Rapin’ For Harambe (No Motorcycle Content)

Did Clemson University ban the posting of Harambe photos in their dormitories? The answer is “yes”, although Clemson personnel have been quick to walk that back and the media has been only too happy to assist. Supposedly, Harambe photos are “racist” and “promote rape culture”. And while USA Today might give Clemson a pass because the edict came through in an email, I can tell you from personal experience that defying a “head res” at a university can get you expelled in a hurry. An email from Residence Life has the force of law to a freshman, excuse me, first-year student.

The alert reader will note that there is nothing particularly rape-oriented or racist about discussing a gorilla, so long as you are not directly comparing a biracial sitting president, or his black wife, to a gorilla. (Tt’s not racist at all if the president in question is white, dontcha know.) So why ban Harambe memes or photos?

The answer is simple: Harambe, along with Pepe, is an icon of the alt-right. Posting a Harambe meme can be seen as a silent nod towards the alt-right, the same way that shouting “PEPE!” at the President-Elect is a nonsilent shout-out to the alt-right. The Residence Life staff at Clemson banned Haramabe because they don’t want the alt-right, or even the non-alt-right, to have any voice on the Clemson campus. Plain and simple. Thought police in full effect.

The problem that the Orwellians of the campus left face is this: memes shape-shift too fast to be trapped. If we can’t have Harambe, maybe we can have “Gorilla Munch”. Don’t get your jimmies rustled, you hear?

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  1. Avatarjz78817

    I am so glad I went to an engineering-focused university.

    An American Carol was an absolutely terrible movie, but it did have one bit of dialogue I loved:

    Kid: “What’s a ‘protest,’ Grandpa?”
    Grandfather: “Well, a ‘protest’ is where a bunch of college kids get together and show the world how much they don’t know by chanting it over and over again.”

    • AvatarDavid Sanborn

      A bunch of well-intentioned protesters at Kent State University in 1970 got shot and four of them died for protesting our idiotic war in Viet Nam.

      Prior to our invasion of Iraq in 2003 I was one of the protesters holding a sign by the governor’s mansion in downtown Austin trying to stop what seemed like an inevitable and stupid war. Counter-protesters called us commies, faggots etc. Funny thing is, none of them have looked me up since then to tell me they were sorry, that my rabble were indeed right.

      I don’t begrudge the protesters. I’m glad to live in a society where dissent is, for the moment, still possible.

  2. AvatarJeff Zekas

    Jack, you are awesome, perhaps my favorite writer since Hunter S. Thompson (another crazy SOB who hated political correctness). I agree with most everything you say, except for your baby-boomers-are-privileged rants. My buddy is a baby boomer, living out of her car, eating at the food shelter. Another boomer friend lives in a trailer and scrapes by on minimum wage with no retirement. So, yeah, some boomers are immensely wealthy, whilst others are broke and struggling. Others (such as myself) give away every spare dollar to their millennial kids, who are getting by just barely. The folks who are actually doing really well are “rich folks” nee “The One Percent”: guys like my dad, who bought cheap property in L.A. after WW2, got free college via the G.I. Bill, and made a fortune selling all that cheaply bought land, and putting the money in offshore accounts.

    • Avataryamahog

      But consider this, boomers who couldn’t hack it in golden age wouldn’t have a snowballs chance in hell now.

      I don’t think anyone ever said every boomer is rich. Just that it was easier/more common for boomers to be well-off.

    • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

      I agree with you — not all boomers are doing well or even getting by.

      When I rant about “boomers”, it’s meant to refer to the group that got rich by doing very little and riding the market.

      The same is true for when I talk about “millennials”; I don’t mean the guys humping packs in Afghanistan.

  3. AvatarHogie roll

    Hoo boy. Are you ready to cash in and make this an alt-right site? I don’t think you fully agree with white nationalism so that might not work.

  4. AvatarDirty Dingus McGee

    I grow more weary by the day hearing all this BS. Everything is racist, this is “privilege”, that is “triggering”, the other is misogynist, and on and on and on. Yes I’m oldish and have now gotten to the point where I make decent money working for myself, but it hasn’t always been that way. There were many a year where my income would have qualified me for food stamps if I chose to apply. I didn’t, I just put more effort into my work. These days, I no longer do the actual work, I just run the projects. Over the last 3-4 years we have only been hiring temporary labor for the “grunt” work to assist our regular employees. Why? Because we tried hiring direct employees but they were horrified by some of the things said or seen in our work environments(industrial machinery installation). Nothing that would cause a problem in most any other conversation among their older coworkers, but was akin to insulting the mother of most of these younger folks. I grew tired of listening to the pissing and moaning every damn day about “well so and so said this” or “so and so said that and I think its offensive”. If YOU find it offensive, take it up with so and so. I’m not the damn babysitter here, I’m the guy you come to if someone is slacking off (and I already know who is and isn’t), doing something unsafe, or is doing something that would damage our relationship with that, or any other, customer. Every hour of every day of your life you can find something offensive, if you wanna spend your time looking. Maybe it’s time to reach down, pull your panties ip a little tighter, and get over it. Then you might actually be able to get ahead in life, instead of being perpetually offended.

