Are You A Spectator, Or A Co-Respondent?


Allen-Edmonds is returning the Broadstreet “spectator shoe” to their lineup for a few weeks at an utterly astounding price. No, it’s not a golf shoe, and calling it a “golf shoe” is a sure sign of someone who is only indifferently aware of men’s style. These are spectators, also known as co-respondent shoes. I’ll explain why.

Supposedly invented by John Lobb for wear at gentlemanly sporting events, the two-tone brogue became “associated with cads and bounders”, eventually acquiring the sobriquet of “co-respondents”. Prior to our modern enlightened age, if an Englishman wanted to divorce his wife for adultery he was usually required to name the woman’s partner. This fellow would have to show up in court as well. Presumably he’d be wearing two-tone shoes, because the kind of guys who nailed other dudes’ wives in the early 1900s were all about the two-tone shoes. Or so we are meant to believe.

Ironically, the above link tells us that Edward, the Prince of Wales, favored spectators, as did the woman he loved, Wallis Simpson. As this fascinating article notes, in order for Edward to marry Wallis, who was already on her second marriage, it was critical for the courts to grant her both a divorce for cause against Ernest Simpson and permission to marry again. Some mild pressure was brought to bear against Mr. Simpson — this was still an era where it could be difficult, if not risky, to displease the Windsors — and he agreed to be “caught” with a woman in a hotel room. The whole thing was set up from beginning to end, witnesses were procured, the evidence was presented to the court, and Mrs. Simpson was free to marry the man who wanted her more than he wanted a crown.

Eleven years ago, the Broadstreet was a regular part of Allen-Edmonds’ lineup, but only in black and white. Inspired by various English-built spectators from John Lobb, Crockett&Jones, and Edward Green, I came up with a design for modified Broadstreets featuring chestnut leather and white nubuck vamps. I ordered a set, took photos, and put them up on the Ask Andy About Clothes forum. They became known as FlatSix spectators, since “FlatSix” was my forum name. Enough people ordered them for Allen-Edmonds to start offering them as a secret-sauce regular-production shoe in all of their stores. If you asked for them by name, you could get them for the same price as the black-and-white shoes.

The next ten years were tumultuous both for the Broadstreet and for me. I was more or less named as a co-respondent in two divorce cases. This being $THE_CURRENT_CENTURY, I didn’t have to show up in court. But I definitely had the shoes for the job, had such an appearance been required. Now the Broadstreet is back, at the amazing price of $279. The chestnut-and-white combination uses a leather vamp instead of the FlatSix-spec nubuck, but I think it’s pretty neat. You should consider adding them to your own adventure; my days of co-respondence are, thankfully, over and done. In fact, the last time I corresponded with the woman for whom I was a co-respondent, we had this conversation:


Still working on that, years later. Still working.

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  1. VolandoBajo

    Charmingly genuine tends to be an acquired, rather than an inherent, characteristic, in my experience.

    And one of the most difficult to acquire, at that.

    Intelligence and/or wisdom tend to cause one to gravitate to most virtues, but oftentimes such advantages seem to reinforce genuine charmingness, while simultaneously working to distract one from a quest to become charmingly genuine.

    IMNERHO charming genuineness may very well be one of the most difficult virtues to obtain, once one has feasted on the fruits of being charming.

    It may often begin and endure in business and ordinary friendship, but when the way of all flesh is involved, it seems almost inevitable that self-seeking behavior advances to the fore. And many a romance has begun with good intentions, only to be completely overrun by good intentions in another direction.

    Had I not “been struck by lightning” after having been at the fair for nigh on to two decades, I don’t think I would have even considered it desirable to strive to be less of a “player”…it was the only game in town for me, until I met the woman who for me was, and remains, beyond all comparisons.

    And even then, the quest for genuineness came about primarily as a result of my wanting to do everything I possibly could not to mess that relationship up by trying to have my cake and eat it too.

    In other areas I always strove to be loyal and honorable, but in affairs of the heart, I was incessantly on the prowl for more and better opportunities until I met the woman who showed me what it was to truely love someone else, and not to just love what someone else could do or be for me.

    Others are amazed that more than half of all marriages end in divorce…I am amazed that as many last as do, given the inherently hedonistic message we grow up surrounded by. And the hedonistic selfishness that we can so easily fall into, once the lights are out and/or the door is closed.

