Made In The USA: New Balance 993 (PSA: SUPER CHEAP TODAY ONLY)


The New Balance 993 isn’t just named after the greatest Porsche road car of all time — actually, it isn’t really named after the greatest Porsche road car of all time — it’s also one of the best casual shoes money can buy. It’s made in the United States. And today it’s cheaper than it’s ever been. But only today.

This is the second day of the Joe’s New Balance Outlet 15% Off Sale. But it’s also the middle of the Made-In-USA sale. This is the first time I’ve seen both sales occur at the same time. So:

* The NB 993, which is normally $129.99. is down to $99.99
* There’s 15% off on top of that
* And free shipping

If you have ever wanted to experience a true high-quality running shoe, the way they used to make ’em before all the production went to Vietnam and China, this is your chance. I like the 993 so much I have five new-in-box pairs in my basement.

Make that seven.

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  1. AvataraircooledTOM

    I wish Brooks running shoes were made in the US of A. My PureGrit shoes are the lightest, and most comfortable running shoes I have ever owned. Maybe I’ll give NB another shot. I have owned trail runners from NB in the past and I’ve been somewhat underwhelmed. Next time I’ll give them a shot.

    • Avataratonge40

      I concur.

      I love my Brooks running shoes and would pay more if they were made in the US. Like you, I’m going to give the NB 993s a shot. Adidas is planning on bringing shoe production to Detroit in 2017. Hopefully that actually happens.

  2. AvatarThe F0nz

    I concur with Jack’s assessment here. These are HEAVY duty cushioning shoes that last years. (They are not stiff or awkward like motion control shoes though.)

    I’m a big runner (as in size, not dedication) and they hold up very well. They do take a bit of time to break in for purely running use though. For walking/general use they are ready out of the box.

    I bought a grey pair when they went on sale last spring/summer. They still look brand new. Just be sure to waterproof that suede!

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Rancourt makes something like that — but if you find a true Vans clone made in the USA, please come back and share what you have with the class, alright?

  3. AvatarPat

    Damn, the price went up ten bucks in the time between seeing this post this morning and acting upon it now. Still a great deal though

  4. AvatarMrFixit1599

    For years for work, I always bought steel toed boots of varying design and manufacture. Red Wings are very good boots, and can take a beating, but the 2 pair I had weren’t the most comfortable boots after about a year. Pricey boots for the time they last in my experience.

    Last year I needed another pair of steel toes, and ended up trying a pair of New Balance steel toed shoes. I just looked at the tag, made in Malaysia. They are the most comfortable pair of work shoes/boots I have ever owned, and one of the most comfortable pair of shoes i have ever owned period.

    My next pair of shoes may very well be New Balance. I was a Reebok guy for years, but that may change.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I bought a pair of Red Wing “Comfort Force” boots in 1997. I still have ’em. To be fair, however, I often go two or three years without being in a situation where I need a steel toe.

      • AvatarMrFixit1599

        I wear steel toes every day. Not all factories require it, but with the situation I work in, there are always large pieces of steel that can fall, and I would prefer to keep all of my toes. Finding a comfortable pair of steel toed shoes that you can wear every day for 2 years or so is not as easy as it sounds.

  5. AvatarMichael

    Jack, are New Balance components made in the USA or manufactured off shore and then assembled in USA. I can’t find it online but I recall a battle over show “finishing” a few years ago that allowed imported components to be assembles in the USA to qualify for “Made In USA” status.

    Cheers, Michael

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      NB says that any shoe that is assembled in the USA using more than 70% US-made components is labeled “Made In The USA”.

      Shoes assembled in the USA with less than 70% US-made components are tagged “Assembled In The USA”.

      My 993s are Made In the USA, my 1260v4s are Assembled In The USA.

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