SLC Racing Prep: To Race A Slow Car, Start With Fast Ones


To warm up for our awesome 450SLC race experience, brother Mark and I flew to Utah yesterday and attended Ford’s Boss Track Attack school today. I drove a black 302, he drove a yellow one, all sorts of fun was had. I’m proud to note that he was blindingly faster than every other student on track. We had so much fun that I think we’ll be writing in detail about it — you’ll be able to find my article in R&T soon, while Mark will be throwing up a story and photos at TTAC.

Great day, and if Mark can run the SLC as well as he ran the Boss we should have a solid race.

3 Replies to “SLC Racing Prep: To Race A Slow Car, Start With Fast Ones”

  1. Avatarshaun m

    Looking forward big time to said articles.
    I considered going to the Miller Motorsports track school (as a Boss owner), however, the school invitations do not extend out to Canadian customers (boo!). Oh well. Might just have to be a winter holiday event 🙂

  2. Avatarshaun m

    PS – You mention your brother is blisteringly fast, and that he’s in the yellow Boss….yet your car is interestingly out in front in this photograph. Hmm… Trying to scare your future competitors or something? 😀

    • JackJack Post author

      This was from a lead-follow session, sadly. I have some GoPro footage of me chasing him down. He’s running within 3 seconds a lap of me.


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