Wherein Sam Biddle Shows Us The Naked Face Of White Male Privilege

This is a story about a young manlet who crucified a woman for a Twitter joke and then cyber-stalked her in the most creep-tastic voyeuristic way possible and then decided to make an offensive “Twitter joke” himself.

If you want the short version of the story, it’s this: he didn’t suffer the same fate as his victim. In fact, he’s been praised and supported by his employer with the same kind of fervor that his African female victim was persecuted and terminated by hers. Why? Because he’s not a woman from Africa. He’s Sam Faulkner Biddle, and he works for Gawker.

Imagine, for a moment, that there was a company out there staffed almost entirely by young, vaguely attractive white people from good schools. Imagine that they relentlessly excluded people of color, the disabled, and the merely ugly or fat from employment among them. Imagine that they threw parties where they basically got together and celebrated being rich, white, young, attractive, and from privileged backgrounds. Imagine, further, that the company was deliberately and systematically hiding millions of tax dollars in revenue from the United States every year, under the guise of being a “holding company”.

Now, imagine that their employees had attacked people for little to no reason in ways that caused them to lose their jobs, had attempted to drive a high school girl to suicide, had railed in public about “hood men”, and had encouraged the bullying of at-risk children during National Bullying Awareness Month.

What do you imagine that Gawker.com or Valleywag would have to say about that company?

Very little — because Gawker is that company. This privileged coterie of spoiled white brats has done all of the above, and more. Gawker itself is a series of tax-dodging shell companies that shamelessly reap the benefits of every American public institution from the Internet to the NYC subways while criticizing other firms for the same behavior. Their employees have relentlessly attacked, shamed, doxxed, and harassed whatever target happened to briefly attract their capricious and destructive behavior until the targets of their venom have lost their jobs, lost their families, lost their homes, and, in the case of one troubled young woman, attempted to take her own life.

It grieves me beyond what I can adequately express that Jalopnik is part of the Gawker umbrella. I know that the Jalop crew is mostly composed of the most decent and likable people you can imagine. I would never in a million years expect Jason Torchinsky to try to drive someone to suicide, nor would I expect Matt Hardigree to kick people while they are down. (In my case, that was literal: although many of the Jalop readers could not contain their orgasmic joy at the January 2014 car accident that could have taken my son’s life and left my passenger with permanent complications, the site itself was very kind.) Jalopnik is approximately as responsible for the depraved actions of their corporate cousins as I am for my cousin Kate’s selection to the Greek Olympic women’s soccer team a while back. I’ve written for Jalopnik in the past and given the chance I would write something for them again. They’re good people.

Maybe if Gawker let Patrick George or Raphael Orlove run “Valleywag” they’d get content that was insightful, decent, and funny. Instead, they have Sam Biddle, a Little Lord Fauntleroy doppleganger who awkwardly lip-syncs the “N word” in an attempt to attract the attention of two paid booth models then turns around and hounds actual Africans like Justine Sacco into an early career grave. He’s the star attraction in Gawker’s panoply of bullies:


Gawker’s unapologetic “apology” for Biddle’s behavior indicated that, since it was only a joke, the Tweets should not cause anyone offense. But wasn’t Justine Sacco’s famous Tweet, the Tweet that ruined her stellar career, a joke? And wasn’t Sam Biddle the person who “found” the Tweet and made harassing her his life’s work?

So if Justine Sacco and Sam Biddle do exactly the same thing on exactly the same social media platform, why does Justine lose her job while Sam luxuriates in the protective arms of his bosses at Gawker?

Is it because Justine was born in South Africa?
Is it because Justine is a woman?
Is it because Sam Biddle’s parents are “better” than Justine’s South African parents?

Or is it just that Gawker has finally discovered that white male privilege about which they’ve been bleating for years — the racist, sexist, bullying, spoiled, contemptuous, tone-deaf, insensitive, evil cabal of white men who control everything and cannot be touched no matter what they do or whom they hurt?

Is it because Gawker has found those people in their own office-bathroom mirrors?

19 Replies to “Wherein Sam Biddle Shows Us The Naked Face Of White Male Privilege”

  1. Marc

    Hey Jack- forgive the non-sequitor but I am intrigued by the fact that it is difficult to categorically place you in the liberal/conservative spectrum (for lack of a better word- not to imply idiotic red/blue divide) and I can’t help but wonder: do you own a gun? Not a ‘loaded’ question I promise, and no judgement either way….

    • Jack Post author

      No, I do not own a gun. However, I’ve owned everything from a Swedish Mauser to a National-Match-style AR-15 in the past, plus dozens of handguns.

      The last time I competed in any time of shooting event was a series of pin and plate matches from 1992-1996.

      Nowadays I trust my personal security to my winning charm, my dedication to avoiding trouble, and a Benchmade 975SBT.

      • Gert Frobe Body Double

        Christ, I live in Canada and I own some guns. Go buy a gun. It’s Ohio. Your boy is safer around one than he would be traveling in a body on frame sedan, and I mean that.

      • Carzzi

        Adhering to RF’s articulation of advice: “avoid stupid people doing stupid things in stupid places”, I see.

  2. the passenger

    I stopped reading anything on any of the Gawker sites a couple of years ago; this is just one more among many reasons why I’m glad I did.

  3. mnm4ever

    What a complete DB, with those dumb cuffed jeans, white shoes and v-neck sweater. If he can really pull those chicks he thinks he is hitting on then the world is in trouble.

    • patrick-bateman!

      mnm4ever, you nailed it. This dude with a face like a broken arsehole, ridiculously bouffant hair, a eurotrash jumper, cuffs that escaped from “Leave it to Beaver”, trying to get the attention of two rent-a-whores, by acting like a retarded wigger is the quintessential anti-nerd.

  4. Rock36

    The cognitive dissonance withing Jezebel and Gawker is almost humorous to me now. The first Erin Gloria Ryan quote from your image is such a perfect example of it… in addition to the rest of your article on Sammy of course.

  5. Dirty Dingus McGee

    I read Jalopnik, some of the writers are entertaining and informative. The comments however I rarely read, too many “GuitarSlinger” types for my taste. As for any of the other Gawker sites; I would rather have a steel sliver drilled out of my eyeball.

  6. Deadweight

    Let me speak plainly: Fuck Jalopnik sideways.

    Its a listicle, click-bait & nearly zero original content Gawker spawn site that is analogous to that cable network news channel with 128 different scrolling messages, ticker symbols and splashly graphics, all run on a loop, catering to the lowest common denominator focused on superficial trash du jour.

    Jalopnik is to automotive journalism what Taco Bell is to quality, authentic Mexican cuisine, or what Playboy is to substantive news.

  7. everybodyhatesscott

    Social Justice Warriors never think the pendulum will swing the other way. This guy is pretty young and my guess is it will come back to haunt him. And when it does, he’ll deserve every second of it.

  8. jz78817

    Gawker pissed me off years ago when they gave tacit approval for Gizmodo (under Brian Lam) to interfere with product displays at CES. I happened to be working the booth for my company that year and while they didn’t do anything that directly affected me, it was rather off-putting. we all know the Dark Angel of Product Demos is lurking around every corner, so there was no need for so-called “Journalists” to be going around sabotaging displays.


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