An Oral History Of Spec Miata


Talk about a tough way to assemble a thousand words.

About twenty hours’ worth of interviews, including a trip to Memphis, went into the writing of my Spec Miata article and it’s now available on the Web for those of you who don’t care to help me (sob) by purchasing the current issue of R&T on a newsstand. Check it out. All the personalities involved are large, but it’s Jim Daniels, the “Godfather Of Spec”, who shines brightest.

8 Replies to “An Oral History Of Spec Miata”

  1. -Nate

    DAMN Jack ! .

    That photo ensures anyone who sees it will go click the link….

    I looked at it and said ‘ oh FUCK ! ‘ out loud before i remembered SWMBO & Foster Boys were within ear shot .


  2. Steve Ulfelder

    I’m a Spec Miata veteran, and while I’ve hit just about everything you can hit, I’m proud to say I’ve never roofed one.

    Damn, I just jinxed myself, didn’t I?

    • Jack Post author

      Steve, if you look at the R&T article you’ll see a FLATOUT car near the front in one of the shots — I thought of you when I saw it.

          • Jack Post author

            It’s a small world after all, right?

            I spend a lot of my time being envious of Steve.

            0. He can drive.
            1. He can manage a team.
            2. He has a wonderful family.
            3. He has the ability to knock out novels in a hurry.
            4. Very handsome.

  3. -Nate

    Food for thought :

    When I was in short pants , ’32 Ford Coupes were being chewed up just like these old Miatas are now , remember I said this in 20 years when you simply cannot find a decent first generation Miata to enjoy or restore .

    Hard to imagine there will ever be a shortage of cheap , clean old Miatas but that day is rushing to – wards you rapidly .

    If you’re ever wanted one , go buy it now .



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