11 Replies to “Housekeeping: #BikesOutForHarambe”

  1. Felis Concolor

    First Hillary gets heckled with a live Pepe on national TV, then a Secret Shitlord at MSNBC trolls the NAACP, now Harambe gets us all into a Gorilla Mindset; it’s been a great week for Meme Magic.

  2. -Nate

    I’m out on the road so not keeping up with the news , I hope you were seriously asking for Moto pix as I sent you some .


  3. sabotenfighter

    I’ll see what I can dig up. Been a bad year for riding as my office banned motorcycles/bicycles as commuting vehicles, so both motorized rides are getting dusty. Prepare to be unimpressed!

        • sabotenfighter

          I live in Japan, so pretty common office rule here. The company insurance won’t cover me if I get in an accident on bike or bike(…cycle) on my way to or from the office, but will if I am in a car or on foot, for some ridiculous reason. For a country that promotes ecology, they sure do a lot of stupid shit to counter all their feel good green stuff (individually wrapped bananas or ears of corn anyone?). Funny thing is they provide a bike rack at this Toyota campus, faaaar in the back of the parking lot, so I think they expect people to break the rules regardless.

          • sabotenfighter

            Forgot to add, last year they were promoting us taking other transportation, if we signed an insurance waiver. This year we started at a brand new facility far out in the mountains and you can either drive or take a combination of trains and bus.

          • jz78817

            From my experiences in Japan, they do a lot of stupid shit period. It’s hardly the land of perfection that the wannabe otaku here dream of.

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