Weekly Roundup: Is It An “Assault Weapon” Or A “Patrol Carbine” Edition

To avoid insulting the reader’s intelligence, we will be using the following marked-up word:


several times in the narrative to come. When you see (SHRUG), it means that there is a fairly obvious hole in what is being reported or described — I can see it, you can see it, but nothing can be done. Using (SHRUG) in this fashion is inelegant and deliberately contra a few rules of grammar and usage, but we really need something that performs this particular task in this particular instance. Are you with me? Alright.

Last week, 51-year-old Gabriel Wortman had an argument with his girlfriend. This (SHRUG) was the catalyst for him to head out to his garage, put on (SHRUG) a Royal Canadian Mounted Police uniform, and get in his (SHRUG) detailed copy of a Royal Canadian Mounted Police car. He set a few houses on fire and killed the people when they came out. We don’t (SHRUG) know why he chose those people. Then he started pulling people over, using his fake police car, and killing them. The RCMP was in possession of this information fairly early in the spree but (SHRUG) decided not to alert people to what was going on. Instead, they (SHRUG) just told the cops to keep an eye out. Wortman then crashed into a real cop car, shot the male officer, and continued on his way. He crashed again (SHRUG) into a female officer’s car, killed the female officer, and continued on his way.

Wortman drove his cop car to the house of a woman he (SHRUG) knew, killed her, removed his police uniform, and took her SUV in place of her car. While refueling quietly at a gas station, looking exactly like everyone else instead of the fake cop he’d been for the entire day, he (SHRUG) happened to catch the attention of a police officer, who (SHRUG) gunned him down without return fire.

Wortman’s ruse was hugely effective, taking advantage as it did of Canada’s natural trust in its national police force. As the details of the shooting were coming to light, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced a comprehensive ban on all semiautomatic rifles, aka “assault weapons”, in Canadian hands. At the same time, it was explained that Wortman was a convicted criminal who was not eligible to own firearms in Canada, and that he had not legally purchased any of the weapons he used. Nevertheless, (SHRUG) Trudeau emphasized that it was time for Canada to ban “assault weapons”. In a hastily delivered speech, Trudeau said

“”These weapons were designed for one purpose and one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time. There is no use and no place for such weapons in Canada.” Ah, but there is a use and a place for them. Get your (SHRUGGING) shoulders ready.

Over the past four years, Canada has been gradually equipping its everyday police with the Colt C8 “patrol carbine”. You can read some breathless rhapsodizing about it on the law-enforcement sites. The C8 is a semi-automatic rifle firing the NATO 5.56mm cartridge, which has considerable armor-piercing capabilities in certain variants. It’s a close cousin of the M4 and M16 rifles used by the United States armed forces, although apparently it’s built at even greater cost to a more demanding set of tolerances.

Many of my readers are not “gun people” so they are perhaps not aware what an aggressive action this is. The average American police officer carries a pistol on his person and has access to a shotgun in his patrol car. These are weapons designed for short-range use — 100 feet away would be too far for most cops. They don’t have the capability to penetrate brick homes or multiple sheets of drywall. They’re intended for last-resort use.

European police often carry submachine guns. These use pistol rounds, given additional energy by being fired from a longer barrel. They’re 100-150 foot weapons, and while they are far more “offensive” than pistols, you still wouldn’t take one to war if you had another choice. (The infamous AK-47 “assault rifle” was a Russian ripoff of the German Stg44; both were designed to bridge the gap between submachine guns and true rifles.)

The C8 carbine is basically what the average Marine takes to Afghanistan, minus the “full-auto” capability which has no use outside of massed-unit tactics. In other words, the Canadian cops are preparing for war. In a country of 38 million people which had 651 homicides during 2019 (Chicago had 760 homicides all by itself in 2016, for 2.6 million people) and where most people don’t own guns. And if you want to be just a little bit terrified, consider that at some point during this craziness a few Canadian cops just started blasting away at a fire station, leaving holes in the building. The fire station was occupied at the time but Wortman was nowhere near. (SHRUG).

Prime Minister Trudeau states that the purpose of the C8, and other weapons like it, is “to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time.” And he’s making sure that every cop on every corner has one. When regular citizens have these guns, they are “assault weapons”. When the police have them, they are “patrol carbines”. Of course, if you aren’t doing anything wrong, you have nothing to worry about. Except. The Canadian government has been remarkably vague about where Mr. Wortman got his guns, saying something about “long guns from America”, but I would imagine that he helped himself to at least one of the C8 “patrol carbines” along the way.

