11 Replies to “Do Not Adjust Your Television Set…”

  1. Dirty Dingus McGee

    O lord, now they are both in the same spot.with their own site. Hang on internet, I suspect yer butt is gonna get kicked. 😉

  2. Athos

    Well, it certainly saves me 1 click.

    “by the way, that’s the correct way to use “me” in a sentence”

    Thanks for the English lesson 🙂

    And thanks for putting the express “go up” button.

  3. jz78817

    ah, so that’s why Bark’s Doghouse has been so empty. looking forward to the combined power of all y’all, kind of like Voltron or the Constructicons.

  4. Dan Goodman

    Glad to see the continued evolution.

    I find Bark M.’s viewpoints also interesting, though I suspect I am like most people, in that we were predominantly, or exclusively, readers on only one of you.

    You are both good enough that I enjoy reading work by both of you. But there are times in my busy life when I don’t have time to read a lot, and while I can get a bit of the flavor of the article from the lead, I also want to focus on selecting work only from one of you.

    In my case, it happens to be the work of you, Jack, though I am learning to respect and enjoy your brother’s output.

    But, cutting to the chase, I would find it helpful if you would put the author’s name just below the title, so that if I am looking for just a small fix of the world according to Jack, I don’t need to click through on several articles, the scanning for the necessary information, as well as risking being distracted by my obviously ADD attention span.

    That’s it for here, please just put the author name above the jump.

    I have much more I’d like to say, but will save it till I find the appropriate place to post those comments, especially my comments about your Hurucán article in R&T. In a word: excellent. In more words, elsewhere.

    Out of here, for now…


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