Ridin’ For Harambe, Part 16


Two days in a row of you smart-alecks who are using my purchase decisions as justification for your own motorcycle choices. John writes, “…thank you for the push I needed to close the deal on this awesome machine.” He didn’t need any push. Just look at it. I really like what they did with these facelift Interceptors. My 2007 VFR800 has a bit of an “Acura” look to it — chunky and non-sporty — but the 2014-and-up bikes look like they could mix it up on the cover of an Electronic Arts video game. Again.

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  1. yamahog

    Hot! Dog! Those VFRs are nice. It’s a shame that Honda moved away from the raw performance that the 80s/early 90s VFRs had. I was really on the fence between a VFR and the FJR but it came down to 2 good reasons and 1 dumb reason:

    1) I’m a Yamaha man
    2) Shaft drive / ABS
    3) The FJR only weighs ~60 more lbs / 10% more but makes ~40% more power

    To this day, I love the dual headlight look of 90s Japanese sports bikes and think the RC30/RC45 are some of the most aesthetically Japanese things ever made. If only Honda made some fire breathing 140 horsepower VFR that was tuned like a 600 / made to compete with the GSXR750… You know, if some gearhead got a nickel every time someone wistfully said, “if only Honda…”, then they’d have enough money to be the next soichiro honda.

    • yamahog

      Which is a long way to tossing in my two cents and telling jack his Viffer should go if he needs to make room for the FJR. They’re both comfortable sports bikes, the FJR is just moar

      • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

        The FJR is a much bigger bike from a commuting perspective. But I do think I’ll have a liter-class bike in 2017… ZX14 is still top contender

  2. Michael

    I haven’t ridden a motorcycle in 20 years but I’m trolling a Craigslist for a classics standard like a Nighthawk S or Seca. Thanks for the motivation.

  3. Economist

    That picture was taken in the dealer lot, with zero miles on the odometer. Four hundred miles and one month later, I can’t believe I waited this long to get back into motorcyling. I forgot just how fun it is.
    Sadly, that picture does not show off the sexy single-sided swingarm.


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