9 Replies to “Spotter’s Guide To the August Road & Track”

  1. Nick D

    That excellent piece has AN ENDING YOU WONT BELIEVE.

    I drove my wife’s boss’ M235i. Unfortunately there are no twisty roads within 100 miles of here. Aside from the sweet power, I wasn’t as enthralled as I hoped to be.

  2. jz78817

    Ok, I finally subscribed. In 2016, I now have two actual dead tree magazine subscriptions (Cycle World and R&T.)

    • Economist

      Is Cycle World worth it? I was thinking about subscribing but I don’t want to waste time with a magazine that just gushes over the latest stuff.

      • Yamahog

        Motorcycle Consumer News tends to be my favorite – very detailed spec sheets and the riders seem like average joes who use the bikes in the day-to-day which is so much more relevant to me than some pro talking about the difference between the ZX-10R and R1-S and R1-M on some track.

      • jz78817

        even though they’re both Bonnier publications, I tend to prefer Cycle World over Motor Cyclist. Plus, CW just hired the guy who Gawker shitcanned from Lanesplitter (who was the only thing which made Lanesplitter worth reading.)

        The way Gawker and Jalopnik have publicly handled their dismissals of popular authors has pissed off a lot of readers. I don’t even bother commenting on anything over there any more.

        besides, even the most enraging commenters at TTAC can at least make an intelligible post.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author


      Yes, I have to say that in this case it applies — although typically when the Brits do it, they’re preferring the 1.4L version of something to the 1.8L. What makes the 228i great is the better balance, different suspension tuning, and more predictable power. If we’d had a 220i in the test — not that we get one in the US — it wouldn’t have done as well. You need a certain amount of power to make racetracks interesting.*

      * some people say that amount is 1000hp


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