I’d Like To Return These Panties To The Original Owner


This is definitely one of the more surreal things that’s happened to me over the past few years.

There’s been a lot of cleaning and rewiring and shuffling going on lately at the house. The basement is totally revamped, the dead light switches are all fixed, the Magnepans I bought eight months ago are finally in place (which means I have some Paradigm Monitor 7.3s for sale, cheap) the garage has been mostly cleaned out, and so on. I have a punch-out list for the house that has about fifteen items on it, and six of those are in the process of being addressed.

At some point, the above “Hard Rock Casino Las Vegas” bag was discovered. It contained a complete outfit including a size 36DD bra, unwashed and crumpled. For a variety of reasons, I figured the bag and the clothes belonged to the Dark Star herself, Drama McHourglass, but apparently that’s not the case. I believe the bag is from a trip I made in 2011, if that helps.

It’s worth noting that this stuff doesn’t necessarily belong to some victim of my reptilian charm — it might be someone’s friend, or wife, or whatever, who just happened to leave their stuff at the house. And yeah, I could just throw it out or give it to Goodwill, but I’m betting that someone out there misses their petite-sized cupcake panties.

Post below if they’re yours or you think you know to whom they belong, and I’ll contact you. And, as always, thanks for reading.

9 Replies to “I’d Like To Return These Panties To The Original Owner”

  1. Avatar-Nate

    At least it’s not panties left under the seat of your Converitble after your best buddy begged you to load it to his Sister……..

    Guess who found said panties ? my ex psycho-bitch girlfriend of course……

    Lucky for me she’d listened to me bitching about never liking to loan out any of my cars and gave me a pass that one time else she’d prolly cut my throat while I was sleeping .


    • AvatarTomko

      Ex-psycho – as in no longer psycho; or, psycho-ex – as in no longer your life-partner?

      It’s an important distinction for whomever is currently servicing her.

      • Avatar-Nate

        Ex as in I now have a much better Lady in my life .

        Psycho-Bitches inability to keep her knees to – gether is but one of the mryiad reasons I had to kick her to the curb .

        More’s the pity as I’ve never had a better sexual partner but as a (supposed) Adult , I realized there is more to scorching sex in my convertible with the top down to life……

        Dating Brass Cupcakes is fine when you’re footloose and fancy free , not so much when you want to settle down .


    • JackJack Post author

      I’m still learning how to use them, where to put them, how much power they need, and so on.

      With a Parasound 275v2 amp, they are just brilliant for those old Blue Note records but for rock they’re lacking steam.

    • Avatarjz78817

      Being dipoles, they are very VERY sensitive to the room you place them in. IME they’re better for larger rooms where you have flexibility in how far from the back wall you can place them.


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