eleven men away after one night. I’ve never had someone refuse to speak to me after spending an evening in my company and you will not convince me that I’m any better of a person than a random 30-year-old actress/model/Patreon-sex-worker on the street.

I think what Erin is seeing is more cultural than personal. I think we have decided, as a culture, that sex should be

* almost random
* nearly anonymous
* omnipresent
* entirely impersonal
* focused on technical excellence
* obligation-free

and since most people want to follow the norms of a culture, whether they admit it or not, the net result is sexual interactions which conform to those norms. The knock-on effects of this are obvious, and horrifying. Men become nomads and disease vectors. Women become “fur moms” and they wind up dying alone. The only people who have children and/or families are people who are too poor, stupid, or culturally distant to accept the prevailing norms. This is why such a large percentage of New York City’s children are being fed by the state: the people who could afford to feed their kids are busy engaging in what Ms. Keenan calls

…a tedious multi-decade Bataan death march through dating apps, therapists, anti-depressants, polyamorous cul-de-sacs, and (eventually) to a spiritual and biological dead end?

while at the same time voting for an endless re-up of immigrant and lower-class families who never got the Tinder memo but who also don’t possess any marketable skills. Looking back, we’d arguably have been better off if we’d engaged in a limited nuclear war with the Soviet Union in 1965 and then gotten back to preserving the American way of life. A nuclear exchange would have killed fifty million people, flattened a quarter of our major cities, and resulted in a massive (and ultimately successful) effort to repair the damage; this new societal arrangement will gnaw our country to the bone in two generations and there won’t be any intact cities left from which to rebuild.

It occurs to me here that the relevant sin is not lust, but gluttony. It can be fascinating and delightful to have a few no-strings-attached relationships, the same way it’s nice to have ice cream after dinnner — but Erin’s lifestyle of a few dozen “ghosted” sex partners a year and selling nudes to pass the time in-between is as misery-inducing as force-feeding a gallon of Breyer’s every night. Furthermore, what are the chances of her finding a decent lifetime relationship and a family now? I’m not going to make the assertion that men don’t want to marry someone like her; I’ll leave that to Ms. Keenan in her article. Instead, let’s consider how she would feel at the age of forty, trying to grind through a marriage and motherhood with a single person while the nostalgia-curated memories of two hundred previous partners dance in her head. Marriage is hard work, as is being a parent. It’s not made easier by comparing the worst moments of your current living situation with the most romantic or fascinating night you ever had in New York (or Paris, or Las Vegas, or Poughkeepsie).

Something has got to give. I suspect that the 2030s will see a revival in public morality similar to that of the pre-Victorian age, perhaps assisted by a flurry of social-contact viruses of which COVID-19 is assuredly not the last. The longer we wait for a “reset button” like that, the more violent its pressing will be. Perhaps our scattered and suspicious descendants will see Ms. Keenan’s exhortation as an early example of a developing societal allergy to perverse depredation. Perhaps they will pillory her in retrospect for not going far enough, the way we’re currently ret-conning various civil rights leaders of the past as villains for not having the vision to adopt furries et al into their drive for justice. I’m personally hoping that they won’t know about Ms. Keenan, or about yours truly, because they will have long since internalized Pope’s crack about “a little knowledge is a dangerous thing” and they’ll have shut down the Internet completely.

In which case someone will eventually have to reinvent all the old sins again, rediscover the perversions hidden from them by a functioning society of decent people. In a way, I envy those people. They’ll at least have the pleasure of fighting the system. What Peachy Keenan fails to note about today’s liturgy of childhood anal play is that we’ve managed to endow it with the same qualities which always attend the dictates of the state: we’ve made everything boring. The perverts of the future will have the security of renewed decency all around them — but more than that, they will have what the 12-year-old dildo testers and the 30-year-old nude model of today aren’t having. In a word, they’ll have fun.

22 Replies to “Big Pimping, Mothers Not Dog Moms, The Love Song Of A Redhead Model”

  1. AvatarHarryC

    Kind of feels like this is cyclical, as it has been through most of human history. The Romans were horny and permissive. The Christians were (relatively) prudes. The Barbarian hordes were horny and permissive….lather rinse and repeat (with friends, if you like)

    Another angle: The future belongs to sub-cultures where people *still* have families and kids. Painting with a broad brush, Latino culture doesn’t have this problem. Neither does Muslim or Mormon culture. Asian culture is still very strong, if strangled (no pun intended) by the one-child policy.

