Made In The USA, 50% Off: Thalia Capos, Phone Cases, And More

During Summer NAMM 2018 I had a chance to meet Chris of Thalia Capos, which had just opened. He explained to me how they make very high-end guitar capos AND phone cases in the United States. They’ve had a pretty good start but like many small businesses they are about to be in a world of hurt. They’re offering 50% off right now for most of their products, as long as you can wait until mid-April for delivery.

I’ve been using the Thalia capos for a while now — they are very serious pieces of hardware and have largely replaced the G7 Pro Capo I used for a decade or so. The intonation is particularly good, although if you own dozens of guitars it can be a hassle to switch the very specific pads which make that possible and which are supplied in bulk with every capo. They come in every finish and material you can imagine, plus custom designs to your spec. The same is true of their phone cases. I bought some stuff from Chris today and I think you’d be happy if you did as well. That’s all, folks!

3 Replies to “Made In The USA, 50% Off: Thalia Capos, Phone Cases, And More”

  1. Avatarcarrya1911

    I saw some of those but I never knew who made them. Glad you pointed them out…just purchased a capo and a truss rod cover to dress up my Taylor 610 a bit.

  2. AvatarEric L.

    I’m sure you’ve seen Rob @ Dearborn Denim’s emails–10% off everything. I picked up one of the new khakis, in the hopes that it’s as good as that last batch of American stretch denim you posted about in 2019. Their ordinary khakis (as of February 2019) were a hard no, as the kids say.

    More important than the pants is sending him a message that I want his business to survive the pandemic.


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