Enter the MelodyBird


My friend and partner-in-lutherie-adventure Chris O’Dee has been pretty busy lately. In addition to the Melody Burner prototypes, he’s been putting together a few side projects. What you see above is a candid shot of something very special…



It’s tentatively called the MelodyBird and it’s constructed from nine pieces of top-grade wood. The body features mahogany wings with a flame-maple-topped korina center. The neck is flame maple and deep stained walnut. The pickups and wiring will be determined by the owner. Although it’s routed for a single bridge pickup a la Firebird I, it was built with the possibility of routing for a neck pickup as well.

Price is TBD based on specification but a Firebird I-spec nickel hardware guitar with a single Sheptone or Duncan and Steinberger tuners would probably be in the $2400 range. To find out more, contact us at sales(at)melodyburner.com. Thanks!

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