Housekeeping: Four Milli Plus And A Change Of Service Ahead

“Thirty-four months to the first million and twenty months to the next.” That’s what I said when we hit the two million hit mark in September of 2017. Since then, there’s been an, ahem, flattening of the curve in site growth, which is fine. Depending on how you shake and bake the statistics, Riverside Green has between thirty and seventy thousand real human beings reading it on a semi-regular basis, with perhaps five thousand folks who reliably read everything I publish.

Thank you.

As has become customary on these occasions, I’ll answer a few random questions and then discuss a minor change coming to Riverside Green in the weeks ahead.

When’s the book coming out? The sustained tide of doxxing/whining/snitching aimed at my employer over the past year has made it obvious to me that I can’t publish any book worth reading as long as I am a full-time employee of an insurance company. I’d basically be handing my critics a bludgeon with which to beat me. I could write a paragraph like

It’s important that we beat racism, treat women with respect, and let racists know that they are bloody well going to lose. Until we eradicate racism and sexism on a systematic level, they will continue to form part of the die with which our national character is stamped.

and it would be excerpted to my boss as

It’s important that we beat… women… bloody… until… they… die

Much as I’d like to throw caution to the wind and do it, I have a child who needs my help (and some health insurance) for a few more years to come. That being said, in the event that I do leave the business, for whatever reason, I promise you that my book will be highly, highly, highly entertaining. Part Tropic Of Cancer, part Where The Suckers Moon, and part Flammenwerfer 35.

How are you physically? It’s been a robust seven years for injury, I have to tell you. My last operation two Wednesdays ago got my fibula bolted up nice and solid. I’ll be riding skatepark by New Year’s Day. The good news is that my son is just on the edge of completely eclipsing my ability as a rider. By 2022 I don’t think I’ll be doing anything but holding a camera, at which point I’ll join Brother Bark on the home-aerobics train and stop the broken-bone count before it reaches three figures.

How is Brother Bark? He has an astounding new job that really utilizes his talents. He has a couple of new cars — well, new to him, anyway. And his commitment to physical fitness has really paid dividends. I think he did 100 pull-ups and 255 push-ups in an hour last week, or something like that. I wish he’d get back out there and play some gigs but unlike me Bark’s extremely self-critical as a musician and I don’t think he wants to do it until he can do it right.

Racing plans? I’ll be running my Radical in SCCA P2 next year with an eye towards learning enough to make a real, no-holds-barred push towards sports-racer/prototype racing in the years to come. The Accord may move to the Gridlife Touring Cup. All of this is subject to, and secondary to, my son’s competitive plans. I think he will probably run a least a few downhill and enduro races in 2021, along with Ignite karting.

Alright, that’s it for me. Now for the site. I like the way Riverside Green looks without advertising and I while I have the typical club racer’s appetite for folding cash, I also dislike the idea of subjecting my readers to unpleasant and/or misleading banners just to make a couple hundred bucks a month. That being said, the co-location aspect of the site has been expensive to run. So in the week to come I’ll be moving it off my dedicated box in San Antonio to THE CLOWN somewhere. This will save me a couple grand a year while providing identical service to the readers. I should note that this site is thoroughly backed up once a day to my own storage so it can’t be permanently vandalized or destroyed by a script kiddie.

As always, I’d like to express my thorough and humble(d) appreciation of our readers here at Riverside Green. My most devoted opponents will never know what it is like to share one’s work with a diverse, accomplished, and profoundly thoughtful group of people like the reader/commenter base here at RG. Robert Farago ironically called TTAC’s readers “The Best And Brightest”, but it’s a phrase that truly applies to what we have here. There’s an immense gratification in knowing that I cannot outkick my coverage with you people; I can load the text with any obscurity from Colley Cibber to Bushwick Bill knowing that someone out there will pick up on it. The hyenas out there might envy me to some degree — and why not, I’m basically a modern-day Ernest Hemingway who can do all the stuff as well as write about it, right? — but I think what they really envy is my readers. I could throw a dart at the Apache server logs and hit a first-rate dinner companion, a Renaissance man, a brilliant scientist, a battle-hardened soldier. I’ve never met one of my readers in real life and walked away disappointed by who that person was. Let us continue as we have been, and may it long be so.

