Everything That’s Wrong With Young Men And Women, In One Long Website


Oh, boy. #GamersGate. You could write a book about it, and surely one of the primary lessons of that book would be: Persecuting minorities is fun and easy and leads to what L. Ron once called “automatic writing”. But it’s no longer permissible in Western society to just put on blackface or act like Japanese Mickey Rooney, so the hunt has been on for new, powerless minorities to persecute and milk for clicks/cash/fame. The “gamer” is such a creature and since many of them are white and male it’s permitted, even encouraged, to discuss them in the most deliberately emasculating, humiliating, and hateful manner humanly possible.

If we, as a culture, discussed gay people or black people or even furries the way the mainstream media discussed “gamers” there would be rioting in the streets. And the violence of discourse, if you believe such a thing exists, is all in one direction. Gamers just want to be left alone and play their video games. There’s little harm in that, except the self-harm that happens when you voluntarily sequester yourself from the world.

But the way the media treats gamers — invading their spaces, trying to censor and attack their games, demanding that they change their views to match what’s mainstream acceptable even among themselves — is roughly equivalent to a bunch of white people walking onto an Indian reservation and making the Native Americans burn their historical and tribal possessions at gunpoint. It’s like walking into a LGBT “safe space” meeting and demanding that “everybody just stop being queer already and learn to fuck like normal people.” The sheer joy you see in the media as they declare the death of the gamer should frighten everyone, period, because it demonstrates exactly what can be done to you the minute that the powers that be take your particular identity off the endangered-species list. You get the passenger-pigeon treatment.

The fact of the matter is that ninety-five percent of humans are narrow-minded Puritanical assholes. It’s how they all survived to the year 2014; their ancestors were the people who were too hidebound or hateful to trust other tribes or families. All the people who really think we’re all equal and all beautiful on the inside and so on aren’t here now because their ancestors who felt the same way ended up with their heads on the ends of crudely fashioned wooden spears wielded by the Puritan folks. The world was populated by tribes who ostracized the sick and murdered the crippled and left the old to die in the winter and relentlessly punished even the slightest bit of variation among their numbers. Everybody else died of some ancient virus that they got because they didn’t drown the demon-possessed sick child and burn his body.

So-called gamers, with their social ineptness, their unattractive choices in dress and physical appearance, and insular behavior, bring out the secret murder-feelings in twenty-something women the way a bunch of AIDS-skinny leather fanatics cavorting at a Pride Parade brings out the secret murder-feelings in a group of Hispanic hardscrabble farmers. It’s no wonder that the minute there’s even the slightest shred of an excuse to do so, the masks drop and the knives come out. It’s an ancient impulse: Humiliate and slay these weak members of the tribe, so they do not weaken us in the future. It’s not worth trying to stop it. You can’t stop it. You can only fight back, which is what the gamers are doing, because they haven’t been in the game long enough to know how it’s rigged.

The media wants gamers dead because gamers don’t consume their garbage. They’re busy consuming different garbage and therefore they can’t be milked for profit in the same way and therefore they must be converted into “normal people” the same way Nestle converted African women into baby-formula consumers: by trickery, persuasion, and force if necessary. Gamers, like the so-called Men Going Their Own Way, have opted-out of the media society. You’ll laugh, but they’re like the Fight Club people, only without the violence. They’ve stopped caring about the Kardashians or Michelle Obama’s good works or the latest manufactured-racism outrage or the Roman-style gluttony of the Food Network. They’re stopped consuming, which means they are absolutely fucking expendable at the earliest opportunity. They need to convert or die. In this case, of course, “die” means the “death” society hands out to people whom it has labeled as racist or sexist: no job above minimum wage, no right to fair trial, no defense against the police or private security forces, no right to own property or businesses, nothing but gutter untouchable status.

But here we are, eight hundred words in and I haven’t even discussed my main purpose, so I’d better do it quick-like. Go read The Zoe Post before somebody forces the guy to take it down. And when you’re reading it, try to be conscious about it. Don’t read it to find out what a dirty whore Zoe Quinn is, in the literal sense of the word: she took money from a guy who was fucking her and she took positive press from a guy who was fucking her. She exchanged sex for money. That makes her a whore, but let’s be honest — most of us have exchanged sex for something at some point. The actual prostitutes I’ve met have been among the kindest and most decent women in my acquaintance. So Zoe Quinn is, arguably, a dirty whore but so is everybody on SeekingArrangement and especially this bitch and, oh, forgot to mention, all the women and men with professional portraits on LinkedIn.

