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So. Apparently, over this past weekend, a former colleague of mine decided to send out as many as 100,000 emails to people claiming that I was invading his safe space or something like that and asking for those people to “respond” to my “attack” by attacking me by any means necessary. As a consequence of those 100,000 emails, the number of people reaching this site from Google went from about 75-100 a day to, um, 94. Well. Maybe that’s not an increase. I don’t know. I never claimed to be a “doctor of math”.

I’ve been writing about bikes and cars for print since 1991. I’ve always tried to do what’s best for the readers, not for the bike or car makers. When I see somebody doing things that I think are intended to enrich them at the cost of the readers, whether it’s faking up a Wikipedia page about their business or claiming to have objective data about car manufacturers while at the same time aggressively and privately lobbying those same manufacturers for free cars, expensive trips, and luxury accommodations, I’m going to say something.

Every time I call somebody out for advancing their private interest at the expense of their readers and/or contributors, I make enemies by doing so. Eventually, one of those enemies is going to successfully run me out of the car business, whether through gossip, influence peddling, or their own attempts at libel. The only way to stop that from happening would be to join their team, so to speak, and start looking at my readers and contributors as a resource to be exploited and sold rather than as people who have entrusted me with their time and attention. That’s not going to happen. So go ahead — attack me, attack this site, sue me, slander me, whatever. It doesn’t change who and what you are.

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  1. Pseudoperson Randomian

    I am confuse. How’ll you be driven out of the car business? This is the internet age, isn’t it? And you should be able to continue doing what you do as long as people read your stuff. Specifically, if people read your car stuff. Everything else is fluff. It doesn’t matter if your reader is a SJW or an alt-right neoreactionary. They give you the same 1/10th of a cent…


    I never thought I would see the day that you two got into this level of a conflict with each other.

    We all know that views = attention = money.

    I personally don’t mind contributing to any of you: TTAC, True Delta, Riverside Green…

    You’re all talented guys and if you were able to really pull your resources you could be as powerful as Motor Trend or Car & Driver.

    When I was reading the comments in that argument on TTAC I could hear Donald Trump’s voice. Threats of lawsuits. Claims of people being “the most ____ people”.

    I have to admit that when I see people fight I have to sit back and grab the popcorn.

    But, I think to myself: what a waste of good talent and opportunity.

  3. Tedward

    So link me the ttac post and quote the email please. This partial airing of the situation is frustrating to read about and I’m interested now. Thanks man.

  4. -Nate

    Sigh ;

    The perennially butthurt brigade goes on the rampage again .

    So, where’s the link for those of us who missed it ? .


  5. MrGreenMan

    They haven’t posted some big “We’re serious this time, eh?” post, although, they didn’t publish things on 10/2, so it could be ileus.

  6. Ron

    It occurs to me that’s what’s needed to satisfy the requests for details here (and my curiosity) is for someone to provide a plausible reason that would allow someone to post the information while being able to say the posting was not related to the controversy.

    Having said that, could someone post the link to that one article that Jack did on that other website? The article was about cars, I remember that…

  7. BC

    Looks like Jack took a nice warm piss in someone’s Cheerios. I actually laughed out loud at how blunt that was.

    • Bigtruckseriesreview

      That’s what ultimately KILLED TTAC.

      Stevenson is USELESS there and I’m waiting for TTAC to CHANGE HANDS before I re-register for it.

      He’s short sighted, has NO VISION, has NO DRIVE and has NO GOAL.

      Criticize me all you want about my “unprofessional reviews”, but I have a goal and a vision.

      The TTAC I was attracted to was the one labeling Subarus FLYING VAGINAS.

      Now it’s nothing but already-reported news AND I PERSONALLY HAVE MORE NEW CAR ACCESS THAN THEY DO.

      I did a “review” on the new Lincoln Continental today.

      If I really applied myself, I could EASILY crush TTAC in daily viewership – if I’m not already.

      the sad thing is, very few of the TTAC EIC have made use of the talent that they have reading and only when I started writing for Jack Baruth did they try to recruit new people. It’s pathetic.

      And having typed this comment I ALREADY KNOW THEY WILL SEE IT since the heat and hooplah is causing more and more attention.

      POOR LEADERSHIP and they fall on each other LIKE WOLVES.

    • Economist

      Bark’s post on Sept 8, scroll down a few threads in the comments. It took me a while to find it.
      The only way I found it was by seeing the recent comments feed over on the right side.
      I hope I am not violating some rule of internet etiquette by pointing it out.

      • Will

        Found it, thanks. This all is silly. There’s no real libel here anyway, it’s almost impossible to win in court.

        • Jim

          For those who don’t have the time to locate the exchange at issue, I have copy pasted the offending portion for your review:

          “Now listen, you queer — stop calling me a crypto-Nazi or I’ll sock you in your goddamn face and you’ll stay plastered!”

          Sound libelous to me… or maybe not.

  8. DeadWeight

    TTAC is literally dead.

    I’m not going to single out any particular individual for its demise, but it has yet again devolved into one boring ass, news-aggregator type site, with maybe a half dozen re-postings of general auto news articles daily.

    It barely even has auto “reviews” anymore, nor does it host thought-provoking material of any kind, whether edgy editorials, critiques of the auto manufacturing business, critiques of auto marketing/advertising, or anything remotely interesting.

