Here’s A Few We Did Elsewhere


You already know that you can find my writing other places than in TTAC, (or, if you’re just waking up from a two-decade coma, Bicycles Today) but did you know that my brother, the infamous “Bark M”, is setting up shop elsewhere as well?

From the AER debacle at New Jersey Motorsports Park two weeks ago, we have a story of motor-swapped endurance contenders who all managed to fall apart before the checkered flag. But wait, there’s more! Bark makes his long-awaited Jalopnik debut talking about car dealers and social media. The story has 239 comments as of this writing and it’s well on the way to 20,000 reads today. You can bet that Travis and the rest of the Jalop crew will be giving Bark plenty of chances to shine over there in the future.

Although his article has been mostly well-received, there have been a few people who aren’t on the Bark train to Harlem:


Well, you can’t please all the people all the time, you know. Watching Bark arrive as a Jalopnik writer reminds me that I’ve become one of the older faces in this business. Has it really been nearly eight years since I first appeared on that site, as Murilee Martin’s driving instructor? Yes, it has. Time flies, when you’re having fun. And when you aren’t. And when you’re just tired. But also when you’re having fun. And from that day at Sears Point to the events to come in the near future, much of this has been more fun than I deserve.

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  1. jz78817

    Burner accounts which almost never get out of the grey can be safely ignored. just more examples of the G.I.F.T. (of which I’m sometimes guilty too.)

  2. Ray H

    My middle initial is W… wasn’t me. I hate going to Jalopnik, but 5 to 10% of their content is really good, including your brother’s piece. I don’t believe I’ve read a single comment there in at least 2 years, because they seemed like Youtube comments with the added inanity of meme pictures. And screw all that social media stuff! You give away free hot dogs and put up an inflatable gorilla, sh!t’s gonna go down.

  3. DeadWeight

    I really detest Jalopnik, partly due to the Gawker tie-in, partly due to the commenting system, partly due to the clickable-for-mom’s-basement crowd (Navy SEAL Team Six articles by Tyler Rogoway), but mostly because approximately 95% of the comments are from the types of people who are likely driving a 2002 Saturn Ion yet going full critical analysis on cars 100x better that they’ve never even driven.

  4. DeadWeight

    I could’ve sworn there was a 2002.

    I can admit when I’m wrong, you know….

    Ronnie, the point isn’t that you drive the car I made reference to, but that you aren’t the type to only comment upon, get titilated by, or use as some form of benchmark vehicles costing 75k and up, DESPITE the fact that you can afford to drive a newer or more expensive vehicle.

    I am “thrifty,” too, despite being able to buy a newer, more expensive vehicle, but that doesn’t make me a Jalopnik “OMG, I’d totally rock that Zonda prototype RIGHT NOW, yo” type.

  5. Bozi

    Enjoyed reading the article from Bark and love to see the 3800 engine get used. The car I earned my learners permit in was a 89 Bonneville with a 3800 and I have always had a soft spot for them. I mistakenly used this soft spot to buy an 01 Camaro with the 3800 to flip that had the infamous intake manifold leak and proceeded to spend many hours and cut knuckles to replace all the gaskets and clean up all the mixed oil and coolant

  6. Athos

    Nice mix on vehicles on that track. Yes, I went to the AER site. A Neon, E34, even a W124.

    Sadly, Bark’s piece will go unread on my part. I don’t do Jalopnik.

    • Bark M.

      I’m not surprised that some people don’t like Jalopnik. I probably wouldn’t either except that I know Travis pretty well, and I respect him as a writer and as a driver. They know their audience, that’s for sure. I definitely wrote differently there than I do at TTAC.

      • jz78817

        Jalopnik has grown on me, after I initially avoided it because of its association with Gawker. Under Hardigree and now Travis Okulski, they seem to be pretty reasonable overall. and I like it when Torch posts goofy shit here and there.

        the worst part of it, IMO, is the way Kinja does comments. It’s almost like it was designed to prevent any sort of worthwhile discussion. one example is multiple people replying with the same kind of response because none of them saw any of the previous responses (“Kinja’d!”) Plus Nick is always changing shit here and there, and sometimes it just plain breaks.

  7. M3ntalward

    I was going to mock your 3800 engine choice, but you remember what happened to my Nissan truck the same weekend at Carolina Motorsports Park.

    The next weekend I was at NJMP with Stef Schrader and the Three Pedal Mafia when their infamous S-10 based “Boat” set one of it 4.3 rods free. This left the paying arrive and drives with no seat, so we abandoned out chase of a Class B win, I assumed the mantle of team manager and the owners went elbow deep in the boat’s junkyard replacement lump.

    Ensuring everyone else got seat time in their Civic left me without a chance to drive until the third car on the team, a TR7 equipped with a supercharged 3800 offered up the final 90 minutes.

    The car has manual steering and manual brakes. I emerged from the car feeling like I had just finished an hour and 1/2 at a crossfit session…in a sauna.

    But OH MY GOD! That engine, that wonderful wonderful engine!! Forced induction is such a lovely way to solve problems…

    “Oh, you want t block me as a back marker for the last stint of an endurance race? Fine, no sense bending sheet metal. Mmmmm, whats this? The front straightaway? Well…

    …Bye… ”

    So all of the haters on the R&T side can bite me (no pun intended). The 3800 is a wholly misunderstood creature and misplaced by GM engine. It is a stunning lump of power and highly addictive.

    Now, to just get some more…MORE!!!!!

  8. Stef

    Yay Bark!

    Also, screw that guy. Dude should learn how to disagree *better,* or talk to himself in the moderation queue.


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