In Gawker-Land, One Punch Hurts More Than A Thousand Rapes


Recent news from the United Kingdom: A woman was punched pretty effing hard for resisting the advances of a man who was “groping” her. Also, approximately 1400 female children were systematically abused at the hands of Pakistani “rape gangs”. One pre-teen girl gave the specific names of over 250 men who had raped her to the police and received an admonition to shut up about it. For over a decade, the police and government ignored a frankly overwhelming amount of evidence about the rape gangs, often terrorizing or even prosecuting the women who dared to speak up.

Okay, which one of these English incidents made the front page at Jezebel?

No prize for guessing that Woman Brutally Attacked was the lead story and 1400 Children Raped was utterly ignored by the actual Jezebel authors and read by fewer than four hundred people when a Jezebel reader contributed it to the “Groupthink” Kinja.

I can’t for the life of me figure out why this is so. The only logical response is that feminism, as a philosophy, is in the service or debt of a higher power of some sort. What I mean by that is this: I’m a pretty big fan of Paul Reed Smith guitars but if I found out that PRS himself raped 1400 kids I’d sell his stuff on eBay and never touch one of those guitars again. My allegiance to the safety of children is greater than my allegiance to Paul Reed Smith. I was a fan of Ruger firearms when I was younger but when Bill Ruger collaborated with the Federal Government on legislation to restrict certain weapons to police use only, I never bought another Ruger again. My allegiance to the general right-to-keep-and-bear-arms thing outweighed my affinity for Ruger’s Super Redhawk .44 Magnum.

So if Jezebel et al simply have decided that these 1400 rapes don’t matter as much as a single woman being punched, is there a way to figure out what makes those rapes unimportant? Could it be the fact that the majority of the perpetrators were Pakistani Muslims? Is that why Salon’s coverage leads by telling us how outraged other Muslims are? Think about that for a minute. It would be like covering a school shooting by doing an article saying that “Law-Abiding Gun Owners Outraged By School Shooting.” Holy shit, that could never happen in a million years. So perhaps it’s the race angle. People are unwilling to paint Muslims as rapists, or paint Pakistanis as rapists.

There’s something admirable about that — let’s not tar hundreds of millions of people as rapists because of the actions of a few hundred or thousand — but it’s manipulative in the extreme and it will only lead to people acting with impunity because they feel “protected” by their race or religion. It also suggests that in the world of liberal thought

Race > Sex (or Gender if you insist on misunderstanding the English language)

That explains why Hillary Clinton’s sacred womanhood all of a sudden didn’t mean a damn thing when a Black man arose to challenge her. Race > Sex. Better a Black man than a white woman. Men are superior to women as long as they are Black. I think that’s the general import of it, isn’t it? That at any time the rights of women can be trumped by the rights of certain ethnic or religious minorities?

Just thinking about that is enough to make me lose faith in humanity. How important could feminism possibly be if it has to take a back seat to race-based preferences at the drop of a hat?

Or… it could be something else entirely. It could be simple economics. NRO suggests that it’s economic in nature.

Or perhaps the rapes of young girls overseas are of no particular interest. The victims were, after all, often in and out of government housing, truant or absent from school, and sometimes around domestic violence. Many had gone serially missing. They are not the upper-class types likely to fall victim to sexist fraternity pranks. They are not prospective Salon readers.

In other words, the systematic rape and abuse of these girls is unimportant because the girls themselves are unimportant. They’re human garbage and if they were raped and beaten and doused with gasoline it matters not a bit because they were mostly English white trash — “chavs” is the word, I think — and such people are beneath noticing.

Which means that

Class > Sex

but I think we all knew that was the case, and shall be until the end of days, forever and ever, Amen.

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  1. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    Would that such truths could be spoken openly on the evening network news shows, but then the people producing those shows aspire to be (or stay) in the ruling class.

    Class trumps just about everything. My little sister isn’t very politically involved, nor is she super PC, but she’s a foodie and when I said to her, “You don’t care what Paula Deen said 30 years ago, you don’t like her because she fries food,” she agreed.

    The folks who ignore those 1,400 rapes but screech about “rape culture” on American campuses, trying to criminalize normal, legal male behavior, are the same folks who don’t have a word, or tear, to spare for the millions killed in the Congo, the persecuted Christians in Egypt, Iraq and China, the hundreds of thousands of Muslims killed by other Muslims, but get pretty exercised about “disproportionate” actions about Israel.

    • AvatarDan Shepard

      There are a lot of inconvenient truths and popular “truths”. Admitting there’s actually an issue with Rotherham, or bothering to acknowledge some of the genuine horrors going on in the Congo or the American hypocrisy in condemning many of Israel’s actions in the middle are too… serious… for lack of a better way of putting it.

      It’s easier to call all college-age males in America rapists and wage a war with no enemy than it is to combat actual social injustice. One of them takes work, the other just requires a bit of indignation. I’m also inclined to agree with the commenter who pointed out that gawker is generally garbage journalism, and I’d say Jezebel is towards to bottom of that garbage heap.