I suspect Mr. Wortman will join Stephen Paddock in the Great North American Memory Hole For People Who Do (SHRUG) Un-Explainable Things very soon. It’s not a good idea for people to look too closely at the logic here: Man uses illegal guns, illegal cop car, and illegal cop outfit to murder with impunity, so the government takes away everyone’s legal gun and rolls out a War-On-Terror-spec armor-piercing high-capacity rifle to every cop on the beat. It’s all (SHRUG) perfectly reasonable, right? It makes me think of this:

Blade Runner was supposed to have taken place in 2019. How odd that we never got our flying cars, but we did get a gradually widening gap in power, safety, and security between the cops and the little people. Say it with me: (SHRUG).

* * *

For Hagerty, I wrote about a trucked-up situation.

Brother Bark wrote about the perilous future of automotive retail.

67 Replies to “Weekly Roundup: Is It An “Assault Weapon” Or A “Patrol Carbine” Edition”

  1. AvatarDan S

    This does active the ole almonds a bit. Gets the noggin joggin, one might say. Almost as if it’s a bizzare incident used for a huge power grab on the part of the government.

    Must be a coincidence

    • Avatarstingray65

      I would think the first step for Canada should be the enactment of laws that make it illegal to steal vehicles, impersonate police, and kill people. Such laws would not doubt have dissuaded Mr. Wortman from going on his rampage. Wait…you mean Canada already has such laws and Mr. Wortman went ahead and broke them anyway? What a scary thought, because this means that criminals and insane people don’t obey laws and that stricter laws won’t actually stop them from committing crimes.

    • AvatarHenry

      Coincidence? You want a coincidence? Web search the phrase:

      one purpose only: to kill the largest number of people in the shortest amount of time -canada

      (using “-canada” to omit the landslide of hits from the past two days)

      Why, it’s as if everyone is READING FROM THE SAME LITTLE RED BOOK!

  2. AvatarKevin Jaeger

    Canadian Liberals have been itching to confiscate guns and were just waiting for a triggering event to do it. It needed to be a white guy on a killing spree and they finally got their event.

    Yes, there are a lot of inconvenient details in this event but they will be ignored by all the right people and speaking of them in too much detail will be considered impolite. After all, they’re showing that they’re CARING.

    Unfortunately, conservatives have lost the culture war in Canada and it’s only a matter of time before full confiscation happens. That this move will do nothing to stop gang violence in Toronto is fully understood by all involved but they’ll do it anyone. That it will enrage rural Canadian firearm owners is the point of it.

    But Americans shouldn’t be too smug. You know Virginia Democrats want to push just as far as Canadian Liberals and as soon as the Democrats get the chance to make a couple of more Supreme Court appointments they will be able to do the same in the blue states, at least.

    • AvatarNewbie Jeff

      “But Americans shouldn’t be too smug. You know Virginia Democrats want to push just as far as Canadian Liberals…”

      For decades, as the American Left pushed for more infringement on gun ownership, most Democrats and liberals stopped short of outright advocating the 2nd Amendment be repealed…

      …it’s a new left wing now. They make no attempt to hide it, they want the 2A out of the Bill of Rights. The NYT ran an op-ed from a prior SCOTUS justice titled, “Repeal the 2nd Amendment”. NY state attempted a prohibition on traveling with firearms, something that effectively bans firearm ownership. There is broad support among America’s left wing useful idiots, who know nothing about firearms – or the Bill of Rights, for that matter – to repeal the 2A. Recently, major Democratic presidential candidates have openly declared that they will confiscate firearms from US citizens whose only “crime” is that they own a rifle.

      The point is, this has galvanized pro-2A citizens on the opposing side… I think for a while moderates would support gun control legislation as long as they were lead to believe that the 2A was sacrosanct. That ship has sailed… no one on the pro-2A side – even moderates – is going to trust Democrats with “common sense gun control” now. We know exactly what their intentions are. The federal government and state governments are going to have to act drastically and well outside the boundaries of constitutionality if they want to get anything they’re promising their leftist herds… I feel confident in saying that such actions are not going to be well-received.

  3. AvatarJohn C.

    On Jack’s video of his truck getting a load of whatever he was too cheap to get delivered. Notice how much the C pillar of this truck looks like the C pillar if a late 80s GM C.H. or A body. Remember how much the foolishness of the time told us how this design mistake was the the death knell. If only in their mind….

