Enter The Squid’s Locker

I’ve spent the last month periodically working on my overstuffed basement and storage units. Much of what I’ve removed has been treated as trash — in theory, all the vintage car and motorcycle magazines and dealer catalogues down there have value, but in practice I’m not going to separate, photograph, and list them all.

The Spaceman pedals, on the other hand… These were valuable when they were new and they’re now approaching unobtanium status. I’m no longer playing anything like a public gig, so I’ve been slowly converting my guitar-centric collection into basses and bass amps for my son, who is at the beginning of his music career rather than the end.

Thus, we have the Reverb store known as The Squid’s Gear Locker. What’s going to be listed there? Well…

Look for at least the following in the months to come — and if you have a genuine interest, I’ll sell to you ahead of time at a discount rate.

  • Several more Spaceman pedals
  • Virtually the entire Red Witch pedal lineup, including a Pentavocal Trem
  • A Gibson Collector’s Choice #01 Les Paul. These are changing hands in the $10-12k range but I’d make a bit of a deal here.
  • A Ren Ferguson era Gibson “Doves In Flight” acoustic.
  • One or two high-end PRS guitars — Private Stock, Modern Eagle, that sort of thing
  • A Fender Custom Shop Dale Wilson “Masterbuilt” Jazzmaster
  • A new-with-plastic-on-it Fender Thurston Moore Jazzmaster
  • An ESP XJ-6 made in Japan
  • (Possibly) A Fano Retrosphear

Trades accepted: Fodera and Fender Custom Shop basses, high-end bass amps.

I appreciate your patience with these various commercial messages — one thing I’ve learned in the past month is that I own a lot of things which will go completely untouched in the next few decades unless I get serious about getting them out to the people who want and can use them.

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  1. NoID

    Uncounted Les Pauls
    Are sainted to the sky
    Where there was darkness
    Now only light
    Uncounted Jazzmasters
    Rising up from the bottom of the sea
    The wicked are nought
    The righteous are free

  2. Gene

    Looking at the prices of your stuff makes me thankful that while I greatly enjoy music I never felt any need to try to make it.


    Added your shop to my feed. Good luck with the liquidation. I’ve been doing the same prepping for a move and the arrival of our firstborn (who showed up early this Saturday!)

    Being a bassist (primarily), happy to help with recommendations on gear choices. I started in the late ’80s and have touched and played most of everything out there, seems I always come back to a Fender P-bass eventually.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Right now my son has Ibanez Mikros in four-string, fretless (that was a custom rebuild) and five-string varieties, plus a Bee Bass.

      When he’s a little older, he can play my Fodera/Carvin/Fender CS but I’m trying to figure out what the best 30″ scale bass is out there.


        If you want to buy new and not spend much just to get a taste, those Ibanez Talmans are decent as well as the Gretsch Electromatic Jr’s. I would consider one of the newer Fender Mustangs as probably the best bet, maybe a Squier Bronco (much, much less flashy). If you’re interested in an Epiphone EB-0 of some sort, play one first…they are their own ‘thing’. Oh yeah, and if you wanted something kind of vintage without paying $$$ for a ’60s something-or-other go look at what Danelectro is selling.

        If you want to spend more, there’s the new G&L Fallout (RACING STRIPES) and Reverend makes a couple (Wattplower, Dub King). There’s quite a bit of short scales out there I haven’t mentioned that aren’t as popular but worth considering, like Hagstrom.

        *Caveat emptor – some of the things above may originate from outside our borders.


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