Saturday Morning Video!

Like any modern businessman, I’m continually looking for ways to cut costs in my operations. After examining the Wednesday Night Video that Patrick and I do, I’ve realized that Patrick’s food and liquor consumption at my house is a major cost that could be reduced significantly by firing Patrick and replacing him with someone who doesn’t eat as much.

With that in mind, welcome the new Patrick. His name is John. And for his debut video, he wanted to sing one of his favorite songs: “Think About It” by Bret and Jemaine.

This is the original song for comparison. I’m happy to report that John and I got this done in a single take. So now we’re free to go to lunch, which should be much cheaper than lunch with Patrick (or, for that matter, lunch with the infamous Uncle Rodney).

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    • AvatarJim

      I used to enjoy FOTC until I realized “Business Time” was the perfect summary of my marriage in a three minute song. Somebody please help me.

      • AvatarVolandoBajo

        Jim, the sound track to my last divorce was the Yes song, Owner of a Lonely Heart (Much Better than the Owner of a Broken Heart).

        When I heard that, I knew that that was where I was, and that it was time to deal with being lonely rather than living with a woman I thought I loved, but who let a lot of bad stuff go on under my own roof with her two daughters and their BF’s, after I helped her get them back from their non-custodial parent who had been fleeing with them for a decade.

        Once I found out that she had been risking everything of ours to shelter them and their two drug-dealing ne’er-do-well BF’s, all the trust was gone, and it was time for me to go too.

        But it was shocking to hear the perfectly complete answer to my situation in a song. Hope things go relatively smoothly for you. It’s never an easy road.

      • AvatarVolandoBajo

        “I don’t believe in Christmas music.” – Jack B.

        You might not believe in it, Jack, but it exists. I’ve heard it. 😉

        More seriously, it sounds like there is a story behind that.

  1. Avatargalactagog

    hey that was great

    I’m in a better mood after watching that

    never heard of those guys…digging it

    “can someone please remove these cutleries, from my knees”


  2. Avatar-Nate

    Nice Jack .

    My Son still occasionally sings with me when we’re traveling in the car .

    A nice thing when your 37 Y.O. Son breaks into song knowing i’ll chime right in .


    • AvatarVolandoBajo


      Ditto here…my son started around age two, singing a Beach Boys song with me that came on the radio. And two decades later, we still share the same joy of breaking out into a song that we both like.

      That is one of the lesser-known joys of a good father-son relationship. Well, lesser-known to those who don’t have such a relationship with their son.

      Obviously, however, you, Jack and I have discovered the joy of spontaneous opportunities to share joy with our sons, in a wide variety of ways.

      I understand why some people want large families, but there is a special type of opportunity for a unique dynamic when there is the opportunity to focus your fathering energies on a one and only son.

      That has been one of only a handful of really great things that have happened in my life, and that endure year after year.

      — VolandoBajo


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