Weekly Roundup: Not Yet, You Sassy Bitch Edition


Looks like somebody wants to come out and play in the spring sunshine. But not yet. Incidentally, this is my garage at its least crowded; there were three motorcycles and a stack of tires sitting in the driveway when I took this shot. It’s going to be a hectic season. As of right now I have at least ten hours of work or travel booked for every day from now until the middle of June.

I’m never too busy to write, however, so let’s see what we have for you, the perpetually patient and thoroughly cherished reader.

Bark’s garage situation isn’t nearly as dire as mine, so he thoughtfully offered to garage a reader’s Corvette for a while. He reviewed a Dodge Journey then reviewed it again. No wonder he wears a Heuer Monaco watch — he manages to squeeze two articles out of a single rental!

After ringing TTAC’s traffic and volume bell pretty hard for a few months, it seemed like a good idea for me to calm down for a week. I shared some more Uber stories with the readers and informed them about a chance to get an authentic plug-in hybrid for about $18,500 after taxes.

For R&T, I sang the praises of the high-revving gasoline engine and explained why the Boxster’s still locked in the garage.

This weekend, you’ll be able to find both Mr. Baruth and Mr. Maruth at Watkins Glen. We’ll be behind the wheel of Black Betty the RX-7 for the opening round of the American Endurance Racing season. At least one of us will return to update this website next week!

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  1. AvatarFelis Concolor

    Soon, soon you will have your fun!

    This past weekend was a hoot, as it involved a 2-day trip to friends in UT and back planned in less than half a day, starting right as the snowstorm hit. Fortunately I decided to take US-50 instead of I-70 and only had to deal with lots of snow and ice along Monarch Pass. It was clear and wet to either side of that death-defying stretch, but even towing an unbraked single axle trailer loaded with furniture I was never in danger of soiling my trousers.

    My partner enjoyed what she didn’t sleep through, and the return trip was almost boring until we reached Monarch again, at which point I suffered serious shooting pains in my right leg as my partner has a near paralyzing fear of heights and was clutching on to me for support even as she turned her eyes from the sheer drops. The broken shoulders and missing guard rail sections from the prior day’s mishaps did nothing to alleviate her fear, even as I mentioned just how much less drama there was at 45 compared to Saturday’s single-digits blind crawl up and down the mountainside.

    I now have a favorite route to Grand Junction and Utah, and we’ll definitely bring the daughter along next time. Spending an additional day to visit the various geological tourist destinations will be a very big deal for her as she’s been interested in earth sciences for most of her conscious life.

    And for those who don’t mind a couple extra hours on their drive, definitely consider the US-50 route to get back to Denver from weekend trips west. I offer both my sympathy as well as pointing and braying at everyone who spent 15 hours trying to get back to Denver along I-70 last weekend. The more southerly location and open mountain pass route should also be consistently clearer compared to the parking lot conditions I normally encounter along the interstate.

  2. Avatarrwb

    Thanks for the validation in the Fiesta article! I heard it’s a “fuckin’ weeniemobile” from a very angry state trooper with rosacea whom I got to meet recently.

    I ordered a COBB motor mount and set aside a small tire fund, and I’m crossing my fingers that nothing blows up, though if Farah’s car hasn’t popped an engine or turned its brake calipers into slag, I do like my chances. I’m hoping this should provide at least a couple solid track days this year, and keep enough saved for wheel-to-wheel next year. Which reminds me I want to pick your brain about AER sometime.

  3. AvatarRyan

    “I’m a big believer in doing whatever I want to do and then dodging as many of the consequences as possible.”

    This is why I like you. Last week, I called off of work at 1:00 AM so I could ride out to NYC last Friday in a P90D. I had no return flight booked. A lot of my friends told me I was an idiot. I told them they’ve never lived.

    When I returned to the office on Monday, the only consequence was having to explain to the Executive Director how I flew first class for $220. Well worth it.

      • AvatarRyan

        Definitely. I actually rode shotgun with Alex Roy on his return trip last week. I don’t want to blow up his spot, but if you want me to go in-depth feel fee to contact me privately.

        The acceleration was amazing. I’ve ridden in/driven 9 and 10 second cars, but obviously nothing matches that amount of torque from 0 RPM.

        The interior is nice, but lacks adequate cup holders and storage for wallets/phones needed for a long drive. Otherwise, it was pretty comfortable.

        The navigation is flawed. It doesn’t account for anything other than supercharger stations. We ended up crunching numbers to see if it was quicker to bypass Maryland, or charge in Hagerstown and drive at a higher speed to Allentown. We ended up having to use Waze for part of the trip.

        Autopilot was a bit sketchy at 90. Had a few scares on the Turnpike and in NYC traffic. If I were to allegedly drive the vehicle on Autopilot, I would say that it was extremely difficult for me to place my trust in the hands of a computer. I would much rather crash a Tesla on my own accord than due to an Autopilot miscalculation.

        If there’s anything else you’d like to know, feel free to reach out to me.

  4. AvatarGraham

    Nice piece on the ST. This weekend, I drove an F-150 rental from Detroit to Boston and back to stock up on Alfa parts. The sense of relief I felt this morning when pulling out of the neighborhood in my Fiesta ST was priceless. I don’t understand how so many can stand commuting in tall, cumbersome SUVs/trucks/CUVs.

  5. AvatarJosh M

    First ticket in the Accord V6. 72 in a 55 out on 127 S. Just barely cracked it over three grand on that slight uphill out of Camden. State Trooper got me. Yeah. They’re fast enough.


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