Ridin’ For Harambe, Part 19


“Yamaha FZR400 back when I tried my hand in WERA. Gotta love the period red leathers and Kevin Schwantz helmet.” Who knew there were so many motorcycle racers, past and present, reading this site? But Ray has a few rather impressive Eurobikes as well…


“1978 R100RS Motorsport. She runs but sits a bit as evidenced by the oil.”


“Little more current 1995 BMW R1100RS Battle of the Legends – Don Vesco version. I’ve owned it since they took them off the track in 1997.” (More information on the Battle Of The Legends here.)


“Current touring rig.”

Ray also made an allusion to being a Hellcat owner. You may say he’s a dreamer, but he’s not the only Hellcat owner here. What’s next? Hellcats For Harambe?

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  1. AvatarYamahog

    hallelujah! The FZR400. I think they might have one of the highest redlines of anything ever sold in the US with a plate on it.

    Cool BMWs too! Why is the oil leaking near the centerstand? I thought BMWs leaked oil along the case splitting, not just in one spot. Does the fairing have something to do with it?

    It’d be fun to see the hellcats that are out there – you know, make sure the original owners are taking care of cars that might someday depreciate into my bottom feeder zone.

    • AvatarWulfgar

      It’s more of a seep than a leak and it sorta rolled down that way 😉 she is fixed now. And man I miss that FZR – if I could find a good one now I would go get it. I had a Suzuki RG500Gamma during the mid-80’s as well but can’t justify the prices to get one nowadays.

      • AvatarApuleius

        My first and second bikes were RG250 and RG500 – they were both amazing. Haven’t come across anyone in real life who had the 500 back then, so I’m amazed at the prices now.

    • Avatar-Nate

      Um ;

      AirHeads DO NOT have split crank cases .

      They have Timing Chests and one has to work *very* hard to make one leak like that .



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