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There ain’t no rest for the wicked, or so I’m told. No wonder, then, that with the arrival of my regular Web column at Road&Track I’m being double-published most Thursdays lately. So today I have two light pieces for you to help you get over my recent obsession with politics and social justice.

From R&T we have Caution: Cute-Ute Ahead. It’s a brief homage to Patrick Bedard, one of my childhood heroes. Over at TTAC, we have There Once Was A Dream That Was 1000SEL. Sometimes truth really is stranger than fiction.

For a bonus piece, you can now read my column about highway merging over at Esquire. Give me a click, why dontcha, and maybe they’ll syndicate me again.

One more bonus: a Zimbabwean student explains why they don’t cry for lions. Here’s the money shot from the author, who lost his leg to a poisonous snake at the age of eleven:

We Zimbabweans are left shaking our heads, wondering why Americans care more about African animals than about African people.

Don’t tell us what to do with our animals when you allowed your own mountain lions to be hunted to near extinction in the eastern United States. Don’t bemoan the clear-cutting of our forests when you turned yours into concrete jungles.

And please, don’t offer me condolences about Cecil unless you’re also willing to offer me condolences for villagers killed or left hungry by his brethren, by political violence, or by hunger

Yet I wonder if the author has considered just how much of his rise from crippled rural villager to genetic-science student has been fueled by that same unpredictable American altruism?

7 Replies to “Thursday, Thursday, Thursday”

    • AvatarTomko

      “Then Uncle Frank who had been a stockbroker and then a convict tried again to dance the Windfall of ’65 and fell through the picture window. Then the neighbours knocked on the wall and we knocked on the neighbour’s wall and then the police came.”

  1. Avatar-Nate

    No fair having a link to a merging article that can’t be replied to ~ I won’t be joining the pedophiles and phishers over on facebok any time soon .


  2. AvatarTim

    I used to own a 500SEL a few years back, definitely a favourite car. In fact, sometimes I hanker for another ….

    It sure was great to drive, and really for a 5.0 V8, surprisingly good on fuel. You always felt very safe in it as well.

  3. AvatarHank Chinaski

    +100 on the CUVs. I don’t know if he had the engineering or racing chops that Bedard did, but Tony Assenza was also a fun read in that era.

  4. AvatarMarshall Spradling

    Jack, just wanted to drop a note and say thank you. I scan TTAC and this site daily for anything you’ve written, and it’s always the best thing I read that day.


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