    On Bark’s theory of the current crisis being the end of the roadster. Has he looked at the average age of the very few new buyer and can he explain how they were hurt assuming they survive the bug. He must be a big believer in the second wave.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Are you seriously comparing the C-pillar of a pickup truck with the A-body? Does this feel like a valid comparison to you?

      • AvatarJohn C.

        You and Jack should definitely not take me seriously. The level of groupthink in your profession is so high that if I ever convinced you that maybe some of the truths held self evident are a little off, you would be unable to find work. That is despite C/D putting until last month independence and irreverence on their cover.
        This month irreverence was replaced by incandescence, Hmm, smell the estrogen.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          I’m willing to listen to a lot of what you have to say. The notion that the upright C-pillar of a PICKUP TRUCK has anything to do with Seventies GM styling — well, that doesn’t even deviate into sense. If anything, they’re copying the upright Toyota and Nissan trucks of the early Seventies. The 1965 F-100, for example, still had some rake to the rear window. Which was worse than completely useless, because it cut into both bed space and headroom.

          • Avatar-Nate

            Yabbutt ;

            That raked backlight looked _really_ cool as did the worthless unibody F100s…..

            As I was working to – day I pondered : I wonder how many here actuall own or have ever owned a machine gun .

            Tao of my friends did, one in the very late 1960’s and another in the early 1980’s, both were fun for a while but there’s no real use for them apart from mowing down whatever you aim at, not hunting in any way shape or form .

            This thing pictured here isn’t any self defense nor hunting weapon, it’s simply a cool looking killing machine and everyone here knows that no matter how much they show their abject fear by lying and trying to change the subject .


          • AvatarJohn C.

            The totally vertical narrow C pillars of all the current full size pickups is quite in the tradition of late 80s GM deign. In both cases, they were trying to replicate the room of the size no constraint 1970s design mantra to the limitations of the modern USA. I admit I am just not into trucks because in my opinion they subtract from a gentleman’s self worth. The point I am trying to make is the designers who still are in a few cases American are still I assume subconsciously trying to give Americans what they want. I,.E., HOPE.

          • AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

            Nate sez “This thing pictured here isn’t any self defense nor hunting weapon, it’s simply a cool looking killing machine and everyone here knows that no matter how much they show their abject fear by lying and trying to change the subject ”

            The only difference between this and my Ruger Mini-14 is the barrel length, magazine capacity and the Mini-14 having an ever so friendly looking wooden stock, as opposed to a scary looking polymer one.
            Same caliber, roughly the same effectiveness and looks that won’t won’t make most piss their pants in fear. However, $400 will buy a stock that will have it looking mostly like the above.

            So whats the difference?

          • Avatar-Nate

            The entire difference like you said, is how it looks .

            If you’re so frightened of being a man that you need something extra to scare others, you’re the problem .

            Like those idiots who carried loaded rifles into wallmarts looking angry and scared with their fingers on the triggers ~ no reason expect to try and scare folks .


          • AvatarOne Leg at a Time

            @Nate – I am disappointed that you would break out the “compensation” line regarding guns. It’s tired, it’s overused, and it drags the whole conversation down.

            And I would disagree with DD McGee – the AR15 does differ from the Mini-14 in that is does the job (varmint / light game rifle) better than a Mini-14. All things same, except it is lighter, easier to bring up, and easier to sight.

            Also – it looks cooler.

  4. AvatarJoe

    My first new car was a 1981 Chevrolet c-10 short bed stepside, I really liked the lil red express dodge, but could in no way afford one, so, I built my own, complete with stacks made from side pipes, they came in handy when I rolled it in an accident where two blonde chicks made a u-turn on a one way street, I bent that 77 f body in half, no one was injured, but the stacks saved the sunroof…… anyway, I have almost always had a pickup truck, I tow a travel trailer from time to time, so the last two were max tow versions, it is amazing how capable and civil these vehicles are, they are stronger, more capable and much more civilized than any 1978 three quarter ton pickup truck could ever be. Living near the motor city, pickup trucks are ubiquitous, hardly a political statement, although the opposite is true of the Prius. That the pickup truck is a political statement is most likely true in the political beltway, where they hate normal people and have politicized the weather and the use of fossil fuels.
    Regarding SHRUG, it has always been about changing definitions and language, it has always been about deliberately shifting power from the electorate to those elected, it has always been about control of the dirty masses, the elites and the power brokers that distribute , have always hated the masses, 1984 has been used as a handbook by them.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      The Prius isn’t always a political statement. Used Prii are popular with completely apollitical Uber and Lyft drivers.