    I suppose that tendency fulfills some kind of procreational calculus, but it also tends to exact a tremendous price in collective heartache.

    In my teens, twenties and thirties, I didn’t consider myself a barbarian in love, but when all the pretense is stripped away, no Viking or Mongolian warrior was any more predatory than I was…it was only the arena and the goals that differed.

    And I used to think that it was just human nature, and that that made it the only way, and hence OK.

    I do not brag, because it was not wisdom or inherent virtue that caused me to change, only a more all-consuming desire to focus my energies on one person, because she was so much more than all the rest I had known. Without her in my life, I would just be well on my way to being a sad old fart who had burned most of his bridges behind him, and who was too proud or too vain to begin cruising the blue hair or the Parents Without Partners circuit to avoid being alone.

    Instead, SWMBO even though I am still a bad dog at heart, has proven F. Scott Fitzgerald wrong. In my life, there has been a second act, and it is as long running a play as “The Fantasticks”.

    And the only tragedy is that we didn’t find each other sooner, so that we might have had more time with each other, instead of wandering around, not aimlessly, but aimed only at finding someone to entertain us a bit better for a bit longer.

    But as far as acquiring that genuineness in love, whether charming or not, I say better late than never, and even better imperfectly done rather than blindly never having attempted it.

    But when I found someone who was everything I had ever had before, and more, it was almost inevitable that I would change. Certainly not an act of benevolence…just a translation into a different dimension of life.

    Without her, as I have already said, I don’t know if I would have ever arrived at the conclusion that genuineness in romance was a winning strategy or a virtue, had she not made it so obvious to me for the first time in my life, that there was not even a remote possibility of finding another person who could make me so happy.

    Absent someone like that, I’m not sure how much, if at all, men, or at least alpha males, ever arrive at a point where they discard the idea of always keeping an eye out for one’s next opportunity or move.

    I wish it weren’t so, that the world was a less self-centered romantic sphere, but to me it seems almost inevitably human nature that most men, most of the time, are inherently situational ethicists about romance, rather than naturally genuine and sincere people.

    Disagree with me if you wish, and call me blind if you see things differently. But you will have a hard time convincing me if you believe otherwise, that you aren’t the one who is blind. It is a world I saw and lived in for over twenty years.

    But then again, for that much time or more, I thought that pretty much everyone drank when they weren’t working, too, though when I stopped hanging around people who drank all the time I found out that there were lots of people who didn’t drink often, or at all, when they weren’t working. Perhaps it was just the world I immersed myself in, one that I escaped from only because I finally found one woman who completely satisfied me at all levels.

    I’m not sure how you could ever design an experiment to either prove or disprove the hypothesis that men inherently gravitate towards genuine charm, rather than charming genuineness. But it is an interesting topic to ponder…I’m just glad I didn’t end my life in an ugly endgame as karma for running roughshod for as long as I could.

  2. VolandoBajo

    PS The shoes are genuinely beautiful, and your FlatSix variation is even better than the stock version.

    Just out of curiosity, for Bark, given that you think three button suits are out of date (the one topic I really disagreed with you on), do you consider these dinosaur shoes, or do you consider them to still be stylish dress for the modern businessman? Just curious. I have no strong opinion either way. More interested in what you, as someone of a younger generation, and a good dresser, think about shoes like this, which I believe used to be considered at the high end of shoe fashion for men in business.

  3. MrGreenMan

    I am the last guy to understand the high end of most of these clothing and fashion things – I used to have a $30 Seiko purchased at Meijer’s and worn for 20 years, and, until this last year, I wore the exact same type of sneaker for everything because I figured – maximize comfort, it’s my life.

    When my toes went through the latest pair of the exact same sneaker I had purchased every year since 2001, I decided to make a change. I had really hoped to find something within the price range that was hand-made in the United States and could satisfy the weird combination of needs I have from a solid, wide shoe. I came close with the new Samuel Hubbard line. I have no idea where those fit in your pecking order – probably low – but, as a guy who is close to a “Class A MGTOW” as I’ve been called (I don’t really care for a connection, just information, and I’m gone – but I do the self improvement thing – I just literally am incapable of not being my own one man band; the A is probably for a–h—-), the response to just changing the shoes was amazing. I assume if I didn’t spend as many hours a day on the keyboard or doing something, I could have done something with the women who just positively turned from walking past me in the office complex to opening doors, bringing me food, etc. It was everywhere – if I wore them to the Speedway, I’d have women offer to hold my stuff and open doors for me. If I went to Wendy’s, they gave me free stuff.