Forget Zoe Quinn for a minute and focus on the blogger himself — Eron Gjoni. This poor bastard. Just read through and see how much power he’s given Zoe. She treats him like Don Draper treats women in Mad Men, minus the steak dinners. She’s basically become Ike Turner to his Tina, controlling him, lying to him, and using him for whatever she wants whenever it’s convenient for him. And when he says he’s going to rat her out to the wife of some dude she’s banging, she tells him that he can’t do it because it would cause gaming to lose a voice for women. This, incidentally, is the same justification used by every cult leader in history — “If you, my inner circle member, expose me, you’ll hurt the mission.” And he lets it go, he yields to her.

I would be remiss if I didn’t link to at least contrary voice: at least one moonbat feminist sees Eron, in his weakness and cowardice, as a hateful, hugely powerful abuser who is slut-shaming a strong sexual woman. I applaud her for her ability to not let the text get in the way of her criticism, so to speak. The rest of us should wonder: What kind of society produces “men” like Eron Gjoni? What kind of society treats people as meek and timid as Eron as villains? Is this a society in which we want to live?

I should also include Zoe’s response where she basically says, “um, yeah, I won’t discuss my personal life and anybody who does is a rapist.” She also says that the people who are distributing her nude pictures (NSFW!!!) are violating and attacking her — but these are photos for which she was paid, not stolen cellphone nudes, so her bitching about it is like me bitching that people are “raping” me by reading last month’s Road&Track.

So, to reiterate: Hugely unattractive woman acts like so-called alpha male. Desperate boyfriend acts like Bella from Twilight. The media is aggressive, the detractors are passive-aggressive, it’s rape to share photos that you volunteered to have taken and for which you were paid, Zoe Quinn is a heroine, Eron Gjoni is an abuser, or maybe it’s the other way around. Sleeping your way to the top still works in 2014 but pointing that out makes you a slut-shamer. Posing for nude photos is empowering as long as those photos are only viewed by fellow empowered womyn. And…


I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m too old and too square to understand the true power dynamics that are taking place here. But I do know this: Zoe Quinn was nailed by at least six dudes during the course of that three-month spree. The only one of those six dudes being crucified by the media is the one who admitted to falling in love with her. So, guys, be careful about doing that, alright?

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  1. Avatarharryriedl

    I was wondering if you were going to tackle this nasty mess. As always well written and accurate.
    The only aspect you missed was the horribly subservient way the gaming media has reacted to this horrible example of corruption in Independent gaming. She has effectively bullied everything from the small tumbler and twitter to large media orgs.

    Its also been rather nebulously tied into the whole Anti Sarkisian, Tropes vs Woman which has brought out all the weird ultra feminist tumblers which see any men as rapers. Who have seen this rather talentless game dev as a feminist icon.

    The Comments are worth reading to see where the thinking really is as the large majority are extremely critical of the stance taken in most of these stories.

  2. AvatarRonnie Schreiber

    “There is literally nothing wrong with cheating when you’re a woman”.

    Tell that to Marion Jones.

    In a sane world, Zoe would now be unemployable, now known to have violated a whole bunch of ethical standards, but she’s more likely to get some kind of sinecure.

    I think a lot of contemporary feminism is fighting against Alfafa’s He-Man Woman Hater’s Club. They’ve been trying to make science fiction politically correct and now they’ve set their sights on the gamers.

    They mock boys’ clubs and men-only organizations, and try to destroy them and anything like them, but they don’t understand just how important those institutions are to socializing boys and men.

    • AvatarDan Shepard


      “Safe-Spaces” are only for those who aren’t “privileged”. Womens only groups, LGBT only groups, etc….fine. Men’s only groups? It’s obviously misogyny.

      More alarming than this sort of trend is, like Jack pointed out, the society and media response to this, and (from what little I’ve seen, I haven’t followed it super closely) the active repression of any opposing viewpoints. Democracy in action right there.

      Also, Jack… well written as always, I’d love to see more content like this here.

  3. AvatarAoLetsGo

    I really do not have any idea what the Fu*k you are talking about in any of this rambling mess.
    I guess that is because I am a man who goes his own way and is a part time gamer.
    I thank my lucky stars.

  4. AvatarHarryC

    > so the hunt has been on for new, powerless minorities to persecute and milk for clicks/cash/fame.

    Denigrating people from Appalachia as backward, ignorant, welfare-sponging, fat, lazy hicks seems to continue anon. They/we are utterly powerless, and any attempt to speak up about it labels one just another hick with a chip on his shoulder.

    I’d thus far avoided the GamerGate nonsense, but if this is the root of it, we’re all losers. As you say, we’ve reared a society of “men” who willingly donate their manhood to women in exchange for…what, exactly? Sex? We’ve further reared a generation of women who gave up on any of the “good” in being women (or men) to chase the illusion that promiscuous meaningless sex was all that mattered no matter whom they hurt.

