Zen And The Art Of Putting Your Son On The Back Of A 28-Horsepower Motorcycle


The other day, my reader and real-life pal “bolero” put a photo up of Francoise Hardy on her K0-generation Honda CB750. That’s a lot of bike for a young lady, even by today’s standards; at the time, the CB750 was the world’s fastest motorcycle and even today it’s much stronger than ninety percent of the bikes sold around the world. The photo above represents kind of the opposite of that.

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  1. JMcG

    Is that Pirsig and son? I’ve never seen that photo before. It’s a mercy that we don’t know what the world has in store for us.

  2. John Marks

    Françoise Hardy (her last name is pronounced “Ardy”) was raised by a single mother. Her father briefly appeared in her teenage years, to give her a guitar as a high-school graduation present. Françoise taught herself to play guitar, and she soaked up the music she heard on the radio in the late 1950s and early 1960s. (Radio Luxemboug, which played American music and broadcast in English.) She answered an ad looking for young singers, and her first single sold a million copies, mostly for its “B” side, “Tous les garçons et les filles.” A modeling career and a role in the 1966 racing film “Grand Prix” followed.

    Bob Dylan thought that she was the ideal woman. He gushed about her on the back of an LP cover. Miles Davis was entranced. And Mick Jagger, it seems, tried to set Françoise up in a threesome… my guess, with Mariane Faithfull.

    It gets better. Jimmy Page once claimed in a radio interview that HE had played on Mme. Hardy’s début recording! Well. Future Led-Zep frontman, playing rockabilly behind a teenage Eurobabe???

    Quel dommage, that’s a story that is “too good to fact-check,” I conclude. Mme. Hardy later said that her first record was made with “the four worst musicians in Paris,” and I can’t imagine that label ever fitting Mr. Page.

    What most like happened was that Mme. Hardy crossed the channel to record an LP in England for the English market, because Charles de Gaulle was snitting about England’s role in the EC as being nothing other than a “Trojan Horse” for the US.

    Talk about gratitude! Here’s my response to that:

    Dans tous les petits villages de France, pourquoi se fait-il que, des deux côtés de la route, il y ait toujours des arbres, de très grands arbres?

    Pour que les soldats allemands puissent toujours marcher à l’ombre.


    • DougD

      “It’s going to get better now. You can sort of tell these things.”

      Just took my daughter out for a ride this week.

    • rambo furum

      Why do you hate us? I tried long ago, and it is dull and vapid drivel.
      “Well then. Here’s a book that probably blew your dad’s mind back in the day. Sorry about your dad’s mind, really and truly. Join our unnamed narrator and a cast of characters including our unnamed narrator’s secret personality, his son, and a bunch of people who don’t really matter, as they travel across the country and have very trite thoughts about the nature of reason. Whee!”
      I totally agreed with this podcast’s assessment.

    • JMcG

      I loved it as a young man. My son was assigned it for summer reading a couple of years ago and I picked it up and went through it. The magic was gone I’m afraid.

      • -Nate

        Yes, I think it’s better to read as a young person before your mind is closed .

        I don’t hate anyone here .

        A few I feel rather sorry for .

        Reading opens your mind even when you slog through some dirge that’s awful .


    • -Nate

      Thanx .

      I’ve sat through some really awful movies too .

      I recently tried to read “So you want to talk about race” but gave u less than 1/2 way though, the author mostly wanted to share her anger in spite of having made it very well here in America .

      I really do try to learn from everything I read, I’m a voracious reader .

      I hope everything is well is the great state of TEXAS ~ one of my favorite places to visit .



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