Oh Yeah, There Was This Time I Drove A Million-Dollar World Challenge GT Car


There are moments in life that are too clear, too strong, too sweet to confront directly. The day that I walked into Eastland Schwinn and saw that my mom had gotten my Redline 600c out of layaway a couple of weeks early, or the time that I got my first NASA race win, or the eternal night, years ago, that the girl of my dreams put her finger to my lips and her body to mine. You just have to get through them, and when you’re finished only then can you look back, as if observing a solar eclipse through a homemade pinhole viewer, to see in detail what at the time was simply a rogue wave of emotional intensity.

How fitting, then, that my article about driving the K-PAX McLaren 12C-GT3 arrives some six months after the event itself. Now I can enjoy it. When I was in the moment, it was only terrifying.


Most people would be thrilled just to drive something like a McLaren 650S for a supervision-free week, and I certainly was. But to drive the racing variant? That’s a deeper, sweeter thing. Ride along with me in the K-PAX Macca, with your head tucked into the gap in the rollcage and your legs so close to the steering wheel you can only use one hand to drive the car, and enjoy it with me. And, as always, thank you for sharing this occasionally overwhelming journey of mine.

5 Replies to “Oh Yeah, There Was This Time I Drove A Million-Dollar World Challenge GT Car”

  1. CGHill

    “The rear wing works on this car in precisely the way it doesn’t on your neighbor’s slammed Civic.”

    He’ll never believe that, of course.

    • rpn453

      Reminds me of a time when I helped push a neon with a massive rear wing out of a snowbank. The driver had obviously had the back end kick out of the deep, icy ruts and lost it. I considered suggesting that she install a bigger wing, as her predicament was clearly the result of a lack of rear downforce. But not seriously. I’m sure she was suffering enough embarrassment.

  2. mnm4ever

    Great read and great car, I knew there was some reason I always preferred the McLarens to the more pedestrian supercars. If I ever win the lottery this is going to be in one of my garages…


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