40 Replies to “Housekeeping: Four Milli Plus And A Change Of Service Ahead”

  1. Avatarlink3721

    I feel like you’ve addressed it before, but why not do a Patreon or some such? Hell, give me a PayPal account to give to and I’d throw some money your way to help offset website costs.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I appreciate it more than I can say — but that will be the last resort. As bad as the economy is for so many people right now, and as much suffering is taking place in this country, the last thing I want to do is to be that unpleasant combination of “kid has a $4,900 mountain bike” and “puts hand into your pocket to support his writing”. 🙂

      • AvatarDan S

        I think the reason a lot of us readers keep offering to donate to help with the site running costs is that we currently derive a lot of entertainment or enjoyment out of reading what’s here, and we don’t pay anything for it.

        If you feel particularly bad about it, maybe stop taking donations every year once your hosting costs are covered?

      • Avatarlink3721

        I completely understand that sentiment. It’s one of the many ways that show you’re a stand-up guy and why I keep reading your stuff (even if I rarely comment). Thanks for the wonderful and thought-provoking writing.

      • AvatarDR Smith

        Ditto Dan S’s comments – the entertainment value in the face of such circunstances (the cratering economy, constant doxxing attacks, and obvious hectic professional & personal life) and the ‘Buy America” PSA’s are indeed impressive. Also completely understand why your borther has gone mostly dark if he in fact has made that decision. .I’m sure his writting might have had some effect on his loss of two jobs witin a year. I don’t believe in coinsidences much anymore.

        Keep on trucking, JB and brother Bark

  2. AvatarJohn C.

    I am glad you are continuing Riverside Green. 4 million views is one heck of a total, but the number of us you keep bringing back is the real compliment that you share with Bark and Tom.

  3. AvatarCJinSD

    Tyranny isn’t a new concept. Perhaps that’s why using a nom de plume is an idea that’s at least a few hundred years old.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      All that means is that you put the power of discovery in the hands of others. I’ll stroll to the gallows before I hide in the shadows.

      • AvatarCJinSD

        So not publishing you work is neither hiding in the shadows nor strolling to the gallows? You’ve allowed yourself to be silenced for pragmatic reasons, for which you have my sympathy. It hardly constitutes a Patrick Henry moment.

        • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

          No, it’s worse than a Patrick Henry moment, because it’s not really me these people want to threaten — it’s my kid. I can live on McDonald’s wages. I could live on ad revenue from this site, almost. What I can’t do is give my son any kind of advantage in life at that income level.

          If I had no children, I’d tell everyone involved to pound sand and then I would do whatever I wanted to do. I know this because that’s how I lived when I had no children.

          • AvatarCJinSD

            Do we know for a fact that Patrick Henry was childless? Maybe he didn’t want his kid to have to live in a totalitarian world any more than he wanted to live in one.

          • AvatarCJinSD

            Since you asked, perhaps it is men with children who have the most reason to fight the good fight against cultural marxism. It isn’t going anywhere as long as its perpetrators can take victory laps and good people who recognize its underlying evil rationalize reasons to stay in the shadows. Do you think your son will be able to hide his whiteness from the social credit bureau? What if he grows up straight and marries a white woman in a Christian church? Do you think being smart, confident and hard working will elevate him to house slave status? Will anything other than societal collapse result from the next election that doesn’t horrify George Soros?

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            There’s picking up a rifle in the company of a thousand, a hundred, or even a dozen like-minded men, which is fine with me.

            Then there’s getting individually hounded into permanent poverty so my kid gets welfare dental care, which is not.

            We should be so lucky as to be Patrick Henry, because in the real world we’re facing fifty years of Winston Smith first.

          • Avatardr smith

            To CJinSD;

            Have you considered Jack is teaching his son how to fight smart, not just how to fight. Is a difference. Maybe you have never have heard the phrase, “lost the batlle, won the war”? Which is most important??