    It’s just dead.

    (It’s ironic that TTAC was at it’s best when personalities such as Farago & JACK Baruth were making editorial decisions, and dips profoundly when people like Jack’s brother, MARK, phone in their mostly devoid-of-substance, half-ass, let-me-fulfill-my-quota, crap).

    • Athos

      The Farago era was indeed brilliant. And the bloke is still sharp, judging by what I have read in his new joint.

    • Bigtruckseriesreview

      Hi Deadweight. Long time no see.

      TTAC is dead because they cornered the market in BORING.

      There’s nothing wrong with fill-in-quota stuff. But it’s the PLETHORA of new content that they need.

      If they had any brain at all, they’d open up the floor to new car owners with writing skill.

      #1 How much did the car cost w/ options – why you like certain options
      #2 how the car fits into my daily routine
      #3 Why I love the car
      #4 what I hate about the car
      #5 What other buyers should know.

      That’s the reason why I just do my own videos for better or worse. I got sick and tired of the “pros” doing it their way.

      • DrZombie

        What are good automotive websites to visit now? I find myself sticking to this site, Jalopnik, Bringatrailer and Road and Track. I will check TTAC now and then, but only for the non-news aggregator stuff.

        • DeadWeight

          They are few & far between.

          I don’t want to specify two because it will create more drama (unfortunately) as some running them may have had fallings’ out with some current TTAC staffers.

          The problem in this space is that writing ORIGINAL, THOUGHT-PROVOKING CONTENT, REGULARLY, is very hard, and very few consumers are willing to pay for such content, no matter how good.

          So we end up with crap like the manufacturer ass-licking Jalopnik and the even more commercialized and manufacturer-friendly bullshit.

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            You’re free to say whatever you want. I assume you mean Kanban and Curbside? I wouldn’t read that junk but I wouldn’t censor you for posting it here, this isn’t the kind of site where comments are prohibited (like Kanban) or edited/policed with a heavy hand (like Curbside).

          • arbuckle

            I left Curbside Classic as a commenter about two years ago because Paul moderated that place like a complete hypocritical sh*tbag.

            Never read Kanban so I don’t know what the deal is there.

          • DeadWeight

            Negative on both, Jack.

            Curbside isn’t my thing as classics neither are, and Kanban is inherently and inextricably associated with Das BertelDSM.

            One site that I do like & appreciate is Hooniverse (very much).

          • Jack BaruthJack Baruth Post author

            I think Hooniverse fills an important niche. It’s Jalopnik pre-Ray-Wert, you know?

        • jz78817

          Jalopnik is worthless. They’re now just a handful of skinny-jeaned, horn-rimmed, Gawker-addled NYC assholes who don’t know how to drive.

          I’d rather hang around Opposite Lock. Sure, it’s a bunch of kids, but it’s a bunch of kids who love cars and can learn if you can make them understand they don’t already know everything about cars.

          • Economist

            I have to agree that TTAC is mostly boring, skippable news. I haven’t read Hooniverse in a while, maybe I will go back to it, but I remember it being a lot of posts that were just embedded videos with no text.

        • Ark-med

          Also, add Cry and Drivel (name changed to protect innocence), but only for their instrumented test results, particularly for the differences in measured acceleration times between 0-60 and 5-60mph, to gauge powertrain characteristics.

  9. Paul Alexander

    ‘She is the most ethical person I’ve ever known. If it’s possible to be too ethical, then she is.’ The lady doth protest too much, methinks.

    I will say Mr. Karesh makes a good point here, I think the TTAC editorial team would do well to keep this in mind: ‘After all, TTAC has a fairly large readership of “influencers.” The “B&B” could be the greatest strength of the site.’

  10. jz78817

    ok, total subject change- has anyone reading TTAC using Chrome had the experience where the scroll bar on the right will disappear, leaving the page unscrollable? Mark seems to think I’m the only one experiencing this, but it happens all the time on both Windows and Linux.

  11. Frank Galvin

    Bring on the libel lawsuit for hurt feelings on the interwebz due to blog comment expressing opinion, hyperbole, and disfavor of statistical analysis. Christ. Anyone who comes out of the gate threatening internet lawsuit is a mook or as we say back east, a real f**king Chooch. I litigated a hurt feelings / stalking case early in my career – judges just love that pile of shit on the docket.

    Of course with such a chooch – he’s willing to sue JB which would [ REDACTED ] and since such [REDACTED] court filings, it [ REDACTED ] – i.e. Streisand effect.

    And one more thing – “The louder he talked of his honor, the faster we counted our spoons.”

  12. Hogie roll

    I agree. I don’t read news on TTAC. If I wanted that sort of thing I would still read autoblog.

    TTACs reputation was founded on:
    -Op Ed pieces calling manufacturers on their BS.
    -Reviews of boring ass cars with fervent debate by commenters.
    -And Murilee and Jack writing not typical auto journo stuff.

  13. MrGreenMan

    Unless you have distribution restrictions, please consider posting your TTAC articles here after some time. The site is always broken, and it’s just a bore anymore, so I don’t go there much except from your roundup columns.

  14. James

    If TTAC’s staff was more diverse when you were running it, does that make you a better person than the current Managing Editor?


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