      • AvatarJohn C.

        We should honor the Prius for what it is. The undeniable extension or efficiency at all costs design. Who would have thought our Japanese friends would have been the leaders? The Germans proved to be too caught up in highway travel with their TDIs. If only the Volt had been 10 years earlier.

        • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

          Toyota gets all the kudos for their Hybrid Synergy Drive but Ford simultaneously and independently developed their own hybrid system and the two systems were alike enough that the two companies came to an agreement rather than litigate over patents.

  5. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    Trudeau has apparently listened to Rahm Emanuel

    “Never let a crisis go to waste”

  6. Avatarstingray65

    Nobody needs an assault rifle which is clearly designed to do nothing but kill in great numbers, but can’t the same thing be said about pickups? I mean just look at the size of those things and their heavy duty nature – they could ram right through the security gates protecting America’s elite populations and allow deplorable types that own pickups to intermingle with the policy makers who keep us safe. Given their low IQ and general lack of Ivy League education, most of those pickup owners probably don’t even know that “common sense” laws and regulations are enacted by our elites to protect deplorables from their own stupidity (i.e. for their own good), and this ignorance might lead some of them to use their pickup created access to protest infringements on what they deem are “Constitutional Rights”, and therefore make the policy makers uncomfortable. Furthermore, big pickups burn tremendous amounts of fuel that is causing the oceans to rise and polar bears to drown from global warming, and some deplorable types even use them to destroy pristine mother nature more directly by hauling soil and logs around to create artificial and unsightly changes to the landscape.

    Thus we clearly need some “common sense” pickup control. Anything larger or more powerful than a 1973 Datsun ‘Lil’ Hustler should be banned entirely, and background checks should be required for anyone to buy a pickup or pickup fuel. We also need laws to close the car show and inheritance loopholes that allow private sales and exchanges of pickups to people who have not passed background checks – i.e. proven their membership in a government sanctioned victim group, government employee union, or sufficient campaign contributions to Democrats. America will be a safer and therefore freer place for all the world’s people when America’s elite no longer need to be afraid of the pickup menace to society.

  7. Avatarleftwingrightwingchickenwing

    In short, the Liberals have “banned” some guns, ignored a bunch of other comparable ones and called it a day.

    The only real thing that binds these rifles together is a link to prominent mass shootings (and even that isn’t the case for all of them).

    Public Safety Minister Bill Blair breezily declared that the “banned” rifles are not used for hunting, shortly before Justice Minister David Lametti announced that there would be exemptions from the ban for some Indigenous communities, where the rifles are needed for … hunting.

    The Liberals also say they’ll let existing owners keep their firearms — a so-called “grandfathering” of the thousands of Canadians who already own these rifles.

    It’s hard to device the incompetence of the liberal government. Their last bill to change gun laws has yet been enacted due to the complexities in enforcement. It was years in the making. I fully expected this “Ban” would be much more comprehensive in targeting semi auto firearms, but it really only targets 12 or so models with up to “1500” variants from different manufacturers. Bullpup semi auto rifles aren’t included. Most of which are available to any licensed individual.

    • AvatarKevin Jaeger

      Giving an exemption to the gun laws for aboriginals really gives the game away. If anyone actually believed any of these measures were about safety then obviously you would apply them to the aboriginal communities, too. Some of the highest murder rates and domestic violence rates in the country are in aboriginal communities and we recently had a massive inquiry on missing and murdered aboriginal women that highlighted this very issue. If you wanted to bring in a safety measure then this is exactly where you would want to focus enforcement. After all, if you were introducing new fire safety, water treatment or building code improvements you wouldn’t explicitly provide an exception for aboriginal communities, would you?

      No, everyone involved understands perfectly well that this power grab is theater designed to enrage one constituency while pleasing another. They will be very pleased to see angry demonstrations of farmers and hunters in response, but their liberal supporters have no desire to see confrontations with natives so they’re simply exempt.

      That these measure have no relationship to actual violence experienced in Canada is known but is kind of beside the point.

  8. AvatarSobro

    As I’ve said before, Canadians are subjects, not citizens. Plus over 40% are foreign born and have no inculcation in the desirability of self-determination and self reliance for a society. Aside from the USA every other polity has forever been under the control of the “Big Man” form of government in which the government grants rights to its Subjects instead of the Citizens granting government some restricted powers over Citizens’ inalienable rights.

