The Cowardice Of The NYT, The Hypocrisy Of The AP


“We Are Not All Charlie”, the Atlantic notes, and they are correct.

I admit to being utterly fascinated by the open decision of the Times, the nation’s ostensible paper of record, to engage in shameless dhimmitude. They didn’t decline to show the Charlie Hebdo cartoons out of journalistic principle — they acted out of fear, pure and simple. When a couple of guys with AK-47s can cause the most powerful newspaper in the world to piss its pants, something’s gone terribly wrong.

Note, however, that the Times has never stayed its hand when it comes to attacking Christianity or Judaism in this country or elsewhere. When I read about their decision to self-censor, I thought to myself: “Hey, I wonder how they treated Piss Christ when that came out?” Googling that led to my finding out that the AP just removed all images of the anti-Christian art piece yesterday. In other words — they didn’t give a shit about offending Christians, because Christians don’t shoot journalists. It was only fear of being exposed as cowards and hypocrites that made them delete images that they’ve stored and promoted for two decades or so.

You can read a balanced appraisal of the situation here if you like.

As for my opinion — well, it’s complicated. I’ve raced cars that bore the crescent of Islam in the past. I’ve worked closely with Muslims and done my best to show respect to their religious traditions. I shared a race car with a Muslim in an Islamic nation. Frankly, there isn’t much in Islam with which I personally disagree and I think you’d have to be blind to not see that Europe will be an Islamic continent before my son finds out he isn’t getting any Social Security checks.

With that said, I also believe that violence in the ostensible cause of Islam is unforgivable and inexcusable. It’s also plain stupid, because Islam is already winning the battle for the future through the simple expedient of not letting their women wait until their 43rd birthday to have a single private-school baby. Islamic terrorism is the equivalent of ramming a backmarker in an endurance race: a pathetically unnecessary attempt to ensure a nearly certain victory.

I also believe that a free press is a key component of the American tradition. I understand that the Times does not agree with the sentiments of the Charlie Hebdo cartoons, but their decision not to publish them marks their complete and utter submission to Islam and deserves our contempt. We are all less free because of it. On the positive side, it should now be plain to everyone that if the children at Waco had been shooting journalists instead of serving as speedbumps for a fucking tank, the Times would be giving David Koresh lip service — all the way to the balls.

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  1. Johnny Puddles

    Dear Jack,

    I love the outburst, but there is a different take possible on your elegantly stated demographic contrast. The opinionator known as “Spengler” claims that Islam is in demographic meltdown–when Muslim women learn to read, they stop wanting all their 9 sons to become suicide bombers by the simple expedient of not having nine sons. Spengler claims that Iran is facing a Japan-sized demographic collapse, that Iran will have to import elder-care givers.

    But lest anyone gloat, Spengler also points out that a civilization is never more dangerous than when it has figured out that its days are numbered.

    I also must note that Spengler is vox clamans in deserto, and that most commentators see the near-term future as a rerun of the last days of the Roman Empire. The Barbarians had more and more warrior kids, the Romans had fewer and fewer effete poets.

    From somewhere in the Witness Protection Program,

    Johnny Puddles

    • Jack Post author

      I think we’ve passed a high point in global literacy, to be honest.

      The technological future is heavy on video and voice recognition and language-less emojis. The militant Islamists understand this and that’s why they produce such remarkable video content.

      If you aren’t reading now, your children won’t know how to read.

      If you are reading now, your grandchildren probably won’t.

      • Ronnie Schreiber

        My family has a pretty good track record of literacy for that past, oh, 2,000 years, so I’m pretty sure that Aryeh Leib’s kids will know how to read, well, at least Hebrew. But while I’ve learned three languages, my grandfather knew, and was fluent in five, so Jack has a point.

  2. Will

    Also, isn’t the irony lost on NY Times that in this country, you can have a gun (a basic right), which you can use to protect yourself in case something like this does happen. The NY Times, would like to outlaw guns (as France had) so they would open themselves up to the same retribution and couldn’t defend themselves. Yet, they do not realize, that this is the intended purpose of the 2nd amendment (protects the first) and would hopefully realize that by removing this freedom it would leave them open to even more self censorship and fear.

    Am I crazy?

    • Will

      Most don’t care really I suspect; if it were the case would we buy German cars and Chanel clothing and handbags? Although, to me, Chanel’s case is even worse an offense.


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