    It has also improved the odds of actually being allowed a test drive most places, and nobody questions if I want to see whatever new thing FNH has put out.

    The right shoe really does resonate with some people.

  4. Orenwolf

    I’m sure there is a (possibly large) contingent of the male population to whom these shoes would appeal. I am not in that group.

    For me, simple lines and stark adornment rule the day. I’d rather wear a simple button down shirt, trousers/pants/jeans/whatever appropriate to the occasion, and nondescript, black, rounded-toe shoes than add flair or frills or whatever one calls the various accoutrements these shoes display.

    I guess that makes me either postmodernist or brutalist, depending on the occasion. Ironically, that probably dates me – all the youngin’s are all about pieces of flair now.

      • everybodyhatesscott

        You think the former might have something to do with the latter? Granted, i get it. I mostly hate attention but i have to adjust for the fact that i really like the gals. I talk and dress as flashy as much as i need to.get a cute gf then i go back to my reserved self

        • jz78817

          “You think the former might have something to do with the latter?”

          you think this is some amazing insight?

    • VolandoBajo

      Orenwolf, I call it transcendent…transcending all externally dictated fashions and modes and styles.

      I do genuinely like some of the well-designed things that I see here which can be worn. The FlatSix version of the Co-Respondent’s footwear is truly a thing of beauty, perfect for what it intends itself to be.

      But early in life I realized that I was not destined to have limitless wealth, and that if I dressed simply, as you have described, and carried myself confidently, then with a little bit of study and a little bit of effort, I could more or less effortlessly glide between, around and in and out of numerous circles, just as I had learned to do in a cliquish HS, by being able to be a fair bit of several different things without being pretentious and without trying hard.

      Occasionally in my life, I have discovered that entree and/or acceptance into certain circles required the acquisition and wearing of the old school tie (in the sense of “With Honors”, to be sure).

      But I learned from my elders, substitute big brothers, that if one carried oneself with confidence, and acted as if what I was wearing was the right thing, that more often than not, that would carry the day.

      In other words, being cool consists of never trying to be cool, never worrying about whether or not one is cool, and always carrying oneself as if one is confident that he (or she, though I have no first hand experience there, nor do I aspire to) is right where he is supposed to be, and that he is at least as “in” as others, if not more so…after all, if you aren’t following someone else’s dictates, by definition, you are either ahead of the curve or else an outcast…with a little study, one can learn how to be at home in many circles, even if you don’t dress “just so”.

      Not that I have never sought to follow a style or a dress code…just that I strive to “just be” rather than to try to “be something”.

      Based on your description of your streamlined nearly universal clothing ideal, may I recommend to you Nike Air Force 1’s in all black…the original ones look like an almost universal black shoe, perhaps a slightly “brutal” styled office shoe, e.g., in a tech management corporate environment, and/or a ready for a little spontaneous hoops, or even light hiking.

      I have almost worn out my last pair. Time to start looking around to see if they still make that simple style, and if so, who has it.

      In my neck of the woods, a hardly upscale shoe store, Sneaker Villa, has the reputation for having the best prices, the latest colorways, and the most down to earth sales people. With the right rap, you can even get some nice shoes that aren’t last year’s models, for a decent discount, if the salesperson thinks you have cred.

      Don’t get me wrong, I love the way some of the high end shoes Jack likes look, and if I was younger and striving to move fluidly for the most part in major league circles, I’d be stacking my deck with the accoutrements of quality and success.

      But no longer needing to strive for a place in either the corporate, the technological nor the academic circles, when I see a nice pair if shoes that cost several hundred dollars, my mind immediately throws a downshift, to the idea that there are so many things I would still like to do that cost money, and would I rather try to have the money to do them, or would I rather strive to stand out, and to draw others to me like moths to the flame.

      Thirty years ago, I would likely have gone for the clothing that exuded style, confidence and indifference to cost.

      Today I think about how happy I am that I no longer need to strive for success in career or personal life, and how happy I am that still have that odd few hundred laying around here and there that enable me to go places and do things with the love of my life, or my number one and only one son, or both.