    With apologies to George Carlin: “Humanity isn’t going anywhere. WE ARE.” We == hedonistic po-mo narcissists who fail to reproduce.

  2. AvatarRick Soloway

    I agree with all of your sociological points. On the other hand, it sounds like a lot more fun than my grade/high school. All I got were instructions on how to “duck and cover” in the event of a nuclear holocaust.
    “Boomer” Rick

  3. AvatarHarry

    I agree with a lot of your conclusions, although in the end, I have to think that in this individual case mentioned the common denominator is her. For all her attractiveness she likely has some major flaw that makes her an unacceptable long term mate for the men she is picking, and it may not be her sexual history. For me personally, her history and its resulting sexpertness would be a feature, not a bug. By my definition with that history, should she decide I was “the one”, and I was to make a similar determination, that would by default mean I was better than the rest. I place more value on being better than a large field than a small one. Also, the opinion of an experienced competent judge matters more than a neophyte.*

    I do score fairly high on the narcissistic personality inventory.

    So for Erin, if her history IS the obstacle, she should use that perspective to narrow her search to people who feel my way, rather than some other kind of narcissist who values notching a Playboy/Instagram model as an accomplishment in itself. Most likely she needs hobbies more interesting than taking photographs of herself and a personality aside from her hotness. Crazy hot, sexual adventurous is necessary but not sufficient for a long term mate.

    *This does not go both ways. The women who have married the next person after breaking up with me have all done so because they gave up all hope on finding someone comparable to me, and just settled.

    • AvatarMel

      Harry, your response was agreeable and made sense to me , but your closing was fricken awesome ! Love the confidence, even though it’s unlikely any of us are actually as amazing as we might think we are.

  4. Avatarsightline

    > The only people who have children and/or families are people who are too poor, stupid, or culturally distant to accept the prevailing norms.

    And, I may add, the rich, highly educated, and well-raised*. The Eloi are making damn sure our children don’t get sucked into this lifestyle by a) getting married, b) staying married, c) not sending their children to public school, and d) actually parenting them. The Diamond Age metaphor is particularly apt, we’re basically the Vickies without the muttonchops. Of course the flipside is that we’re scared to death of judging anyone else’s culture so we shut up and separate our children from everyone else.

    *WSJ link is in my name, since every time I post a link here, my post never sees the light of day.

    • AvatarCJinSD

      I have this friend who is pretty amazing. She came from…dysfunction. She was raised by an aunt, as her nice but possibly irresponsible mother was something of a biker’s bitch. Somehow she graduated high school in her backwards rural town and was admitted to UVA as an ebonic-speaking white girl. I met her when she was probably eighteen and I was a sleazy twenty-four year old. We had an immediate dislike for one another. Her roommate was dating a friend of mine who roughly split the difference in our ages.

      For some reason this young girl asked my advice one night, in her awful ebonic dialect. Some group of her friends were lying in wait to assault some objectionable ex-boyfriend of hers. What should she do? I said she should change the way she speaks and make new friends. It was bitter news for her, but ultimately she took my advice. We became friends by the time she graduated, and she went on to have a very successful career before marrying the love of her life. She is also the youngest person I know to demonstrate intelligence by becoming a conservative when she started paying taxes.

      I visited her last weekend. She lives in a house with so many rooms that I took an almost-two-hour tour and can’t tell you the count. A former executive for Ford Credit and Capital One, she is now a home-maker. Her charming four year old son told me that he wants two sisters and a brother, which might cost him the use of one of his three play rooms. Unfortunately, his Mom is forty-three and had a tough delivery the first time.

  5. AvatarCJinSD

    I lived in Manhattan and worked at Bear Stearns when 9/11/01 happened. Many downtown schools were closed for weeks, and the biggest concern was that the kids weren’t getting their three square meals a day plus a backpack full of food to take home for the weekend. It was news to me then. Maybe if western civilization teeters along for another twenty years, you’ll understand that we’re a dark age away from a moral rebirth. In the middle ages, people saw the aqueducts of the ancient Romans and thought that giants must have built them. When the Police sang, “when the world is running down, you make the best of what’s still around,” I was confused by handmaids to evil lamenting their product, but it did inspire a hedonistic path to not being part of the solution.

