MelodyBirds For $2599


All sorts of good news for me lately. The first good news is that after switching up my medication and whatnot I’m significantly more likely to be alive this time next week. Most people in this situation would be taking stock of their lives and whatnot and re-evaluating their choices and so on. I’ve been too busy holding a little intro jam for the first MelodyBird, which is on its way to a studio musician in Toronto.

Everybody agrees: the MelodyBird offers playability and tone that equal or surpass the Gibson Nashville Custom Firebird and Heritage H-357. I don’t say that lightly because I’m a big believer in the H-357 and own two of the fifteen or so that have been hand-made by Marv Lamb in the past five years. But we’ve got it whipped.

Best of all, a Gibby CS Bird is $4299 and an H-357 is $3500 plus a six to eight month wait. The MelodyBird is $2599 with Seth Lover pickups as seen above. But wait, there’s more!


With the MelodyBird you get your choice of woods for the neck and body. You get a choice of neck carve. You get to select your wiring and knob layout. And you can have flame-maple neck binding, which isn’t available at any price from the competition.

Let me just come right out and say this. Chris O’Dee is the Kris Derrig of this generation. Just like with Derrig, the O’Dee guitars are making appearances on stage and in the studio all over the place. Just like with Derrig, there’s an increasingly fervent community of fans. Unlike Derrig, O’Dee’s in great health and I expect him to survive me, no problem 🙂

I’m offering the money-back guarantee on MelodyBirds for at least another month or two. It works like this: If you don’t like it, for any reason, you have 30 days to return it to me for a full cash refund. No questions asked. I’m mostly doing this because I don’t have “demo” MelodyBirds to go around. This one’s gone and the next few will likely disappear as well. It’s easier to put the guitar in someone’s hands and offer a refund if they don’t like it. So far, my money’s stayed in my wallet.

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    • JackJack Post author

      Um, for those of you just arriving in-thread, this comment was left by a friend of mine who was angry with me for hiding the fact that I’d gone to the hospital from her, not from anybody actually associated with our product. Thing are totally fine and dandy at MelodyBurner Enterprises, yo, and perhaps the young lady in question will eventually forgive me.

  1. AvatarMark in Maine

    Gawd, what a beautiful guitar – I miss the ’63 RF III that I once owned, but one of these would do me just fine, some day. I can’t stop looking at the combination of the different woods and all of the small details that make This MelodyBird what it is.

  2. AvatarTomko


    They keep so many secrets – and then if they perceive that you’ve kept something from them they jump all over you like you’ve breached their intimacy.

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