      Also, if you deal with enough Brits over time, it should become readily apparent that there is a wholly different level of classism over there than what we’ve got in the US. It’s sad, but true.

      As an aside, figured I’d stop posting under a pseudonym, but I’ve been commenting on here for awhile as Captain Slow.

    • Avatarjz78817

      the difference is that as an individual there is very little any of us can do about the atrocities on the other side of the world, but a lot we can do within our own culture.

      Sorry, but the whole mindset of “things are far worse over there so stop complaining about how you have it” is intellectually weak. It’s little more than a “starving kids in africa” jab.

  2. AvatarNessuno

    Your TLP is starting to show Jack! It’s a good thing, just don’t forget the rye or the rum, whatever we just need more intellectual pirates. Or is it vagabonds?


      • AvatarGert Frobe Body Double

        The last psychiatrist, I assume, who sadly hasn’t posted anything for months and months. I disagree, this is more reminiscent of Steve Sailer type noticing.

        Also, it’s not Class > Gender/Race etc, because if the very posh David Cameron had cut the shittiest little afterschool program for these chav girls, Jezebel would have jumped all over him. Raping/pimping/dousing these girls with gasoline is clearly preferable in the Gawkerish mind to cutting their benefits.

        Oh wait no actually, it’s that Pakistani men raping/pimping/dousing is preferable to evil white men cutting their benefits. It’s a gender/race thing, although all of us white men would love to pretend its not.

        • JackJack Post author

          Yeah, it would be nice to see something else from TLP, but with him (her?) you always have to assume that there was a suicide between the last article and now.

        • AvatarNessuno

          It’s a war against the real waged through non coverage. As our friend likes to say “frantic activity as a defense against impotence”

          I don’t think its surprising Jezebel ignored the event for one simple reason, Jezebel is not designed to bring about real change, only the image of change. Jezebel simply feeds progressive people glitzy bits of conversational ammunition, they’re allowed to imagine egoistically that they are affecting world events by talking about them. Naturally it was nobody’s fault, of course.

          Placate the masses by making them FEEL like change is happening and change will never HAVE to happen. Value of the image over value of the object.

          Baudrillards Simulacra and Simulation ruined me for life…

  3. AvatarRock36

    The author of the cited article recently posted a story about toilet paper companies getting rid of the cardboard cylinder in toilet paper rolls, and what Lena Dunham wore this one time too.

    Just as 1400 rapes is far more sinister than one groped woman, there are far more sinister things to worry about than the Jezebel story line up.

  4. AvatarMike

    You can’t take Gawker seriously, lets face it, even Jalopnik, which I consider the jewel in their crown, is usually best read for entertainment value only.

    Also, in fairness to Ruger, now that Bill Ruger is dead and buried, they have done an about face, and you can now buy official Ruger high cap mags for 10/22s, Mini-14s, and their AR-10 and AR-15 variants. Yes, Ruger AR-10 and AR-15 pattern rifles. The evilest and assaultiest of firearms.

    • AvatarLucas

      Some of my favorite car articles are on Jalopnik, and some of my favorite gaming articles are on Kotaku, but the Gawker push to make Jalopnik “Jezebel for cars” and Kotaku “Jezebel for Gaming” is REALLY getting on my nerves. I do believe women should have equal rights and pay, but I get tired of hearing that pushed in every article and website I read that has nothing to do with the subject. Also the “all men are scumbags” Jezebel headlines squished between the actual site articles get tiring too.

  5. AvatarWiredChuck

    A compelling piece that’s given me a lot to think about, which is will do once fully awake. But I will say this: Don’t look for logic, consistency or compelling thought in anything done within Nick Denton’s “journalism” empire.

  6. AvatarCarzzi

    So perhaps it’s the race angle. People are unwilling to paint Muslims as rapists, or paint Pakistanis as rapists.
    Let’s separate criticism of an ideology, or of a religion, from racism. Islam is not a race. As someone who was raised Muslim, I know this. There may be peaceful Muslims, but Islam seeks global hegemony, through violent conquest if need be.

  7. Avatarlozz

    This has been outed.

    The pommy coppers were crap scared they’d have been seen as “racist” if they tried to follow up on complaints that a clearly identifiable racial group(British-born Pakistanis) were systematically raping young girls of another clearly identifiable racial group(Anglo-Saxon).

    The pommy cops have so many PC directives that their senior officers feared for their careers if they tried to prosecute a massive-scale case with obvious racial overtones and simply threw the Anglo girls “under a bus” by covering it up.

    After all, they’d been covering up for Jimmy Saville for half a century.

  8. Avatarbollocks

    Just wanted to point out, Sturm-Ruger is under much different management than it was in the Clinton era, with far preferable attitudes toward gun rights. A quick look at their product lineup and press releases from the past few years shows the change: they very much stand behind the owners of “evil black rifles,” and now offer a full range of factory high-capacity magazines to go along with their rifles and pistols alike.

    • JackJack Post author

      I believe the same is true for S&W as well — I remember them completely caving in during that era, with the pretense being that since they mostly sold crappy semiautos to cops and revolvers to citizens it didn’t affect them.


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