Big Benz, Slightly Littler Lexus


Pete Dushenski is a smart man writing smart things — this is about his car but there’s a lot of food for thought on his blog. So check it out, yo.

I’m finally home from the (not quite) Million Mile Lexus trip, and I have a few shots to share…

Alex with the famous owners of Amy’s Baking Company:


A car-magazine-style shot of the LS400 on the road to the Arizona meteor crater:


Finally, a shot of Winter Storm Iola:


4 Replies to “Big Benz, Slightly Littler Lexus”

  1. Tre Deuce

    Not a building in sight on what is apparently Meteor Crater Rd.

    For years now, I have had some very scenic property between Snowflake and Show Low south of Holbrook, haven’t been there in several years, but will stop by on my trip back to the NW in late March.

    Glad you made it home safe, and where is the LS400, now?

  2. Athos

    Thanks for that new wallpaper. The panel alignment in that car is becoming carp, although the BIW looks straight, the hood is all over the place. Car is obviously tired.

    The W126 guy has certainly food for thought. Some of the stuff he has there is refreshing.

    Speaking of old Benzes, a W124 would be more my style. I like W126 and agree with the bloke’s choice. Although a W140 500SEL or 600SEL would be also proper.

    Do you still have the link for that Psychiatrist/Psychologist blog you posted once?


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