    My Canadian friends grew up in Yugoslavia and have lived in the Vancouver area over 40 years and I think they’d be fine if Trudeau changed his name to Tito and adopted all of the latter’s policies. They have no problem with Daddy Government ruling their lives and applauded Trudeau’s latest decree. See also Ezra Levant, Mark Steyn, and Jordan Peterson’s attempts to assert their codified freedom of speech against the “Big Man’s” ever changing definition of such.

    I would have had them “write up” the incident had my 2002 F-150 been bashed even though 18-year old Metallic Highland Green could never be perfectly matched. And it’s my work truck, if only I were allowed into people’s houses again to work. But that’s another rant for another time.

    • Avatarzzrerersxse

      Hi Mr Baruth,

      Canadian guy here, not worried about guns, even though I’m surrounded by grizzly bears and CFL fans. I recently bought a Kawasaki H2 SX SE. It’s really really good, and you should take one for a spin if you haven’t. It’s neither quicker nor faster than the ZX14R, though, and it really shows there’s no replacement for displacement.

      I really worry the Canadian government is going to take my H2 away from me soon because it’s a kind of fun that doesn’t compute in a government whose actual worst deed was proposing a tax on alcohol that would increase by one percent yearly, in perpetuity! The casual attitude towards “sin” taxes and punitive motorcycle insurance rates are the real tyranny in this country, but for the most part we’re otherwise free to hang out and be terrified of what our mentally unstable steroid-abusing neighbours to the south are doing.

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        I’ve been waiting to see an SE in the metal — if I didn’t already have the ZX-14R I’d be seriously interested. In the words of Perry Farrell

        All the guys
        who really have the money
        are too old
        to crouch over a Gixxer

        • Avatarzzrerersxse

          Funny, I seriously considered a K5 gixxer thou, but they don’t carry a week of camping gear that easily. Chose the SE over the 14R mostly because the supercharged motor ticks another box on the engine configuration bucket list

  9. Avatarhank chinaski

    ‘His name is Duncan Lemp.’ A ‘well regulated militia’ really meant ‘unaccountable militarized police department’ all along. Who knew.
    If memory serves, 22LR still takes the most lives in the US, out of illegally obtained handguns. Unlike in the US blue states, I think the Fuddish Mini14 made the cut in Fidel’s love child’s ban, so this is pretty significant. So called ‘sniper rifles’ will be next. Since Ruth’s head in a jar will be voting seemingly into the next century, Thomas and Alito’s seats may be next up for grabs, male longevity being what it is, come ’24 and later.

    See also: The Atlantic blathering on how the ChiCom’s got internet censorship right.

    It will be pretty darn ironic when Russia and the Eastern Bloc become more heritage American than we are.

    • Avatarstingray65

      The Russians and Eastern Europeans have much more recent experience with governments who like their law-abiding citizens disarmed, and like their state police uparmed. Hitler also made sure that to disarm the citizenry before implementing the final solution, which was implemented with the very well armed Gestapo. How is Trudeau planning to round up all those Canadian “assault” rifles?

  10. AvatarPaul M.

    Very kind act in the Hagerty article. Humanity that was returned in kind soon enough. Yes karma and there is a God.

  11. Avatar-Nate

    I just went back and read the Haggerty article ~ shit, that sucks Jack .

    I’ve had pickups since I resurrected a rusted out 1959 Ford F100 in 1968, it was an ex USAF runway crash truck .

    I still have a pickup, as long as it will fit a Motocycle in the bed I’m good to go .

    Light colors also means cooler in the Desert and hides the accumulated dirt better to boot .

    Overloading pickups is part and parcel of the owner ship for me, they’re tools, handy ones .

    Comparing pickup trucks to firearms is silly and fear mongering .


    • AvatarDean in AZ

      A pickup, like a firearm, is simply a tool.
      I bet I could kill more people with a pickup in the same amount of time than with any semi-auto rifle.

      Calling it “fear mongering” is intellectually dishonest.

  12. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    I wish I could remember who it was who said this, but I’m okay with gun laws as long as they are applicable to everyone, government employees and law enforcement incuded. A constitutional argument can be made that we American citizens have the right be as well armed as the government.

    Once, while talking with a cop about Michigan’s open carry gun laws, he said he felt unsafe being around people who were armed. I said to him, “You’re standing here openly armed, should I feel unsafe?”

