Made In The USA: More Stuff, We Hope (With Bonus Cremation Content)

Credit where credit is due: his early actions have torpedoed some American jobs, but as of today Joe Biden is also taking executive action to encourage/force the government to buy American-made goods for contract fulfillment. This is more important than it sounds because government contracts are often long-term, allowing companies to build up capacity that can then be used for civilian sales, avoiding the chicken-and-egg problem that has beset would-be domestic producers.

(How’d the Chinese beat the chicken-and-egg problem in their manufacturing spin-up? By printing money to be used exclusively for business loans with low expectations of repayment.)

President Trump also did a lot to return manufacturing to these shores, of course; let’s hope President Biden continues to emulate his immediate predecessor in this respect rather than continue the Clinton/Bush/Obama policies that often created staggering incentives for offshoring.

Last week, one of my readers at Hagerty expressed a wish that I would get killed in my Neon. He’s not going to get his wish; the rollcage in that car is rated up to and including “failed Snake River jump”. If, however, I manage to die some other way, I’ll definitely want some Ohio pride in my cremation, which brings us to the second half of this post.

Clark Grave Vaults provides an American-made, highly durable option for burying your cremation urn. In my case, I probably wouldn’t have it buried; I’d have it placed on a Boston Dynamics robot that follows my son around while saying, in my voice, “YOU’RE DISAPPOINTING ME!” Either way, you’ll want to check this out for your loved ones! Thanks to Tom for the heads-up on this.

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  1. gbKing

    If purchased as part of a pre-planning deal that would make a fine ice chest for clandestine unlawful covid defiance parties.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      That user reliably reads (and comments) on every post I make.

      He thinks he is upsetting me, when in fact he helps bolster our numbers and argue for more funding.

      There are plenty of writers in this business for whom I have unbridled contempt. I never click on their work and only consume it, if necessarily, via an archived or cached link. This dude just doesn’t have enough self control to do that.

      • Disinterested-Observer

        The GMG could have a headline saying they will execute the original cast of Top Gear live and I would not click on it. I may be pissing in the wind but there is no reason to feed that crocodile.

  2. -Nate

    Interesting vault thing .

    I got Pop’s ashes back in a plain cardboard box, I scattered them on non tribal land in Colorado where he’d been happy in 1947, one of the few happy parts of his life .

    I don’t see the point it retaining ashes, if I did I guess I’d want one of those brass urns to put on my mantle .


    • Disinterested-Observer

      I know someone who is buried at Arlington. Knowing that person, it seems like it would have made more sense scatter ashes at a beach or somewhere in the mountains.

          • Jack Baruth Post author

            I’d love to do it but unfortunately doing that almost immediately raises the profile of the site in terms of being a likely space to host warez et al. If there’s anyone who wants to post a LOT of images, they can contact me and I’ll give them an authorial login.

  3. ScottS

    Haters always gonna hate. It’s a reliable indicator of a miserable life.

    We buried my parents ashes last June in a private cemetery with no burdensome regulations requiring a protective sarcophagus for the ash urn. I made a container for my father’s ashes from 150 year old heart pine with tightly dovetailed corners and the top and bottom sealed with pine pitch. It was pleasant making this small urn with some nice old hand tools over the course of a couple of evenings. I’d bet it will give the metal ones a run for resistance to leaking and decay and price was right.

    • -Nate

      Liars always lie too, that’s a sad thing . (not meaning you here)

      As said : figures don’t lie but liars sure do love to figure….

      A hand made coffin sounds pretty neat to me .


  4. LynnG

    Sorry guys and gals but Joe Lunchbox is blowing smoke. The Buy Amerian Act was passed in 1933 and has been part of the Federal Acquisition Regulations sense, the creation of the FAR in 1979. Here is the relevant clause for say supplies, there are other clauses for construction:
    and the Prescription:
    What Joe Lunchbox is doing is what for a better term could be called “credit claiming”, Oh it is great to say you are going to make the federal government buy Amerian products, but the federal government has a multitude of laws and regulations related to purchasing American products.
    Let me provide an example, you know when you go to a conference or in Jack’s case, a new model introduction and all the vendors have what my wife likes to refer to as “give aways”. You know pens, tote bags, back packs…. In Jack’s case, Walker Black Label πŸ™‚ These “give aways” usually have one thing in common, they are made in Mexico, Bangladesh, oh or CHINA….. Well would you not know that my former agencies would go recruiting at various colleges and would have “give aways’ to give to future government workers. Well would you know that those “give aways” were all made in CHINA…. I pointed this out to agency leadership, their first reaction was “who cares” well after I informed them that they were in violation of the Buy American Act and we were not buying anymore CHINESE made give away…. Little did I know how much trouble I would have finding AMERICAN made “give aways” under the guidelines that each item could not cost more then $5.00. Memo to file: Government giveaways are cheap stuff, not Walker Black Label…..
    However, back to the point, the Federal Government has sence 1933 made a point of purchasing AMERICAN made products, with exception for commerical products or products under under the guidelines of the above referenced prescription.
    But you can not blame Joe Lunchbox for doing something simple….. That really does nothing….

    • Texn

      I buy the Skilcraft pens that say US Government. Good pens, nice clicky action, and inexpensive. Made in the USA. All those free handouts are a waste and only end up in the trash…but I’d take a free Skilcraft pen.

      • Pete Madsen

        The governmental ship repair facility where I used to work bought so many of those Skilcraft pens that they were pretty much the standard pen at any store cash register in town for quite a few years.

  5. hank chinaski

    /awaits next Weekly Roundup piece on autists short squeezing Gamestop and Melvin hedgies taking it in the shorts


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