Race Report: SCCA Targa


Talk about pressure. Acura gave my brother Prototype #0000 of the as-yet-unreleased NSX supercar. Told him he could enter it in the SCCA Targa event that spanned racetracks from Atlanta to Bowling Green. Gave him a factory race engineer. There was just one caveat: he had to come home with the trophy. No excuses.


Bark and I had originally discussed running the Targa as a team — but when I had a scheduling conflict, he brought on Jadrice Toussaint to handle the autocross segments. Toussaint is perhaps the world’s best autocrosser, having won the most difficult class at Solo Nationals in a fashion best described as “dominating”. But Bark and Jadrice wouldn’t have it all their own way. Randy Pobst showed up with an Exocet. If you don’t know what an Exocet is, think of it as a an Ariel Atom with Mazda power.

Until the final day, things looked very good for Bark and Jay. They’d beaten Randy in every event except the road rally, where Randy took a decisive win. But Jadrice coned away the win at NCM Raceway Park’s autocross segment — and then the Exocet beat the NSX in the Targa’s most interesting competition, a judged car show.

“How does a prototype car in perfect shape not beat a Miata kit car?” Bark wondered. But nevertheless, when it was time for the final event Randy was one point ahead. That final event: a “Track-Cross” where every competitor would get four timed runs at a section of NCM’s race course that included the infamous “Sinkhole”. It didn’t look good for Bark at the beginning. But he put it together, and with Danger Girl riding shotgun he managed to take a decisive win by over four seconds against Pobst’s Exocet.

“This thing… it gets up to 105 quick. And then… it stays there,” Randy complained to me afterwards.

Bark’s final run made him the SCCA Targa class champion. And the overall champion. He did what he was supposed to. I was very proud of him. He’s my brother. And he did great.


19 Replies to “Race Report: SCCA Targa”

  1. Nick D

    Congrats! Looking forward to the write up.

    And good for Acura’s marketing department. This beats sending it to someone who will spend 2 hours filling the gas tank all the way up the fuel filler neck.

  2. baconator

    For an amateur to beat a pro like Randy Pobst, almost regardless of the difference in equipment, is really something. Congrats to Bark!

  3. Steve Ulfelder

    Well done! Pobst is a stud. He ran one of our Flatout Motorsports Miatas a few years back at the SCCA Runoffs. He was down on power to the competition, and it was obvious he was focused on not banging up our car (polite!), but he drove the wheels off the thing.

  4. VTNoah

    Way to go Bark! Great achievement against some seriously stiff competition. Sounds like an awesome experience.

  5. Paul Alexander

    Damn, Bark’s win sure sounds impressive! Was hoping one of you guys would get a chance with the NSX, really enjoyed Bark’s piece on Jalopnik.

    Also, Jack did you see Chris Harris’ review of the Viper? Seems to echo a number of your sentiments. I get the feeling Viper values are going to skyrocket once production ends.

    • Jack Baruth Post author

      I saw Ralph Gilles’ comments on it… typically I don’t have the patience to watch Chris’ stuff although I think he’s a neat guy.

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