    If cops are so trustworthy, why do most police and sheriff departments have Internal Affairs departments to keep an eye on bad cops? Speaking of which, after the news about the FBI’s actions in Gen. Flynn investigation, I wonder, does the FBI have an internal affairs department or is that the job of their Inspector General? Also, why is the FBI still using “302” reports on interviews where they reconstruct the interview after the fact from notes taken during the interview? This is the 21st century and those interviews are quite easily recorded. Of course, an unedited video of an interview can’t be spun.

    • Avatarstingray65

      Some very good points as usual Ronnie. Those dead, white male (and often slave owning) Founding Fathers put the 1st and 2nd amendments into the Constitution as checks on government power. The free press was supposed to investigate and publicize government abuses, and an armed citizenry was supposed to put limits on unconstitutional government coercion. Unfortunately, the free press in the USA has become the publicity arm of the Democrat party, as indicated by the “scandal free” Obama administration and lack of interest in Hillary’s e-mails, Biden’s Ukrainian graft and staffer penetrating fingers, or the FBI abuses of Flynn and Trump (two of those Obama non-scandals). Throw in the free-speech biased social media channels, who ban anyone not spouting Democrat/Chinese talking points, as demonstrated by Twitter’s ban of Candace Owens for questioning the Michigan governor’s lock-down and YouTube’s deletion of a viral press conference by two California doctors questioning Covid-19 statistics and the need to shut down the economy, and the 1st amendment is rapidly losing any of protective abilities against government abuse. Add in Democrat/Leftist efforts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, and the 2nd amendment’s protective ability are also on thin ice.

      The assault on the 2nd amendment is particularly galling because there are already lots of “common sense” gun laws on the books that are not being enforced because too many gun crimes are committed by people of color, which means enforcement is deemed as racist. On the other hand, Democrats were also responsible for the first gun control laws prior to and after the Civil War, as a means of making sure slaves and former slaves could not become armed and more difficult to control. When the FBI can bankrupt and force a confession from an innocent military veteran, and police are arresting a dad playing ball with his kids in a park, while criminal justice system lets rapists, drug dealers, and armed robbers out of prison so they don’t get sick, I think we need a strong 2nd amendment more than ever.

      • AvatarNewbie Jeff

        “Add in Democrat/Leftist efforts to take guns away from law-abiding citizens, and the 2nd amendment’s protective ability are also on thin ice.”

        True, but think of it this way: when the gun control activists and anti-2A politicians finally get their way, the 2nd Amendment is repealed, and President Beto really does come for you firearms… what will you do? Are you going to mail them to D.C.? Hand them over to the police when they show up at your door?

        Of all the legitimate criticisms brought up here, of all legitimate concerns for the future of the country, the state of our body politic, the power of information/data giants, the recklessness of the media… the armed US citizen is the last line of defense. Once the people are disarmed, that’s it. I recognize that, I have many friends who recognize that, I’m sure most here recognize that. I’m not going to surrender my firearms. Period. That may sound like “internet tough guy”, but it’s simply a fact. I’ve been deployed, I’ve served in combat, I don’t want American cities to turn into war zones but that’s exactly what they’ll be if the government tries to disarm US citizens.

  13. Avatarbaconator

    One of my quarantine projects has been replacing a bashed-in door on our Suburban farm hauler / tow vehicle. (I bought it bashed-in, a Craiglist “mechanic’s special.” ) It *is* white, but I’m finding that getting a rattle-can paint job to match the exact shade of white is taxing my OCD brain. But, as you say, it’s just a truck.

    As for the cops, well, just as you say … (SHRUG). I can’t see that the people benefit from police being so heavily armed while citizens are disarmed.

    My local gun shop says that there has been such a run on ammo that even distributors upstream of them are out. They’re rationing.

  14. AvatarCJinSD

    I let a Brazilian girl kiss me today. I also shared a number of mixed drinks with her. These are things I would not have done in the past. She’s very pretty, although we have radically different moral views.

  15. AvatarKevin Jaeger

    I agree the C8 is an odd choice of weapon for a Canadian police force to make, and if we had more of a problem with unjustified police shootings I think this weapon choice would make more news.

    This story did indeed have an incident of inexplicable police shooting at the fire hall and I’d like to know more about that, but for the most part unjustified police shootings are reasonably rare in Canada. Most of us still generally trust the police to behave well at least with the law abiding population, though the current lockdowns are putting some pressure on that relationship.