      So if someone died and left me king, I’d be chasing down a couple of sets of Specs, post haste.

      But instead, I will be looking for the most universal looking simply designed plain black men’s shoes, ones that will work in any office, but that also can immediately go camping, or on a serious hike at a moment’s notice.

      In my young, really young, adult days, living in a coastal area, the shoes that did that for me were Sperry Topsiders…then I discovered K-Swiss, way before they became a general sports and hiphop thing. K-Swiss made a pair of white sneakers/tennis shoes that had a dual-sole: a tennis court tread AND a deck shoe tread.

      And since a lot of my spare time for a few years was spent either chasing court time or crewing time on someone’s sailboat, they were the go-to, go anywhere shoes of that day.

      Then for a long time, K-Swiss stopped making them in canvas top, only leather, which sort of went contrary to having a shoe you could walk along the shoreline in, and then have them dry out just by walking in them for a couple of hours, and do that without smelling like an over-ripe wet dog.

      If you happen to be about size 43 Euro, 9.5 US on the wide side, Jack, that haven’t yet fallen apart, but that you are thinking about tossing, I’d gladly pay shipping, just to have a pair of something like the FlatSixs but which cost me essentially nada.

      Until then, I’ll be looking for the upcoming decade’s solution to my desire for a near universal, one style fits all scenes (or at least the ones that matter to me)…style of shoe.

      They won’t be bobo’s, but they aren’t going to be so expensive I wouldn’t dare leave them outside the door at a hotel in a country where that is the norm, either.

      This is just the way I am. It is not any kind of a statement, least of all a statement of what I do or don’t subscribe to.

      But for me, just as a zori was the perfect shoe for a wandering Zen monk, especially because it was simple, didn’t stand out as an attention-getter, and was highly functional, all at a very small cost, so will whatever is the next shoe, or pairs of shoes, that I zero in on.

      But what the hey, I am also the kind of guy who gets a haircut every summer and winter, whether I need one or not.

      But then again, I was always destined to end up an Old Geezer ™, if I lived long enough. And it looks like for better or worse, I have done that, or at least am getting close to it.

      As another example of my incipient O.G. style, I also refuse to take anything a doctor tells me I should take “as a preventative” when nothing is wrong with me, as it probably will benefit the doctor and the pharmaceutical company more than it will benefit me…witness me at forty with a BP of 140/90 while working a high stress job. Doc wants to put me on BP meds, which can have a lot of nasty side effects. Fortunately, I had a martial arts brother who was a topnotch cardiologist who advised me to stay OFF the BP meds, and just cut back on my caffeine a bit. And reduce the stress in my life…I was married, and had a hot little co-respondent of my own…always better to have one than to be one, I say. Once the divorce was final, and I had changed jobs, the BP went down to 120/75.

      As a parting example of such simple utilitarian style of dress, etc., the umbrella that sits on the back deck of my Panther is a large red and white golf umbrella…never gets lost in a rack full of umbrellas, large enough to keep a lady dry without looking like you are soaking yourself to go out of your way to prove what a gentleman you are.

      I will spend money for quality, but only when quality provides a tangible benefit and then only if the benefit it provides is worth its incremental cost.

      I hate to wear any kind of jewelry. For years I used a cellphone as my watch, even though I had a TAG Heuer in my drawer. When I was younger, I wore a Seiko diver because I liked the look and feel, and the T-H seemed like a step up. But I had outgrown the desire to have a bulky “manly” watch, so my wife, knowing my like of simplicity, found me a beautiful metal band watch that is lighter, looks like it is expensive, and keeps better time than the TAG Heuer does.

      Well, enough of this meandering…the midnight ramblings of an OG with insomnia. Guess I’ll have another Coke (another ™, accept no substitutes) and then knock myself out and go to bed.

      In the end, Zen simplicity carries a type of beauty all its own, and one that is indiscernible to the average eye…shibumi at worst, shibui at its best.

      And no, that is not a reference to the art of tying women up artfully…that was that other guy’s schtick, the one who must remain nameless (because I wasn’t around TTAC when he was, because he’s a bummer anyway (fairly sure I couldn’t have been in the same room with him for more than fifteen minutes), and besides, his name is one of those relatively worthless bits of information that I find often slip my mend when I try to recall them.)