            The rise and fall of Communist Russia took well over a hundred years (started in the late 1870’s and ended with the fall of the Wall wrapping up in 1991 – this is just one example Likely it will not be just Jack’s son will not only be fighting, but his son’ and grandson’s, as well. These things take time, and it will get far worse before it gets better – some people will indeed need to hide in the shawdows to prepare for the future fights….

  4. AvatarNeil Claasen

    Congratulations on the milestone!

    I might not always comment or read every story you publish, but I always enjoy them.

  5. AvatarJMcG

    The Seven Pillars of Wisdom was published in a private pressing just after the end of the Great War. Owners of that edition are sitting on some serious cash.
    If you self publish a similar edition, I think you could make some decent money. Well-earned money. The guy who does Forgotten Weapons on YT did a campaign on Kickstarter for a book on French rifles of the last century. He raised 800k plus.
    I would pay far far more for a private edition of whatever you might want to publish. Far more.

    • AvatarRonnie Schreiber

      Kickstarter does some political gatekeeping so I’m not sure how welcome an iconoclast like Jack would be there. They rejected Richard C. Meyer’s comic book that went on to sell mid six figures at IndieGoGo and allowed him to establish an ongoing business. Kickstarter’s treatment of Meyer led to Ethan Van Sciver launching his rebirth of Cyberfrog, and subsequent campaigns on IGG, where he’s sold a couple million dollars worth of comics and merchandise.

  6. AvatarNewbie Jeff

    Great website, Jack. Very informative, always relevant, and beautifully written… the best thanks I can give is to assure you I’ll keep coming back…

  7. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    I have been a reader for a long while, pre Lincoln crash when you and brother Bark had separate sites. I’ve always enjoyed the diversity of topics; one never knows whether you’re going to read about guitars, watches, politics, men’s underwear or even cars. I guess out of the 4 million views, I probably have a few hundred and a handful of comments.

    This is one of only a handful of sites where I’ll actually read the comments, due to some very intelligent commenters. Most sites are like wading thru an open sewer with what seems like room temp IQ’s making down right bizarre comments (even tho there have been a few here, and still are on occasion). It’s also one of I think 4 sites where I have Adblocker turned off. I’m sure that the $.17 that is generated yearly by this, is whats keeping the wolf away from your door, so doing my part.

    If you keep writing, I’ll keep reading.

  8. AvatarDisinterested-Observer

    Jack, I assume/hope you see this.

    I was perusing the old stomping grounds at R&T when I espied what looked like an interesting article about the Evora GT. It is fun, and the article is mostly decent although it falls heavily on the “rocks” scale of “rocks v. sucks.” But it is undeniably a cool car, I’m not in the income bracket market for one, so who cares? However there is an line in the article that one cannot let slide. At one point, the author says, “The Evora is not just disinterested in modern technology.” The word they are looking for is “uninterested,” not disinterested. It seems that both the author and his editor needs to know that their job is not driving cool cars, it is writing about driving cool cars. It may seem pedantic and it is not as bad as saying “irregardless” but it is still disappointing to see professional writers abusing the language.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      It’s also not true in either sense of the word. The GT has a full modern suite of body modules and electronics from Continental Teves that has been in production for about 48 months with some updates between introduction and now. It’s more interested in modern technology than a Porsche 911 was in 2012.

  9. AvatarPanzer

    One of the 5000 here. I remember vaguely running into one or two of your articles on jalopnik years ago and hearing one of your TST appearances ‘round the same time.
    I thought, “oh yay, another California atheist bro, here to tell us what’s up.. ah well, at least he writes well and is also funny”
    Boy am I glad I held my nose and got to know you and your work better.
    Thanks for everything Jack.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      If you sat through that first podcast and then came back to read, you truly have the nonjudgmental patience of a saint. Thank you.

      • AvatarPanzer

        Haha no, it was funny, I distinctly remember you describing driving a downforce race car as a ‘religious experience’.. and there were many cracks about ‘Ed Bolian Lamborghini’ too haha


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