    I’d be very interested to learn how many of the weapons he ended up using were taken from police officers. I haven’t heard them admit to that yet, but I suspect some of them were.

  16. AvatarCliffG

    There is a completely rational reason they are arming their police force with AR-15 carbines, and not because the supine Canadian population is going to get riled up and try to replace the government. It is because the organized crime syndicates are going to get better armed, and a population of sheeple is not likely to be of much help against them. I did note the government is banning AR15.com among the hated assault weapons although I am not sure exactly what variant that is. Maybe that is the one that comes with the chainsaw bayonet.

  17. AvatarCJinSD

    Might makes right. The police are vilified by the left, but it was the left that decided to criminalize being a black man. It was also the left that started the KKK, that had Jim Crow laws, that fought against the Civil Rights Act. Then they opened everyone else’s checkbook and bought the black vote. I guess they’ve bought the police too. Fascist mayors and governors from Portland to Charlottesville use the police to disarm constitutional conservatives and give stand-down orders to deny protecting their rights. Yesterday, they started using the police to violate their rights instead of just enabling the modern day KKK to do it under their current ANTIFA brand.

    Law abiding people are scratching their heads, wondering who the police thinks will support them after Obama used them to divide the country and got a bunch of them shot. Why are the police harassing them at the bidding of the fascists who drew targets on their backs? I guess the opportunity to exert authority with the shackles off while getting paid more than all the people who took real risks are taking home is its own reward. They’re going to need the best guns they can get.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Speaking again of dishonesty and lack of mental acuity, notice how cj here straight out lies and tries to blame the left for everything the right wing fke Conservatives in fact did .

      Why is it that the right wingers always have to lie to buttress their dishonest arguments ? .

      Sating the jim crow laws & kkk were from the left is ludicrous .

      Typical revisionist history from the losers in life .


      • AvatarCJinSD

        Does this mean that today isn’t going to be one where you claim you’re a real conservative? Your words would mean more if you ever displayed any honesty or intelligence. You should spend more time learning about things like the “The Violent Crime Control and Law Enforcement Act” of 1994 instead of insulting people who have more than bong water in their heads. Hillary Clinton was behind it, back when she liked to praise Robert Byrd and Margaret Sanger in public. If you think the left likes and respects blacks, why do they still kill as many as they can to realize Sanger’s vision?

      • AvatarDon Curton

        Nate, KKK and Jim Crow are part of the Democrat Party legacy. Maybe not progressive, but then again FDR instituted quite a bit of progressive items and the time periods somewhat overlap, so there you are.

        I’ll admit the political parties were somewhat different then from now, but everything CJ said is Dem Party legacy.

  18. AvatarTyson Kent

    Middle-aged married suburban Canadian father of two boys speaking here. I don’t own guns, never interested in owning guns, son of a police officer (OPP) that always kept his gun in the front hall closet, and was taught to respect it. The federal government is taking advantage of a crisis to “do something” about the recent murderous rampage in NS. On their side is an apathetic Canadian populace, a public health crisis, and a rudderless opposition with a lame-duck leader who can barely bother to oppose anything at this point. The fact is that most of the weapons used in crimes in this country are smuggled from the USA. This pronouncement simply allows the government to say they “did something” without really doing anything. I don’t feel any safer as a result.

  19. Avatardanio

    As a law abiding Canadian gun owner, I’m already out of breath over this one. I’ll just leave these quotes and comments:

    “You don’t need an AR15 to hunt.” Except the new ban exempts first nations (aborigines, natives, Indians whathaveyou) who use them to hunt.

    “There are no place in Canada for these weapons.”

    Except for the Prime Minister’s protective services, so you know, he can feel safe.

    I’ll give up mine when they give up theirs.

    • Avatarstingray65

      “All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.”

      ― George Orwell, Animal Farm

  20. Avatarcarrya1911

    The AR15 family of weapons is immensely popular in the United States. While not universal by any means, at this point most police departments in the United States (there are over 10,000 police agencies in the United States. The typical police department has less than 10 sworn personnel) have AR15 rifles accessible. How accessible depends on the department and their policies and/or funding.

    Some other fun facts about firearms in the United States.

    A little more than half of all the machineguns in the United States are owned by private citizens. It is perfectly legal to own a machinegun (meaning a weapon capable of fully automatic fire) in most states. It requires going through a number of additional steps and paying a tax to own one, but it is legal to do so. To the best of my knowledge only one legally owned machinegun has been used in a violent crime in the last 40 years, and that was done by a police officer who used a submachinegun issued to him to kill his wife and the man she was cheating on him with.