    Forget “shame on him” or “shame on her”…shame on us.

  5. AvatarLuke

    Gaming? My hands are full with my new 1976 Chrysler Cordoba.

    Rich Corinthian leather > boring people with same old male/female problems.

  6. AvatarRay

    I guess I’m too old for the demographic group that gets all upset over these things. So maybe I don’t have anything constructive to offer. But since when does that stop any of us….

    I’m more firmly convinced than ever that human beings don’t handle our abundance of free time well. I’ve been dwelling on this (non-scientific) point for a number of years and this series of absurdities has me set. As brutal and brief as previous generations were they didn’t have time to ponder anything but survival. We are genetically engineered for that. But with all this free time, our minds, our psyches wander toward whatever excesses our bored brains can imagine.

    Maybe in some way this is positive. Great medical discoveries? Space travel? Time travel? But this foolishness just makes me sad for the future. I’m sure previous generations of men, my father’s and grandfather’s, felt the same of me. These were men that fought in Vietnam and World Wars – real men with real issues. Maybe they looked at me, my love of cars and motorcycles and the fact I had no real problems to solve, the same way.

    It all just makes me sad.

  7. AvatarWillow

    As unfathomable as the web of lies that this particular female told; I am not surprised. The more I read the entire thing aside from the plethora of messages it stands in my view that she does indeed need to seek therapy. It is very possible that knowing the history of her family that is mentioned (pathological liar, trauma, and so on) are indicators of mental health issues. She has read flags everywhere or she is extremely manipulative. I think both. Bi-polar disorder, Personality disorder, are at the top of my list and I can say this as a female who has both. Just because there is a mental disorder does not make an individual less-intelligent. If she is in fact mental health issues I prescribe research on these disorders will open up eyes indefinitely. To all guys out there, not only are women complex it becomes even more so when you find a girlfriend that has undiscovered mental health issues or suppressed traumas and is unaware of their existence.

    I refuse to attack the ex-boyfriend in this case; poor guy. When you come across this type of relationship it can become mind numbing to the breech of near insanity. That is because it is. I am not trying to give excuses for Zoe’s behavior, but those who know her need to step up and make sure they help her and not sweep this under the rug and forget about it. Until she does get help she will be doomed to repeat this over and over and all relationships from here on out. Despite her announced beliefs of cheating or consent. She will not think twice about sleeping with a married man, because her view will be one that says, “I don’t want him as a husband, so the wife has nothing to fear from me,” instead of ” I respect the marriage of so and so……”

  8. AvatarJDogg

    www. shrink4men .com

    Being on the bad side of a borderline female is nasty business. I barely made it out alive, and that is not an exaggeration. This website saved me in more ways than I can count.

    It doesn’t start out like this. At first it is perfect. You are the hero and she builds your ego in a million small ways. Then emotional intimacy. The physical stuff is part of the equation, but its just the first hook.

    Then she rips off every scab you have until you had no idea you were so broken. Keeps you walking on egg shells. Keeps you on edge so she can push in whatever way she wants. The hero’s fall from grace is tragic and not everyone makes it out alive.

    Abusive guys do this to. Women stick around. Its all very similar to what is called the Stockholm syndrome. The physical hook is just another part of the arsenal that guys have to deal with though.

    I didn’t mean for this to be such a deep post. Just hit a nerve!

  9. AvatarI COME IN PEACE

    Please allow me to blah, blah, blah, drone, blah, bling, blang about my self-absorbed self and my *completely* original ideas on the internet (like everyone else on Earth).

    As somebody who currently works in the game dev industry….like most of the tech industry, it’s heavily populated with (white) dudes — remember the un-dateable, Amazon-hating lady from Seattle? Throw any type of halfway passable woman into the mix and there will be a small to medium sized horde of socially awkward, secretly admiring, drooling software engineers who would do just about *anything* to get said passable woman to accompany them to their regular Wednesday night Dungeons & Dragons tourney. So, said passable woman might turn out to be a opportunist and maybe a PDI, too. Narcissism to follow. Bad news for the unsuspecting tech-man-child. At the risk of stereotyping here, your average career-focused programming whiz hasn’t had a rich history with women, let alone any quality time with the truly disordered ones.

    I was already considering getting out of this racket, after 10 years, it’s Logan’s Run time. News like this only fuels that, I mean, it’s gettin’ all music biz up in here. Anybody looking for a guy to record cool people playing cool music in a cool recording studio anytime soon?


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