Housekeeping: Technical Debt

Users on the West Coast (and inveterate night owls) may have noticed some downtime tonight.

Short version: it was a computer problem.

Longer version: The version of PHP I was using was recently cited for security issues with WordPress. Moving to a secure version of PHP required a Debian dist-upgrade, which in turn required a switch from MySQL to MariaDB for reasons of software freedom with which I completely sympathize but which are also a God-dammed hassle to manage on the fly. The first ten hours of MariaDB usage went fine, but then it went crazy and corrupted all the tables. I reinstalled and reconfigured the entire stack from the webserver on up and brought over this evening’s backup. So far, so good. Fingers crossed. I apologize for the gap in site availability.

TBH, as the kids say, it was half-decent fun getting this rickety old box running correctly against the clock and with thousands of error messages filling the logs. My contract for hosting is almost up so in a few months I’ll get to do this all over again, with interest.

The photo is from an upcoming story that has all the ultraviolence — and just this once, it’s not your humble author on the wrong end of a 60mph roll on pavement.

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  1. AvatarFred Lee

    I really haven’t ever been tempted by racing beyond the occasional HPDE (which is obviously far removed from racing).

    But karting looks so fun to me. (Presumably) lower barrier to entry and (presumably) safer. Of course I’d probably have to shed 30 pounds…

    • AvatarRobert

      I’m tempted by carting as well, but I’m concerned about the complete lack of rollover protection. Is it really an issue? The only fatality we’ve ever had in our local autocross club was in a kart.

  2. AvatarRoamer

    Did you figure out the cause of the MariaDB corruption? My first guess would be a non-graceful shutdown, but root cause could be interesting.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Syslog appears to suggest that Maria fork bombed itself and segfaulted. Why that should fuck over the tables I dont know, the OS is supposed to handle final writes. But the redo logs were definitely screwed.

      • Avatar-Nate

        This reads like Cyrillic to me Jack ~ isn’t there some place that will pay you serious 6 figures because you understand what this is about and how to make it work ? .


        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          Yes, and I’ve worked at a few of them. I had this idea, fairly ludicrous in retrospect, that I should put my money where my mouth was and become a full-time autowriter…

  3. AvatarShocktastic


    To put it in automotive manufacturing terms, Jack’s the kind of guy who can design and run an assembly line but gets his greatest pleasure shaping panels with an English wheel.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Thanx ;

      I kinda figured that .

      I’m very happy with my career as a Journeyman Mechanic but some times I wish I’d been able to do something that made more $, ……..

      Most Americans have very little concept of actual want or poverty .


  4. Avatarbenjohnson

    Too bad PotgreSQL isn’t officially supported.

    You’re going to think I’m nuts but the Duplicator Pro plugin seems to just work for all the rip and replace needs we’ve had for WordPress – run it on the old site, spin up a new LAMP+WordPress stack, install WordPress and the Duplicator Pro plugin, transfer the file and voila/wala. Never needed to pay for the extra features of the plugin. It takes it all the way down to table creation.

    We’ve used it in some pretty ‘custom’ situations and it seems to work well – won’t grab and edits you’ve done to WordPress PHP itself obviously. Steps you through the stupid stiff if you forgot to bump up the file size limit in your php,ini file.

  5. AvatarJoe

    I enjoyed your reminiscences about Ted Baxter. Good news, at least a few of his books are available at
    Bax Seat, for example, covers an ambitious price range – $1.30 to $131.
    More Bax Seat: New Logs of a Pasture Pilot (could this occasionally describe Jack leaving turn x a little too hot?)
    Jenny “N” Dad
    Village Creek
    How to Fly
    Best of Bax

    Not to be missed; I Flew for the Fuhrer, Heinz Knoke only $7

    Hey Bark, How is the new job?

    Keep the shiny side up


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