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Putting this up just in case it would do a reader some good. I bought this Schwinn Super Sport SL back in 2001. Original MSRP was $1,949. More details on the bike, which was pretty ambitious for Schwinn, here.

After 8,000 miles or so, several new tires and chains, and a true-up on the wheels, I retired it in favor of my Lynskey R270. The Flight Deck computer works and it’s in very good shape. Given how hard it is to get a decent bicycle at the moment I thought I’d make this available. $300 plus actual cost of shipping via BikeFlights to any RG reader.

Two more photos after the jump:

That’s colored wax, not rust, on the chain.

If you’re interested, leave a comment and I’ll email you.

19 Replies to “Unsponsored Content: Bicycle For Sale”

  1. Nick D

    Definitely interested. I’m 5’11” – will this fit me?

    And when are you running the G20 330i review? Also where is my Texas edition badge??

  2. Arvind Balasundaram

    Definitely interest and would probably be able to pick up in person. I’m looking to do a charity ride soon, and I think this would be perfect.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Going through potential buyers in the order of their response. Apologies for the delay

  3. Depressed Clutch

    Speaking of buying and selling: given crime, civil asset forfeiture, the requirement to file IRS reports on transactions over $10,000, and the limit that some financial institutions place on withdrawals, is it really practical for car sellers to insist on cash over $5k or so? I understand not accepting a “cashier’s check” through the mail, but what’s the harm at getting a cashier’s check directly at the bank (I did that last time and the bank even notarized the documents for free)? What are thoughts on wire transfers (which I have done for business…but while the transfer itself might have been secure, it was totally asynchronous and on the honor system that I actually sent the transfer, which seemed a lot riskier than going to a bank together).

    • John C.

      I used to be an avid user of Ebay. Happily feeding my various various collections by sending personal checks to far off strangers and never a problem. They lost me when they went professional with Buy me now and complcated and big fee Pay Pal. My collections miss them and I do too, the old Ebay.

  4. Andrew

    I’m interested in the Schwinn, for parts. My wife has a 2003 Litespeed frame that has been a wall hanger for years, the original drivetrain and wheels are long gone. I keep promising to build it back up for her, and everything on your bike would be a perfect match and easy swap.

  5. Anthony Cindrich

    Jack,Lovely,how you were getting me a Shipping Quote several weeks ago and never bothered to reply back! I was one of the 1st replies to this post.


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