Portrait Of The Author As An Old Man


There’s something highly amusing to me about this photo. It kind of looks like all the self-important cafe racer Instagram photography, doesn’t it? What’s actually happening is that I’m waiting for my friend Sidney to get his DR-Z 400 started so we can ride home from dinner. I was kind of staring at the ground like a moron. And if I’d known there were going to be pictures I wouldn’t have the bungee-cord net on there. Oh well. At least the CB looks good. We’re going to cross the 4000-mile mark today. So far, I have no regrets.

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  1. Felis Concolor

    Somewhere in a storage warehouse there are 2 Honda CB350s, which I’m certain are more my speed these days. One of them has fewer than 2,000 miles, the result of putting it into storage shortly after putting it on its turn signal shortly into its 1st owner’s tenure. I guess you could call them a matched pair, as the other low-miles version is the complementary green to the earlier unit’s orange. I wish I could remember the name of the owner as he expressed an interest in selling to a worthy enthusiast.

    They’re parked next to the MG-TC, which is across from – ah, fuck it; that guy’s storage contents reads like a laundry list of cool vintage hardware.

  2. jz78817

    guy I know from work has a Honda VT700c which needs a stator (and repairing the stator connector) for only $500. I’m good with fixing stuff so I’ve been toying with the idea of buying it just to flip it.

  3. rwb

    It’s a good looking bike, and if you hadn’t said otherwise I’d have assumed that was a conscious pose. Very Bike EXIF. As ever, I’m jealous of the toys.

    Speaking of, I just now got a call about a Fiesta ST which I’m going to look at this afternoon, Bark’s article flipped a switch. But, I also received a Fiesta-ST-down-payment-sized speeding ticket on Sunday which will probably require legal assistance lest I’m unable to afford said Fiesta’s insurance (or any insurance at all.) So we’ll have to see how this all shakes out, but at the risk of jinxing myself, I might have something more appropriate for the track by this summer. Or I might still have an increasingly creaky Civic.

    Either way I want to get some track time in if you’re down. Let me know if you’ll be hitting any appropriate events.

      • rwb

        Word. I just checked the schedule and unfortunately I can’t do May (I’ll be in Vegas (baby!)) but if October is cool for you, that gives me plenty of time to buy either new tires or a new car…

  4. DeadWeight

    Jack, weird question (I’m doing a building conversion and this relates to that building in the background and some design/engineering issues in a positive way) –

    – what’s the address of that building so I can google street view it to find out what the additional floors and the exterior window openings look like?

    Thanks a ton for a fast response if you are able.

        • DeadWeight

          p.s. The first floor is very similar to a building we are in process of converting, and I can tell that we might be able to get more depth in the appearance of the building we’re converting if we are able to do in a construction sense what that building’s developer did in an architectural sense –

          – if that makes sense.

  5. rwb

    So I test drove a FiST, plus a GTI because the VW dealer was next door and I’ve never really considered one. I’m putting this here really for my own reference and clarification of thought, but all are free to either validate or trash my findings. Pardon the indulgence.

    GTI is a seriously awesome car on first impression. Very quiet, nice, grown-up. Perfectly sized inside and out, and much quicker than I expected. Aggressively priced, too. It really is the Goldilocks car. But its limits are fairly high and the whole experience is undramatic even if you’re at sweating-salesman pace.

    The Fiesta is very, very dramatic. But it’s a bit too small, a bit cramped, it’s got some deeply iffy ergonomics (why is there a touchscreen if you can’t reach it? Do I have little T. rex arms?) and the one I’m after even has black wheels with red brake calipers which I feel must signal some negative stereotype I’m not aware of.

    But, thirty behind a dump truck in that ST was more interesting than in the GTI on the same route. I drove both cars within an hour of each other on a nice twisty backroad, but it was open for the GTI, and crowded for the ST. I still enjoyed driving the ST more. If the GTI moved and felt like the Fiesta, it might actually be the perfect FWD car, but as it stands, depending on the word from Legal, I’m thinking it’s time to cut into the ribeye-and-wine budget for a new Ford.

    • rwb

      Sorry, that should read, “But, thirty behind a dump truck in that ST was more interesting than *an antisocial speed* in the GTI on the same route.” Too cute with the less and greater symbols.

    • everybodyhatesscott

      I went through the same thing with a mazdaspeed3 and a GTI about 7 years ago. The GTI was nicer (more refined) but I just liked driving the Mazda more

  6. -Nate

    Looks like a fun Moto to me .

    In my back yard languishes a yellow CB400F my Brother bought new in 1976 , rode three times , crashing it each time whilst not riding it fast even….

    I’m not fond of InLine Motos , I prefer twins .

    Ride hard far and wide but always _SAFELY_ (says the crippled dufus) .


  7. Hank Chinaski

    Liked the Marquis piece linked from the Speeding Bullet piece.
    “Said that I should go to school and never think about her again.”
    ” my father said, β€œand forget about that tramp.”

    When those words are spoken a young man should really, really listen, but we never do. I’ll pass the same advice to my clones, and they won’t either. I once bumped into my grandfather when out with a ‘Tanya’. The knowing look he threw was one of mirthful pride.

    I take it the car ran fine (or as well as it did before) after bouncing in and out of the ditch.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      The Variable Venturi carburetor… if I knew what I know now, I’d have pulled it and put on a plain Holley 2-barrel.

  8. rwb

    So tomorrow I pick up my 2016 Fiesta ST. Magnetic grey, orange-insert Recaros. Feels good after hating my car for five years.


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