Spotter’s Guide To The June 2015 Road And Track


Pity the poor Lamborghini Huracan. As an all-wheel-drive street car with a fair amount of tire stagger, it will always display understeer at low speeds and in situations where the tires are not managed properly. Since low cornering speeds and mismanaged tires are pretty much what autojournos do, pretty much every article from the Huracan press launch overseas last year emphasized that trait. There is also, of course, an Emperor’s New Clothes thing going on in this business where, when one person at a press dinner claims that the car “understeers like a pig,” the rest immediately agree so as to not display their lack of understanding or track experience.

What was my experience with the Huracan? Well…

You can read all about it on page 56 of this month’s R&T. But if you’re simultaneously too cheap to spend $4.99 but wealthy enough to consider replacing your Gallardo with one, then here’s the TL;DR: Hell of car, and usefully quicker than the prole-mobile sportscars.

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  1. Disinterested-Observer

    So despite “understeering like a pig” you didn’t put it into a wall, unlike the hairdresser spec (kidding, sort of) Camaro mule driven by your colleague at Jalop?

  2. Athos

    I dunno if it understeers like a pig (I stopped reading supercar reviews a long time ago), but they look gorgeous. I drove pass the dealer yesterday, which is on the same street as the Ferrari/Maserati one.

    And a local guy has an Aventador, so I get to hear a similar music with some frequency.

  3. everybodyhatesscott

    To be fair to the Journos, the guys driving these cars would probably be doing the same thing. Serious question: Does anybody actually race supercars? All I see when I google it are quarter miles.

    • Athos

      Some people do. I have seen them in full racing trim down here. Lambos, R8s, Bentleys, Astons…

      IIRC Ferrari still has the Challenge for their V8 mid engine cars.

  4. Texn

    Read Forbe’s review of trying to “hustle” the new Pilot through curvy KY roads. I bet he had a lot of oh-crap moments. You should be able to drive any vehicle through curves without panicking and still being over the suggested yellow speed signs.

  5. The_F0nz

    I drove one of these on a relatively short track in LA. I have also taken a GTR, a 991 GT3 and a 458 around the same track. I’m not a pro by any stretch, but I do have a wonderful wife who surprised me with a track day experience for a 30th birthday gift.

    Great car really. Just brutal acceleration. I found myself braking early when my nerves got the best of me.

    I’m surprised people mentioned the understeer. I actually thought it had less so than the GTR.

    My only semi-negative feedback: the car I was driving was a bit less stable than I expected under hard braking. It might have been that particular car’s setup though. Otherwise easy to control. When I was on the throttle I really never saw the limits of how much grip this monster has.

    I was really shocked at how comfortable this car and the 458 were. Just magnificent in terms of seating position. I expected the Lambo to feel like a coffin.

    • The_F0nz

      Jack – We already have the subscription and I look forward to the read. Just out of curiosity, what is the policy on you discussing articles like this?

      Are you allowed to elaborate at all after the article is released? Do you have to wait for a set period of time?

      • Jack Post author

        There’s no policy as such; in my case, I just want to avoid “spoilers”.

        Not, mind you, the spoilers on the back of Viper TA 1.0s.

        They’re great.

        Although the wing on the back of the 2.0 better.

        So, I suppose I *do* want to avoid spoilers.

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  7. JN

    Subscribed. Not so much because of interest in R&T content but rather to help support your writing .
    Thank you.

  8. bkl

    Took this into the office to show one person. I can’t get it back! Everyone wants to read it! Buy your own!

  9. imag

    I know it’s fun to rip on ignorant auto journalists, but Chris Harris and the folks at EVO are pretty serious drivers, with a lot of track and racing experience. They also have had plenty of experience with (and praise for) Gallardos, which have a very similar architecture.

    My guess is that Audi/Lambo changed the alignment specs after the first round of reviews. A more recent look by EVO said it was not nearly the problem that they had remembered from the launch.

    • Jack Post author

      I’d be surprised if Chris came in anywhere besides last in an SCCA regional. That’s nothing against him in particular, but in Europe they just don’t seem to get the talent in club racing that we have here. Drivers who come from winning backgrounds in Euro series often bring up the tail in Continental and other US sedan series.

      • imag

        That must be why we see so many American drivers at Le Mans and F1.

        Regardless, it is absurd to claim that someone who has done well at the Nurburgring 24 hours, placed first in Group N in a world rally, and placed first at Goodwood doesn’t know their way around a vehicle.

        • Jack Post author

          Pay drive, pay drive, non-event.

          At the Runoffs he’d get lapped by some potbellied 55-year-old

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