Oh, Look, I’ve Done A Slideshow List


I am sooooo not a fan of Top Ten lists and slideshows. I consider them the cancer of the Internet: click-bait with no redeeming value. Just for the hell of it, however, I’ve come up with one, and I hope it’s slightly more interesting than the usual “21 Things About Sex You Won’t Believe” Buzzfeed list. Check it out: Five Race Cars For Less Than The Price Of A Penguin. And be gentle, okay?

One Reply to “Oh, Look, I’ve Done A Slideshow List”

  1. AvatarTre Deuce


    For that kind of money a couple of race ready F-5000’s and spares for a team or just and extra back-up car for season of great American Iron, Hot Rod fun on a road course.

    The scream of a small block Chevy at 9,000 RPM reverberating off the main straight walls, definitely a better investment then the cost of a pigeon with a delicate heart beat


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