Ridin’ For Harmabe, Part 18


Well, look at this! I’ve been trying to buy the 919 that parks at my office for almost a year now — they’re kickass bikes that combine a returned CBR900RR engine with the European “Hornet” frame. Jeremy’s 2002 model might not be my favorite color (the 919 was also available in a metallic green) but it’s certainly one of my favorite bikes.

It’s still not too late to get a picture of your bike published in this august company. Send your email to jack at baruth dot net, yo.

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  1. AvatarEconomist

    919s are the motorcycles that made me actually care about new motorcycles.

    What’s it like to live with one in the real world?

    • AvatarDD

      To paraphrase Sublime, “919-timeeee… and the livin’s easy.” On one of the model forums, some fella wrote “this bike basically has a warmed-over honda civic motor.” While factually untrue, the sentiment here is spot-on. With a conservative tune from the factory, these are exceedingly robust & reliable bikes. The engine’s smooth, instantaneous torque curve is addictive and a lot less peaky than competing offerings such as the Monster. Tractable is the word here. 1st gear is good for ~58 mph (can confirm) and bike will power wheelie in 1st (tested) and second (you tell me how it goes). Oil changes and tires are most of what you need; throw in rear wheel adjustment (power moves the drive wheel around) and occasional sprockets & chain. Have seen several 919s on craigslist with upwards of 50,000 miles—which in a world of disposable motor-toys, says a lot. It speaks to how well they run, how well they put up with indifferent owners, and also how much the owner base cares for these bikes.

  2. AvatarYamahog

    thank goodness one of these didn’t fall into the Harambe pit, it’d probably break and then you’d have to shoot all the gorillas out anger and sadness and desire to share the misery.

    Though I’d wager the 919 has more soul than a Gorilla. I mean, in the garden of eden only Adam and Eve had souls (and maybe the snake but I digress). No Abrahamic religion has anything to say about motorcycles.

  3. AvatarApuleius

    Honda is so weird: the 919 still inspires feverish devotion in owners and general admiration from motorcycle fans. Its replacement, the sort of pricey CB1000R, however is pretty much invisible to everyone and was an improvement over the 919 in no meaningful way other than the nice-looking single swing-arm.

  4. AvatarDirtRoads

    Jack I emailed you a pic when this whole thing started so hopefully you didn’t relegate it to the dust bin. Your request for pics in this article made me nervous.

  5. Avatar-Nate

    Looks like fun to me .

    The last article prompted me to drag out one of my elderly Honda Tiddlers and ride it for a day ~ much fun, looks like it’s tun up time again .

    BTW : not everyone wants to look at every Motocycle out there .

    Mundane Motos may get the pass here .



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