      So good night to one and all.

      And congratulations, Jack, on your making the front page. And for finding a relationship that seems to be bringing you solid happiness.

      Word, brother…if you find yourself so much in love that you find yourself instinctively wanting to do things for her that are somewhat of a loss to you, you may be “Really In Love!” (RIL). That’s how I knew T was someone different from all the rest…before, if there was a great leftover desert from a dinner date, I would share it with whoever was the Lady Of The Moment (LOTM), but I would always rationalize that I needed the larger portion, as she weighed less than me (yes, I could and was a Shallow Hal, Before Model, as well as all my other faults).

      But when I found myself wanting to let T have as much as she wanted to satisfy herself and to make her happy, and that I would be OK with just having what she didn’t want to have, I knew I was in trouble…RIL!. Because I had never been truly, deep down, unselfish with any woman, when no one was looking or could see.

      But with T, I found myself WANTING to do things for her that weren’t necessarily what I wanted out of a situation, just so I could make her happy…not to please her so she would love me more, just to please her because I really wanted to see her be happy whenever it was possible.

      And when I met her at the beginning of a summer, then got to spend every other weekend in New Orleans, on expense account, and with a rental T-Bird that was a nice variation of the one I had just bought, and then even had a chance for a promotion that would mean a nice increase in a secure job in perhaps the best city in the US, overall, yet I chose to go back to my job in DC, because she was there and could not leave for NO with me at that time, due to custody arrangements for her daughter.

      I just kept on finding myself not even minding let things go by that I could have wanted, just to see her happier, I KNEW it was different this time…because I was a way I had never been before, no matter how much I thought I was in love/lust with any woman.

      But it turned out to be scary for both of us, because she has said she was finding out the same thing…and since she was and is a great looking, tall, sweet, beautiful, high IQ leggy blonde with a great personality, she was used to getting her way in relationships with men. And I was used to getting my way with women. That was like some weird psychological attraction repulsion experiment.

      At the same time much easier and much more difficult than anything that had come before…but able to withstand tremendous pressures, and evidenced by an interpersonal bond stronger than SuperGlue.

      She was what it took for me to overcome being a selfish bastard…generous in bed, but when all was stripped away, the Sweeney Todd of romance, take no prisoners. Or more precisely, take them all prisoner.

      So I hope you have found something that intense and that real, Jack.

      Always good to see things going well for you…R&T cover, new marriage, John blossoming like a champ along several dimensions, all that stuff.

      Hope our paths cross someday soon. You are one of the few people who can look at life in such a way as to induce intense introspection, and you do it in an entertaining way to boot.

      In the meantime, I will continue to follow the adventures, as a break from continuing my own…all the best to you.

      Holler at me if you are ever in the Philly area, or even DC or NYC, if you might have a little time…I still know a few cool foodie places in all three. Do it whenever you want, alone, with DG, John, or both. We will even be glad to put you up for few days if you want, so you can spend more of your successful playboy/racer/computer whiz dough on more cool things, instead of just on hotel rent.


  5. Hank Chinaski

    only indifferently aware of men’s style
    That would be me, but I think I see a pair of those Liverpools in my future.

  6. Justin Pattison

    I always used to assume, lazily, that co-respondent referred to the contrasting leathers. I can still remember the day (sequestered in a G8 hotel room, watching the film “The Co-respondent”) when the penny dropped.

    It was a little shock, forcing me to reevaluate the character of my grandfather, whose feet were never out of a pair.

    Those AEs look great; in the UK anything of comparable manufacture are 3x the price, whilst quality is increasingly in question at husk brands such as Church’s…

    • VolandoBajo

      Eh, wot, Justin? Free trade in the EU hasn’t caused prices to drop all throughout Europe for quality goods?

      No wonder so many UK’ers seem to want make a Br-Exit for the nearest door…

      That and I can think of several other reasons as well, but I would have thought, sincerely, that fine hand-crafted Italian shoes would be relatively affordable throughout the European Empire, such as it is.

      Or are all those detailed specs about how to make and do everything, in the name of facilitating cross-border trade on equal terms, running costs up instead of simplifying products?

      Not that bureaucrats might be tempted to tell everyone that they need to be micromanaged in every aspect of their lives within the EU in order to (a) increase the control of the oligarchy over the populace; and (b) provide lots of well-paying jobs for insiders writing and administering administrative rules.

