Not Another Article About A Viper!


In the wake of PCOTY, I wrote two additional advocacy pieces concerning the cars that didn’t win.


The first article attempts to make the case for the Mustang as PCOTY winner. The second is purely personal and details my deep and abiding affection for the current iteration of the super SRT snake.

Check ’em out. But don’t hold your breath for me to write something similar about the Alfa 4C. What a disappointment that was.

21 Replies to “Not Another Article About A Viper!”

  1. disinterested-observer

    I came to the Waffle House to do two things: eat waffles and fight, and I am not quite done with my waffles, but at some point I probably will be.

  2. mnm4ever

    Someone parked terribly at the waffle house. Jim Bob is gonna squeeze his big truck next to the Camaro, and door dings galor!

  3. Dan S

    I have to ask, having not yet driven one…. does the mustang really manage to feel that much lighter than its ~3800lb curb weight? I want to love the car, but I have some difficulty believing something that weighs almost as much as my grand marquis handles as well as my E36…

  4. Noonz

    Jack, disagree re: the stereo. It’s good, too. I drove that thing back to Ann Arbor, and all was right in the universe. Pair of dudes in a 458 Italia were all thumbs-up and smiles. Then a female Ohio state police officer told me it was beautiful while I was getting gas. Then she got in her Hemi Charger and hammered it on the way out the driveway. I miss that Viper.

  5. Reese B

    While for me the Viper instills a distant, abstract sort of longing due to price, the Mustang creates a very tangible pang in my gut.

    The wrong car for me in every way, it has too few doors, costs too much money, and doesn’t have enough driven wheels. I’m still afraid that if I enter a Ford dealer just to look around, I’ll leave with one of these, and what is for me a massive debt obligation.

    I need someone to tell me it’s useless in a blizzard even with an LSD and snow tires. Even if it isn’t true.

  6. Daniel

    Not quite fair to credit the time of the shifts to the viper, it’s still moving over those tenths, just not accelerating.

    .44 seconds is a lot of time on lost acceleration in just over a mile, no?

    Not that any of this changes that the Viper is awesome and it’s the only PCOTY contender I actually give a shit about seeing on the roads.

  7. Mike

    Take a screenshot of the R&T article comments immediately and put it in the scrapbook. This will be the first and last time you’ll ever see unanimous support, even genuine affection for your writing from the peanut gallery over there!

  8. Widgetsltd

    The Viper doesn’t need a PDK. I bet they’d sell a bunch more of them if the ZF 8HP (or Torqueflite – whatever Dodge calls it) were available. The 8HP sure shifted quickly – and well – in the Jag F type V8 that I had the opportunity to drive. It’s supposedly great in the Hellcat, too.


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