    • AvatarJohn C.

      It is lucky you were there contributing to capitalism when 9-11 happened. I shutter to think what would have happened if the country did not opportunity to contribute to the continued success of giants like Jimmy Cayne by giving them giant bailouts, excuse me liquidity, and yet somehow still manage to afford the school lunch program. How do you even look in the mirror after being a part of that. I know, I know, cue the Bill Medley Dirty Dancing song….

  6. Avatar-Nate

    “today’s liturgy of childhood anal play”

    JESUS H. CHRIST Jack ! .

    I have little GRANDCHILDREN, you’re scaring the bejesus out of me .

    I’d better go crawl back under my rock .

    (OBTW : well written if scary)

    • Avatarsgeffe

      In 51 years, we’ve gone from putting a man on the moon to having men in ladies’ bathrooms!

      And we’re being panicked into economic suicide by a virulent strain of the flu!! Any rationality went out the window this week!

      This panic in our society is like a nuclear reaction—once critical mass is achieved, look out!

      • Avatar-Nate

        Another pet peeve of mine ~ I have a grand daughter and I’ve known far too many freaks to ever allow any man based person into a restroom when her or my sweet is inside .

        Back when I was dating pyscho-bitch we had a small issue early on and after that I simply checked the blocked most public bathrooms when she needed to go .

        At the police station they changed them all to whatever shortly before I retired, insanity .


  7. AvatarDisinterested-Observer

    I’ve known a couple of guys who have dated strippers. They acted like it was something to be proud of. No offense to women who do that, it’s honest work and at least they are not “angel investors” or venture capitalists but that is not an aspirational occupation.

    • Avatar-Nate

      I dated a stripper, she was 4’11” tall and amazingly cute .

      She was nice and all but no future in it so I gave her the air .

      The idea is ; you bang that drum loudly when you’re young and single and in time maybe you’ll recognize a good one when she comes along , what she did before matters not a whit ~ you don’t consider your tom catting in your teens a negative do you ? .

      Some of my older friends dated hookers when we were in our 20’s, I didn’t get it but they had the whale of a good time .

      None of those hookers had any class and didn’t look pretty to me but anything, any time and anywhere with anyone all the time is apparently cool when you’re young .

      I stupidly got married at 20 and missed all that but when I was 35 I was cut loose and boy howdy was that ever fun .


      • AvatarDisinterested-Observer

        “She was nice and all but no future in it so I gave her the air .”

        Pretty sure we agree that marrying a stripper is not a good idea. I never said anything about sowing wild oats.

        • Avatar-Nate

          I imagine finding one who’s tired of the game might work out O.K. .

          I still have mostly fond memories of her as we both came up hard and so have similar reality based out looks on life in general .


  8. AvatarBeccaria

    Sex for Millennials (and I fear for Gen Z as well) has become like everything else in their lives: erratic. The notion of a “sex recession” has become something of a buzzword:

    There’s a big bifurcation between the proliferation of sexual knowledge, the decline of taboos,and the growth of technological systems that facilitate casual sex on the one hand, and what the actual translation of this has been in the real world for the majority of people. They’ve turned to hookup apps because the gig economy, crushing debt, precariousness, and austerity are not conducive to forming stable long-term sexual relationships- or families. Despite that, they’ve managed to protect their health fairly well, which is impressive. Do you know what age group has the highest rate of person-to-person STD transmission? Boomers.

    As much as it pains me to agree with David Brooks about anything, I think he was right that the over-extension of the nuclear family concept has been disastrous for community life in America. Extended families living under either one roof or in close conjunction were the norm before the Greatest Generation moved out to the Levittowns. If you’re in the professional class and you have money, that’s still doable. If you’re not, it means moving by yourself 10 hours away from your parents and cousins when you’re 23 “because that’s where the jobs/opportunity are.” Ask me how I know. I live a pretty nontraditional life in accordance with the path I’ve taken and I’m fairly satisfied with it. But if I’d wanted something more of the white-picket-fence variety, that wasn’t really on the table for socioeconomic reasons alone.