    No one has exact numbers on how many AR15 rifles are in the United States because the BATFE’s paperwork is legally required to prevent the creation of a registry. Intelligent estimates, however, put the numbers somewhere between 7-10 million. Factoring in other rifle designs (AK pattern rifles, H&K roller-locked weapons, etc) the estimates range between 15 and 20 million total. Just to give a point of reference, the entire United States military has just over 2 million active duty personnel. We don’t know exactly how many police officers there are in the United States (because, again, lots of small departments who do not report information to the feds) but estimates are around 700,000.

    Despite there being between 15 and 20 million semi-automatic rifles that Trudeau-ites would consider “assault rifles” in the United States, they are *not* a popular instrument of criminal violence. In fact, if you examine the FBI’s Uniform Crime Report (which isn’t uniform…but that’s another thing for another day) “personal weapons” are used as an instrument of lethal violence more often than rifles and shotguns combined.

    “Personal weapons” are, essentially, hands and feet. And note that we’re not discussing “assault weapons”, but *ALL* long guns combined. So called “assault weapons” are so poorly defined (because cosmetic features are often the target of legislation) and so rarely used that they don’t get tracked separately in the UCR.

    Again: In the United States, more people are murdered with bare hands every year than with all shoulder-fired weapons combined. Every. Year.

    • Avatarstingray65

      You can’t let silly facts get in the way of doing something that feels good like banning guns. Life is too important to let facts get in the way, which is why Democrat governors and mayors all over the country are emptying prisons of rapists, drug dealers, armed robbers, and even murderers, because it would be a terrible thing if convicted criminals would get WuFlu and perhaps even die, and it is therefore much safer to let them out to mingle with the public. Meanwhile in New York, the genius governor is watching out for the safety of the public by forcing nursing homes to accept patients suffering from WuFlu.

  21. Avatar-Nate

    You mental children are amusing .

    One of you said the main thing is, “they look cool !” .

    And that’s the entire deal in a nut shell .


    • AvatarBill in ILL

      Nate, the only points you get across with your juvenile posts are; You are arrogant and you are not as smart as you think you are.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Speaking of juvenile….

        Since you apparently cannot argue with my message you fall back on the cowardly alt right standard attack the messenger ploy .

        I’m sure that to you, Kia Soul is exactly the same as a Mc Laren because both have a wheel at each corner and an engine in there somewhere so to quote : “what’s the difference ?” . an M1 carbine is the same as a machine gun, right ? .

        You might as well say an M1 Garand is the same….


        • Avatarcarrya1911

          An M1 Carbine is functionally no different than an AR15 rifle. Both are magazine fed, semi-automatic weapons that fire an intermediate range cartridge. An M1 Garand is a semi-automatic rifle that fires a much more powerful cartridge from an en-bloc clip. None of those are machineguns as none are capable of firing multiple shots with a single press of the trigger. (Which is the definition of a machinegun in the 1934 NFA)

          The M2 is a fully automatic descendant of the M1 carbine. It’s essentially the same weapon with a couple of extra parts to make it fully automatic. The M2 is perfectly legal to own. The M1 is an extremely common weapon. You can even get one delivered to your house through the Civilian Marksmanship Program if you meet the requirements.

          • Avatar-Nate

            Speaking of dolts, more blather from those who’ve never handled the weapon being discussed .

            I’m sorry you’re all so scared and apparently have tiny d*cks too .


  22. AvatarHenry

    Consider: Canada has just been victimized by its first actual “supervillain.”
    He had his own costume. He had his own anti-Batmobile. He committed a wide swath of mindless destruction.
    So let us look to the realm of comic books for inspirational parallels.
    Now, what does the Mayor of Gotham City always do when the Joker shows up?
    Obvious: he BANS UMBRELLAS! Every time! Because the Penguin uses umbrellas!
    That’s precisely what Trudeau is doing here, so cut him some slack.

  23. AvatarJMcG

    Cops in America have mostly moved to the AR as a patrol car long arm. The days of the squad car shotgun are pretty much gone. Honestly, the bloused boots and tattoos bother me more. I shoot at a range which has a lot of cops as members and they are, generally speaking, embarrassingly bad marksmen. You’d think they would therefore prefer shotguns, but no.


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