Housekeeping: Please Continue To Hold


There has been a lot of great commentary on the site over the past few days… and we also have some site traffic news to report. However, I’m currently in Orlando hiding from Jonas. So we will resume normal service Monday afternoon. Take care, everyone!

12 Replies to “Housekeeping: Please Continue To Hold”

  1. Orenwolf

    Staying at the Swan, are we? I was there for the food & wine festival of his year. The boats to EPCOT and Hollywood Studios are a treat. 🙂

  2. DeadWeight

    Enjoy your vacation time while you can, Jack.

    I had to go into an emergency meeting today (Sunday) having to deal with REITs and rapidly deteriorating credit market conditions in both U.S. & our overseas markets, and the shit is getting real, yo.

    These things seem to happen increasingly on a 7 to 8 year interval, and seem to be most severe when incumbent, 2nd term presidents are about to leave office (which is the case now, with a massive bond, equity and arguably, RE bubble, was the case in 2008, with a massive equity and RE bubble, and was the case in 2000, with a massive equity market bubble)..

  3. -Nate

    Damn Jack ~

    You’re goofing off drinking liquor and chasing the skirts and I spent the whole day working on a 30 year old Mercedes with a burst oil cooler hose , a filthy mess plus I’m sore now .

    Just kvetching , that place looks nice to me .



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