      “Follow the leaders, the Golden Era is just around the corner…”, or maybe not.

      Personally, if I were in the UK, given the terms on which the choice is couched, I would vote for a Br-Exit in a heartbeat.

      And for a lot of the same reasons that so many US citizens are tired of the Hillary’s and the Bernies, and the Nancy Pelosi’s, and the Mitt Romneys and the Ted Cruz’s, and the John Boehners and the Paul Ryans and all the rest of the “professional governance class, senior tier”…and why so many people like the The Donald, in spite of, or perhaps even because of, his irreverent disregard for political correctness.

      Not sure if The Donald will bring about a better change or not, if elected, but he will bring about a change, and right now that seems like the better alternative by far.

      Like one of his campaign aides said recently, “Trump tweets one time that he has the hotter wife, and it gets re-tweeted with disapproving comments all over DC for hours and days. Yet when an American girl dies in her father’s arms, the victim of a five times deported illegal alien/undocumented world traveler with multiple felony convictions, dead because San Francisco refuses to turn people like him over to the ICE for deportation, almost NO ONE tweets word one about that tragedy.”

      As he pointed out, the political world is upside down.

      Or as Rastafarian Brother Joe Higgs sang “They say the world is turning round, I say the world is upside down.”

      But seriously, what is the cause of such high prices for quality handcrafted goods in an economy plagued by unemployment and with a history of highly skilled craftsmen? I really don’t know, and have a hard time believe that over-regulation alone could harm business that much, but then again, it hasn’t exactly helped the US economy either.

  7. Athos

    I love the style of those shoes, particularly the brown ones, but the white stripe has to go, or be done in a much less contrasting colour. As they are, I wouldn’t wear them. Price is not too bad, in US$.

  8. Yamahog

    This seems like as good a place as any to trawl for advice.

    I’m looking for Toyota Century style shoes. I’m willing to pay top dollar for shoes (up to $500 if they’re that good) but I’m looking for the highest quality, most comfortable shoes known to man. The Toyota Century is a V12 limousine that’s comparable to a Rolls Royce Phantom but Toyota markets the Century thusly “the Century is acquired through persistent work, the kind that is done in a plain but formal suit.”

    Like, what pair of shoes do I get (or what manufacturer do I buy) that’s the least expensive way to get into the highest quality tier.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      Alden or Allen-Edmonds, for sure.

      Which one just depends on where you are in the country. Alden is strongest on the East Coast, with the greatest dealer presence. Everywhere else, it’s A-E.

      • Yamahog

        Thanks Jack! I’ll check out the Allen Edmonds on my way home from work. And they’re made in the USA! That rocks. You da man!

        • Derek Kreindler

          On Jack’s recommendation. I just bought a pair of black AE Park Avenues in shell cordovan. This is the shoe you are looking for.

  9. allan kenny

    I remember from history lessons the ” Giving up the crown for the women I love” bit. 🙂 In my humble opinion she done been whumped with an ugly stick but him being Brit Royalty and me being Irish descent , I figured most Brit upper class men sort of preferred manly looking women(or womanly looking men).

    • VolandaBajo

      At one time, there was a rumor going around in certain circles that she had led a rather decadent and debauched life in fairly exclusive places of ill repute in China, and that she was considered to have developed skills there that exceeded even those of her “peers” in that milieu. And that, having attained to such a level of skill, she was able to light his fire in a way that no one else had been able to do.

      I would love to have been able to also find out what those supposed skills were, but my information, while not extremely removed, was far from front seat, also. But considering that there was an older gentleman who had been a key player in the Flying Tigers, and who was a western gentleman on good terms with Chang Kai-shek, it is quite possible that the story may have been floated with some truth behind it.

      More than that, I cannot say…but it used to intrigue me know end, as a much younger man, when I first heard the story.

      One school of thought was of the opinion that it might have involved a string of beads, but that may have been only a SWAG (Scientific Wild A$$ Guess).

      There is nothing new under the sun. That much I am pretty sure of.

      So rumor was that more than having been all the way around the block twice, that she had likely been rode hard and put up wet, and likely had been around the world more than a few times. (Not everyone will get that, but those of you who do, do.)

      The rest of you, run along. It’s past your bedtime.


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