“When night comes and the wind blows in over the grass you’ll come home.”


My favorite “Internet writer”, the man known only as Delicious Tacos, lost his best friend. It was a Los Angeles death by narcissism; my right to own a pitbull doesn’t stop at your pet’s life. Intellectually I know how DT feels; I can remember crying over animals as a kid and even as an adult. I’ve had nine cats in thirty-five years. Somehow, when my son was born all my empathy for animals was switched off like an overhead bulb in a locked closet. I used to get upset just reading about abused animals. Today I could probably twist a kitten’s head off with my bare hands then have a Frosty. There’s not much room in this three-sizes-too-small heart. Something arrives, something else has to leave. But if you’ve ever slept next to me then you probably know that already.

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  1. Mental

    You can’t be completely heartless of you recognize the bond, and the pain he is feeling.

    I have a big dog, she’s can be aggressive to small things. She won’t hurt people but she has no respect for cats, or for that matter the chipmunks in our yard. I make a special point of keeping an eye on her, even though she is painfully delicate with our Chihuahua (don’t ask) and is always soften than a wet wipe when around my nieces and nephews.

  2. Ronnie Schreiber

    “There’s not much room in this three-sizes-too-small heart.”

    We constrain ourselves with our self-definitions. There’s all sorts of stuff I say that I can’t do (like be organized, on time, responsible, etc.) but the truth is short of physical realities there’s not much I can’t learn, so the truth is that I’m lazy.

  3. hank chinaski

    He mentioned the cat in the preceding post:
    “When the cat dies I’m gone. Not to death but to the jungle in a blaze of glory. The dream used to be impregnate as many underage teens as possible. But now– no one else should live this existence. I’ll just suck it up being old and alone. ”

    I effin hate pit bulls and their owners.

  4. TheOtherDave™

    An absolutely soul-crushing read. Maybe it’s because I woke up to the neighborhood vagabond — a polydactyl tabby we called Bigfoot — kneading my hair before I woke up for junior high, but ever since, I couldn’t imagine a home without some reflection of that early bond. I had a rescue live from 9 to 24 under my roof. Not as point of pride. It was her strength more than mine.

    Now, I get to negotiate with an Egyptian Mau about every aspect of its existence. Set out a suitcase. She knows a trip is coming — and despite some protest — chills out once we’re on the road. Mention the word “vet” in passing to a third party, and she’ll vanish. But she never sets foot outside. When UPS chucks a box onto my porch, she’s off like a shot.

    I will never understand why some of us feel the need to take dogs that were bred to defend and kill, and imprison them, either in an apartment block or a quarter-acre McMansion in suburbia. To the dogs, I’d argue it makes no difference. I can hear a couple baying outside my window right now, trying to unite a pack that will never form.

  5. ComfortablyNumb

    My kids had the same effect on me. It’s not that I don’t like my sister/friend/neighbor’s new dog, it’s just not a big deal. I don’t think it’s a matter of pushing something out of my feels to make room for something else. More like the kids came in and expanded that space, so now those other things take up much less real estate. Perspective, you know.

    • Ken


      I get it, I was there with my own “bud” / fur baby. But after kids come, true crushing sadness for the loss of a pet just isn’t there anymore. There is still a sense of loss, but the perspective is different.

      A this point the kid is the world, the pet just enhances it.

  6. James2

    The block over from where my uncle lives *each* yard is occupied by pit bulls or equally large and menacing dogs. It’s like some sort of Mutual Assured Destruction if these dogs ever got loose. I made the mistake of walking through this block… once.


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