  9. Avatarstingray65

    Feminist ideology has permeated education, law, HR departments, popular culture, and media, which teach girls that they can do anything without any assistance from nasty boys/men, and if they fail to achieve their dreams it is because of rampant sexism and patriarchy. They also learn that children are a hindrance to career success and self-actualization, as well as a threat to the sustainability and climate of the planet. Thus to the feminist mindset the world would be a better place if children and males simply disappeared, but in the absence of that solution we must “believe all women”, allow abortion on demand, and enact gender quotas and other special programs to help women navigate through a female hating world controlled by evil men. It therefore isn’t too surprising that many such men/children hating women turn out to be less than attractive dating/mating material even for the men who have enough remaining self-esteem to ask for a date, and with enough fearlessness to not be afraid of being falsely accused of sexual harassment/rape or being on the hook for 18+ years of child support. Not surprisingly, free online porn featuring hot women who at least feign interest in having sex with men is an increasingly attractive alternative to real human sexual interaction, and comes with the added bonus of not including any feminist lectures, STDs, unwarranted accusations of rape, unwanted child support, or expensive divorce.

    And at 35-40 many of these feminist indoctrinated women decide that a husband and child might provide the happiness they have not achieved with their precious careers, anti-Trump/Kavanaugh protests, and pet cats, but find there just aren’t any good men around (i.e. those whose education, career status, and income are higher than their own), or that available men just aren’t very interesting in a fat 37 year old with wrinkled skin, a loudly ticking biological clock, and $50K+ in student debt. It therefore isn’t very surprising that there are a lot of unhappy women around, far fewer children, and lots of men still living in their mother’s basement playing video games and watching porn.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Wow, you are seriously paranoid .

      I’ve had no problem finding plenty of good mates Blue Collar (preferred) and rich, most of whom were well above average beauty .

      If you ever decide to stop being scared by reality you’ll discover life is a precious gift, meant to be enjoyed not endured .


  10. Avatarhank chinaski

    Taco’s latest piece is a perfect companion to this one.

    These folks will make quite a few therapists and fertility specialists very wealthy and then be gone, like tears in rain, leaving only social media pages and frozen eggs. Their cats will be well fed in the end, though. It will be Amish, Mormons, Orthodox and Muslims, all the way down.

    “Islam is right about women.”

  11. AvatarMrGreenMan

    I remember caring and predicting this to ostensibly-Christian parents and possible prospective girls for the last several decades. For a group that’s supposed to be fundamentalist and counter-culture, “conservative” parents just want the girls to be making money. They have fully embraced “she don’t need no man.” So a daughter selling pictures of herself to thirsty men while using the phrase “been inside her” is the apogee of life for most American parents for their “so long as she’s happy and has money and don’t need no man!” daughters.

    It’s funny that the Evangelical Christian world was infected for nearly two decades with the “I Kissed Dating Goodbye” culture, and it turns out it was written by a homosexual non-Christian who wanted to project the homosexual male relationship model onto Christian girls…and it worked! As recently as 2014, Focus on the Family was pushing that as the ideal. Why turn to tradition when this expert can tell you that the ideal is to take hormone-crazed teenagers and early twenties and, instead of marrying them off and supporting them (Gross! The only thing worse than a MAN supporting daddy’s daughter is to have mommy and daddy have to help them get their family launched! Sick, man! What is this, India?), they encouraged them to be pretend-good-girls enjoying their promiscuous “Season of Singleness”. I lost track of the number of times I was told that, if Jesus could forgive, I had no place to suggest that a girl with an n > 25 could not marry and could not achieve a happy relationship.

    No wonder the “enjoy the decline” group is cheering for Corona-Chan to wipe the slate clean.

  12. AvatarCarmine

    Can we add the over-sexualizing of EVERYTHING?

    For example a “badvertizement” for pistachio nuts, I’m sure you’ve seen it, with a talking stupid CG elephant voiced by some celebrity that talks about ” a night with the squirrel sisters that would do anything for pistachios, and I do mean ANYTHAAAAANG”

    Really? Like what? Are squirrels crawling up the elephants ass Richard Gere style? sucking him off in tandem?? Ass to mouth to trunk?

    This is a commercial that has aired for at least a year now and during regular network time slots.

    I’m no prude(Send Prudes!!) but did pistachio nuts really need “sexing up”? Were they losing the sexy legume market to Cashews? Is the new Mr. Peanut going to be pan sexual with a gimp suit?


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