Weekly Roundup: Please Don’t Mention TheDRIVE Edition


Sharp-eyed readers will immediately suspect that this “Weekly Roundup” is for last week, not this week. What can I say… in all the excitement I just plain forgot to do it, but better late than never.

While I’m at it, I’ll briefly answer a question that seems to be on the minds of at least a few of our readers.

“Hey, Jack,” these readers ask, “when are you going to be on that new TheDRIVE thing?” They are referring to a new automotive website that has seemingly managed to hire nearly everybody who has ever considered writing about cars. You can find Alex Roy and Maxim’s Mike Guy on there among a cast of thousands that includes several ex-R&T people like Zach Bowman, Chris Cantle, Max Prince, John Krewson, and Josh Condon. It’s a remarkably large group of contributors.

It does not, however, include me or Bark. We’ve never heard from TheDRIVE, presumably for the same reason that Barry Manilow never tried to hire Izzy Stradlin for his studio band. Nor would I be willing to leave Road&Track to return to an online publication unless they either backed a dump truck’s worth of cash up to my door or managed to find me the keys to a “long-term” Aventador SV.

So there you have it. No TheDRIVE for us. Now let’s round up the stuff that Bark and I managed to get published elsewhere:

Bark took you through a weekend relying on Uber and mass transit. TL;DR version: not as good as a Boss 302 or even a Fiesta ST.

At R&T, I explained how to do your first trackday in a hugely powerful Cadillac, at zero cost. Over in TTAC-land, I expressed my hopes for the new Continental and shared my unfulfilled Christmas list. Most importantly, I discussed the history of Sanjay Mehta’s 1976 Fleetwod Talisman, which is currently for sale. Please buy it, somebody, so I’m not tempted to.

That’s it for last week. Stay tuned for our final contributions in 2015!

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  1. Charlie

    I wonder what the drive plus guys on youtube think about that logo. It’s awfully close to the orange forward-slash logo that they’re using now.


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