    Rant over(but get off my lawn)

    • Avatarsabotenfighter

      You’re triggering me with your rampant misogynistic white cis-male privilege, shit lord. Your work should be a safe space, so you can attract millennials like me. Excuse me while I return to my hugbox and tumblr to blog about you. I swear, Ill have your company shut down.

  5. AvatarWidgetsltd

    I guess that college life is pretty different now. When I attended, 25+ years ago, I would have appreciated it when someone self-identified as right, or left, or whatever. That made it easier to seperate the wheat from the chaff. If only people could live by this simple rule: don’t be a dick.

  6. Avataryamahog

    I had a date go terribly awry at a communist coffee shop and walked out after telling her, “trigger warning is a spoiler alert for reality”.

    What’s a shame is that all these movements – SJWs, Alt-Right, BLM, ect is that they form to give a voice to individuals who aren’t heard and then become their own political platforms that steamroll over the individual.

    Heck, noted Feminist author Claire Lehmann had this to say about gender politics treating individuals as pawns:

    “Yet the problem with modern gender politics goes far beyond dismissals of Mel McLaughlin or Mark Waugh’s subjective experiences. Ultimately this approach – the undermining of individual difference and personal sovereignty in the hope of achieving political ends – is counter-productive.

    It becomes sexist in its mission to fight sexism. It creates stereotypes in order to fight stereotypes. It becomes exactly what it professes to hate. It essentialises and reduces individual adults to mere pawns in a larger political game.”

    And she nailed it.

    You can say the same thing about #BLM and the alt-right. It’s not equally true (I’d say that #BLM is the most misguided yet most focused of the three).

    This problem isn’t new, look at Samuel Johnson (god I love this blog it’s the only place where I can talk about Samuel Johnson and expect people to get the reference) who wrote in ‘taxation no tyranny’:

    how is it that we hear the loudest yelps for liberty among the drivers of negroes?

    I think the problem is this – people rightfully see that its the political/4th estate/status quo that decides what is and isn’t permissible and they seek to change the status quo with techniques that fall outside the status quo but would be permissible under the status quo they want to implement. I.e they want to become the machine they rage against.

    Every single one of these movements will fail because it protests the way the system wants them to protest. Do weird autistic things like make frogs talk about zionism. Fight police’s sovereign immunity by blocking traffic rather than electing anti-cop DAs. The woymnhood forbids shaving armpits because smooth armpits means someone is controlling your body.

    At the end of the day, it’s the same level of thinking with a prescription that cuts the opposite direction. Or sometimes the same direction for opposite reasons:

    What do the KKK and black nationalists have in common? They both want blacks to live in their own communities.

    This is going to interact with the political sphere in weird ways because it’s not really a political problem – it’s a personal problem aggregated. Again, Samuel Johnson identifies the people as “There will always be a part, and always a very large part of every community, that have no care but for themselves, and whose care for themselves reaches little further than impatience of immediate pain, and eagerness for the nearest good.”

    If we tried looking inward for solutions and awakening rather than looking outward and simply dreaming/edging to the idea of ‘better’ world, a lot of suffering would cease.

    The Last Psychiatrist would probably say narcissism is the root of the issue: but the weird sort of narcissism where you care about how you’re reflected off of others.

    And my date went downhill when my date mentioned something about finding another girl’s underwear in her ex’s laundry (while she was doing his laundry, what a champ) and said she stayed with him for awhile after that. I think she was looking for someone to say she wasn’t stupid to do so and she deserved better. I asked her why she didn’t just let her man cheat in peace and she tried to hit me with some bullshit about double standards. Maybe it is a double standard, but I’m not going out of my way to spend time and run the risk of impregnating someone who skips self-loathing over a bad choice and just decides to ignore it successfully while they eat a sandwhich and browse facebook.

  7. AvatarJoe

    I was a longtime reader of Breitbart, had no idea that that was an alt-right website as was alluded to by some other media outlet, never once read an article that disparaged black people, don’t know how that media outlet came up with the conclusion, no longer read Breitbart because it changed, Andrew would be rolling over in his grave! Great video of hitters reaction!


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