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Today, over at TTAC, I’m writing yet another story about my time as a Ford salesman in the halcyon days of the mid-Nineties. Over the weekend, I’ll be featuring the first contribution on this site from “Rodney”, the central character of my dealership stories and a good friend of mine from 1995 to the present day.

To bring all of you up to speed, therefore, here’s a master list of the “Rodney” stories previously published on TTAC.

Capsule Review: 1996 Ford Thunderbird And The Gigolo Skills: We meet Rodney and find out about his unique “doggy style” of selling cars to widows.

Capsule Review: 1995 Ford Probe SE And The Foxy Stone: Rodney explains to me what it means when a woman has dark hair on her arms.

My 944 Is Outstanding In Its Field: Rodney borrows my 944 and kills it.

Trackday Diaries: Have to see a man about a dog.: Rodney agrees to check out a used Town Car as a favor to a guy from the Eastern Bloc.

In The End, There Can Be Only One: Rodney meets the woman of his dreams when Mary Barra walks out onto the stage.

Come back this weekend for “77 Cents On The Dollar”, Rodney’s debut post where he tackles the idea of gender inequality. You won’t want to miss it.

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