The Critics Respond, Part Twenty-Two


I first read Speed Secrets nearly twelve years ago. I continue to recommend it to all of my students. The follow-up to Speed Secrets, the book once known as Inner Speed Secrets but now referred to as “Speed Secrets 3” and no longer available new, was a big part of my development as a club-racing autodidact. So seeing Ross chime in on my Crashed Camaros post is a great way to start the week, to put it mildly!

3 Replies to “The Critics Respond, Part Twenty-Two”

  1. Robert

    Way cool! I’m glad I took your advice and read Speed Secrets before my first track Xperience ™, it helped me suck less.

  2. jz78817

    that end of Belle Isle has been blocked off for two months now. back in April it looked like they were doing some significant work on the road surface, I wonder how extensive the repair/rebuild was.

    and how much of it was paid for by Roger Penske 😉


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