BarkCast #1 — The Canadian Menace ft. Matt Farah and Sam Smith


We warned you that it was coming, and it’s here: the first episode of The BarkCast, recorded live from the Renaissance Center in downtown Detroit this past Sunday night!

We were joined by Matt Farah (from “The Smoking Tire”) and Sam Smith (from “Esquire TV”) as well as a studio audience featuring decorated veterans of the Air Force and the ice-cream business. Check it out and let us know what you think!

26 Replies to “BarkCast #1 — The Canadian Menace ft. Matt Farah and Sam Smith”

  1. Jack Baruth Post author

    Source of the music, by the way, just in case anybody wants to know if we had rights to it:

    Intro: “Hello”, from the album Causing Problems by the band Fender, solo arranged and performed by Mark Baruth.

    Outro: “Blue Bossa”, recorded live at the Park Tavern in Columbus, Ohio. Lead tenor saxophone: Mark Baruth. Bass: Jack Baruth

    • Pete Dushenski

      Is there a Mark and a Bark ? TIL 😉
      No matter, I laughed out loud for the first half of this podcast and found myself nodding in agreement throughout the second half. What could be better than that ? I especially enjoyed the fauxmmercials. 180 months !
      /me tips cap for a job splendidly done.

  2. Nick D

    Enjoyed the podcast! Makes me want to get off my ass and write a car or amateur racing related story instead of thinking about it.

    Did you happen to go through the Bilingual lane at the border and get a Quebecois customs agent ? I made that mistake once and got hounded for the mini baseball bat I forgot was under the seat of my car. When they seized it and asked if I planned on hitting people with it in Canada, I politely pointed out that the Walmart nearby most likely sold full size bats, and they were letting me in with a 4,000lb V8 automobile. My party and I spent an hour in a waiting area for pointing out the stupidity of a government official. It probably didn’t help we were a bunch of 20 year olds boozing it up.

    • Dan S

      aaand missed random dude at kart2kart asking how to get into r&T? That would have been memorable. Was still cool getting to meet Bark, but that would have been hilarious.

      • Jack Baruth Post author

        We’re working on a few ways to improve it in the future. I didn’t realize Bark was serious about it until the day before and for better or worse I’m in charge of technical matters here at the site 🙂

        • Jack Baruth Post author

          I was a little taller as a teenager, too, before I had my right femur shaved and reassembled at the age of 16. I was an honest six three.

          It was probably hugely hilarious for anybody who ever saw my 5’10” father yelling at me for my various and sundry offenses; it would have looked like an elephant cowering before his trainer.

  3. Sobro

    I got halfway through it. It was OK, but a bit too inside baseball for the general audience. Maybe I need to be as wasted as the participants to really appreciate it.

    Can someone explain Jack’s expulsion from hoserville?

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      Agree with you on the inside-baseball… we didn’t really think anybody outside Farah’s more devoted listeners would be interested. Future episodes are likely to be more focused.

      Canada said that, to paraphrase Don Henley, I had a nasty reputation as a cru-el dude.

  4. Michael

    …and one more thing. Looking forward to a cocktail or three the next time your at South Jersey Motor Sports Park.

  5. Economist

    I thoroughly enjoyed the podcast. I think podcasts are at their best when they aren’t structured and just get out of the way of the guests, and that one definitely fit the bill. I could listen to you guys talk about pretty much anything for hours.

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