Made In The USA: Bison

This one comes from a reader who has been very happy with several Bison belts. Most of them are “infinite adjust”, like the USA-made GRIP6 belts, and they can be had in a staggering variety of widths, colors, and designs. Note that some of the belts use the Austria Alpine COBRA buckle, like my old (and no longer available new, but still working perfectly) Waterfield bag. Those buckles are NOT made in the USA, but they ARE made entirely in Austria.

Find them at Bison Designs.

7 Replies to “Made In The USA: Bison”

  1. Sigivald

    “Need some not very good tools in an awkward arrangement, AND only if you take off your belt?

    Have we got the solution for you!”

    (I am perfectly willing to assume Bison makes quality products, but this looks like a pointless novelty.

    Just carry a tool.)

  2. link3721

    I think I’ve bought half a dozen of these over the last decade, I like the ones that have a bottle opener on the buckle. My only gripe is that some of the solid colors have a tendency to fray on the edge after a few years, but some patterns have held up well, one of which is 10 years old. Definitely worth it in my opinion.

  3. Daniel J

    I’ve got a bison design Last chance light duty belt. It’s ok. I prefer the buckle on my mountain khakis webbing belt.

    I looked into the grip6 belt but I don’t really like the buckle.

    The belt I’m wearing the most right now is the groove life belt. I’m sure it’s made overseas but I absolutely love it.

  4. yossarian

    i’ve been wearing a bison simple rec-d double d ring style canvas web belt almost everyday for ten years. it was cut and sealed to order by the now defunct tents & trails in nyc. best belt i’ve ever owned by far.


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