Ridin’ For Harambe, Part 21


“I lost a lot of my pictures due to a very pissed off woman some years back,” David notes, earning him Riverside Green Veteran Status, “but here’s at least one picture of the old man (me) and his Sabre on a solo ride from Oregon to Wenatchee, WA. Looking north towards the Cascade mountains, just past Ellensburg, WA in May of 2009.”

I love to see these old Sabres out on the road; David identifies this one as an 1100 (V65).

Bonus now-for-something-completely-different shot after the jump.


“So here’s a little larger, non-motorcycle vehicle from 2007 when I worked in Portland, OR on this thing. It had juuuuust entered service with the ill-fated Evergreen Airlines. It sure looked a lot better after the paint job. Before it was painted, it was quite hideous looking. The main part of the hull is unpressurized, with the 2-piece, aft pressure bulkhead just behind door 1 there. I have a mill shaving of the very first bulkhead, perpetuated in a Lucite block, at my desk. It’s totally worthless, but the project it represents was totally fun. Except going to Taipei a couple of times, which wasn’t all that fun.”

You couldn’t have any fun in Taipei? Was this a soul brother too beaucoup situation?

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  1. AvatarJoe

    Wonder what happened to the crew that landed one of these at Jabara, was supposed to land at McConnel, the FAA grounded the flight crew. I liked the Honda Saber, my short inseam won’t let me ride the taller bikes, more magnas were made than sabers.

  2. AvatarApuleius

    Man, I had a ton of fun in Taipei. That flying knockwurst pictured above was usually parked up at Taiyuan when I went through there.

  3. AvatarDirtRoads

    Stayed at the Westin hotel, a 5 star hotel in downtown Taipei where Boeing put up all the transient and contract workers. In my 11th story room, I could look down on the street opposite the main drag at tar paper shacks and people always standing out on their front porches. I walked all over Taipei, nearly two meters tall I am, and stuck out like a tree in a wheatfield. But I enjoyed the walking. Place smelled funny, and some of the English signs on stores were hilarious attempts at communicating. A real contrast in lifestyles.

    I will say I got a haircut that was really surprising. The concierge wrote me a note, told me where to walk to, and when I went in I handed the note to the older lady at the desk. She pointed me towards a chair and this young, beautiful girl came out and started massaging my scalp. She handed me a cup of espresso. I wasn’t sure what the hell I’d just got into, but it takes at least three Taiwanese girls to wash a man’s hair. One for the massage, one for the soap and towel, one for the actual haircut. Had I known more than 4 Chinese words, I might’ve got a date.

    Worst part of going to Taiwan is the flight over there. And back.

    • Avatarsabotenfighter

      The haircut experience is very similar at most nicer places in Asia. First time I got a haircut in Japan I decided to go to a nicer place in Omotesando since it had been about a year since the last time I had it cut. I brought my girlfriend along because, at the time, I didn’t know how to communicate what I wanted at such a place. One girl to wash my hair, another to give me a shoulder massage, one to cut my hair and yet another give me a hand massage. The hand massage involved basically staring me straight in the face while jerking off my fingers. My GF was in the other room, but still that was awkward. It was like an unblinking stare. She didnt stop till after my haircut was done and I had to get the second wash.

    • Avatarsabotenfighter

      Also, those DreamLifters sure are weird. I live down in Nagoya now and almost always see at least one at NGO when I go there.

  4. Avatar-Nate

    This thing looks really weird .

    As far as tall Motos ~ flat footing a Motocycle is not important .

    In High School I had a buddy who’s Father gave him a BMW /2 Moto (sweet), he was maybe 5′ tall and tippy toeing it was the best he could ever do , he had no troubles riding it safely .



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